How Many Sq. Ft Is An Average 2 Car Garage

If you are thinking to know the accurate number of sq. ft. for an average 2 car garage then you came to the right place. Most people are facing difficulties in building a perfect-sized garage. It is wise to create sufficient space for the vehicles in your garage. So, today we are going to talk about the ideal 2 car garage size in this article.

How To Measure The Space For A 2 Car Garage?

It’s an important task to measure the space for a 2 car garage. Because everyone wants to park their cars safely without any damage. Space problems are unwanted problems. Whenever you build a garage be sure you have sufficient space to park all your vehicles safely.

As a fundamental task first to estimate the space according to the size of your vehicles. To get the perfect measurement measure the length and width of the space. Width is the most important measurement in terms of developing an accurate size garage.

What Is The Measurement For A 2 Car Garage?

How many sq. ft. is required for a 2 car garage, truly depends on the size of your vehicle. 2 Car garage is known as the minimum sized car garage. So, if you have a clear knowledge about the sizes of your vehicles then it’s easy to estimate the space which is needed to cover your vehicles.

In a two-sized car garage, you can keep two smaller vehicles. The Common suggested dimensions size of a two-car garage is 20×20. That means in a two-car garage you don’t get any space for extra knick-knacks or small objects. Many developers suggest 20 or 24 feet as the perfect dimension for a 2 car garage. In this dimension, you can easily park two vehicles. Also, you will get extra space for storage, pastimes, and other activities. Most of the houses maintain a 2 car garage with 16 feet in length and 8 feet in width. Unfortunately, it’s utterly not enough to get a standard 2 car garage.

Recommended door size for a 2 car garage is 8 inches wide. So if a user has a small car then it’s easy to fit into it but there is a mirror on the backside of the garage then definitely you need an additional foot on the garage door.

If you are clever enough then it’s wise to consult with your local builder and build your garage according to their suggestion. One thing is for sure is it’s always better to have a garage with extra space. Because you never know when you need to park an extra car.

Methods of Measuring Garage Size

It’s clear that a two-car garage is the standard size garage to park your cars and store necessary automobile objects. You can build a two-car garage by using several diverse methods. Every method is suitable to build your desired sized garage.

Stick-Built” 2 Car Garages

The “Stick-built” method is the most common and renowned method of building a two-car garage. As the name implies it used to define the garage that is entirely constructed on-site from the ground up. By using this unique method you can assemble and construct the walls, rafters, and all other parts significantly. Most of the builders use this method for constructing complex-sized garages. 

Prefab 2 Car Garages

The prefab method is another recommended method to build a two-car garage. In this method walls and trusses are “prefabricated” initially. After this, it was delivered to the construction site. Also, a specific lift or crane is used on the site to set the walls and bricks in the correct place. People preferred to adapt this method due to its assembling efficiency. Since all the parts and walls are manufactured in the factory before the assembly it’s easy to build. To build a wide range of garage sizes it’s ideal to use this method.

Modular 2 Car Garages

The third garage construction method that I will recommend is the modular method. It is a popular garage shed that is constructed in two pieces or halves. After the construction, all the pieces are transported to the site. In this method, builders build a wall in the center to support the roof.

It is also known as a cost-effective method. But you only use this method if your garages are no larger than 32’ wide and 48’ long. Also, the walls cannot be higher than 8’. So, if you are not planning to store large vehicles in your garage then you should go with this method.

Two Story Garages

The two-story garage is a popular method among homeowners who need a garage for storage, work, or living space for activities. The two-story garages method is applied as an alternative stick-built or prefab. It is used with the consideration of height and weight restrictions.

Some Steps To Be Considered When You Built Garage

  • Give proper consideration on the doors of the garage.
  • Draw the blueprint before starting the procedures.
  • Before construct the garage measure your vehicle properly.
  • Make sure that you have enough space to open doors without scratching or damaging the cars.

Final Thought

In the concluding part, I will add some major points. It’s necessary to think twice about how much sq. ft. space is required for 2 car before you decide to construct the garage. Always best to add extra space to store all the things as well as protect the vehicles. Hopefully, this information will help you to choose the size of the garage to make your lifestyle easier and flexible.

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