What Size Heater Do I Need For My Garage

When it comes to the comfort level while working in a garage, the size of a garage heater is truly matters. Figuring out what is the right size of the garage heater is one important task to maintain warmer temperatures in the garage. In this article, we are going to give all the required information to choose the correct size of a garage heater. Once you finish reading through this article, you can buy a suitable-sized garage heater without any hesitation.

Easy Way To Determine The Size of Garage Heater

Fortunately, there are several ways to regulate the accurate size of the garage heater. Ideal thermal output is the fundamental initiative that is necessary for the optimum performance of the heater. Most people decide the size by using the calculation method. But besides the calculation method, there is one method that can be counted as the smartest way to determine the size. The easy way is to measure the length and width of your garage and multiple the numbers. For example: If the width of your garage is 15 feet and the length is 15 feet then your garage has an area of 225 square feet.

After this easy calculation, you can do your research on the suitable models of garage heaters out there. In bygone days, peoples only prefer only BTUs garage heaters. 30,000 or 45,000 Btu is the required capacity of maximum residential garages. But nowadays there are plenty of top brands that offer much suitable garage heaters with supreme heating coverage.

Therefore, before you purchase your desired model then be sure that it can heat efficiently. Also, discover a unit that can sufficiently cover the size of your garage. That means you should select a garage heater that is capable of supervising an area faintly larger than your garage’s real size.

As we mentioned before, if your garage has an area of 225 square feet then perhaps you need a garage heater around 500 square feet. It is the safest measurement to get heat for remarkably cold days

Bear in mind that if your garage doesn’t have satisfied insulation then consider a model that is capable enough to handle an even bigger area.

Terms To Know Before Calculate The Size Of The Heater

Before you calculate the size of the heater it’s necessary to stay aware of some terms. First of all, you should understand a few things about the language surrounding these machines. This information is given to choose the suitable heater for the garage. The amount of wattage is helpful to quantify machines’ power.

When it comes to the calculation, a watt is measured by the amount of electricity inside of the machine and also the pressure that is needed to exchange the electricity. 120 volts is the common amperage but some machines use 240 volts to run.

So it is clear that wattage calculation is a confusing task. So what you have to look at is the amount of British Thermal Units (BTU). A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a capacity for heat energy. If you raise one pound of water by 1ºF then one BTU heat energy is necessary. Per gallon, water weight is 8.33 pounds so if we want to calculate one gallon of water involves 8.33 BTU then the temperature needs to raise at 1ºF.

Proper knowledge of BTU amount will help you to choose the suitable machine to increase the temperature of your garage. Amount of increased temperature is also necessary to know how much heat you need.

Heater Sizing Calculator/Calculation Method Of Garage Heater Size

Basically, there is two prime methods of calculating the garage heater size. Either you calculate the size through wattage or BTU. Among these two easiest ways is to calculate by wattage because for per square foot of space you need 10 watts. As an example, if an area has 20 feet in length and 28 feet in width then the required power is 5600. All you have to do is multiply the total square footage by 10.

The garage heater’s size also can be calculated by the amount of BTU produced. But the calculations are a little bit confusing. If we give an example then if you need 4800 wattages you have to multiply it by 3.41. So ultimately 16,368 BTUs are needed to warm your garage space.

Let’s say you need more accurate calculation and want to buy the best-calculated heater then there is another mathematical way. At first, you need to estimate the garage air by volume. If we assume the garage space is 20 by 24 and multiply it by the height of the garage which is hypothetically 8 feet. It will help you to acquire a precise number of cubic feet of your air. So, 8 feet multiplied by 480 square feet is equal to 3,840 cubic feet. Hopefully, these mathematical ways are supportive enough to choose the accurate size of a garage heater.

Final Thought

Selecting a perfect-sized garage heater might be a difficult task. But, if you know the proper technique and calculation method then it can be done in minutes. By following these explained steps, you can easily guess and buy the model you think is suitable for you. Hence, you can relax by knowing that your garage will be warm and cozy even during the frizzy days of winter.

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