10 Best Waterproof Camera Bag

Weather changes and patterns can be a great disadvantage to photographers when out in the field. A slight mistake can cause complete damage to their cameras or other important accessories. That is why a waterproof camera bag is an essential commodity in their line of work. With a waterproof camera bag, whether it’s rainy or sunny it won’t be a bother. Other than Weather, a waterproof camera bag also is an essential tool if you are shooting near or in water.

Now, having the bag may not be the problem but acquiring a quality one that you can trust is. Various brands have flooded all sorts of bags in the market claiming they are waterproof, which a lie is.

Good photography equipment is very expensive and needs proper attention. Therefore, it’s important to get the best quality of a bag, not the gambling type. In this article, we delve to bring you a step-by-step procedure to follow so that you get a quality and durable weatherproof camera bag. We will give you features you need to look out for to discern a quality bag. In addition to all that, we give you a list of the 10 best waterproof bags you can get for your camera. Enjoy the ride!

Is A Waterproof Camera Bag Necessary?

Well, this is an open-ended question that many people ask. The answer to this question is an individual decision. However, it all boils down to the safety of your camera and its accessories.

Some people consider carrying their cameras in normal bags with their other stuff. This in itself is a recipe for destroying your own camera or its delicate accessories. This is one reason why a camera bag is very important; Safety against physical damages or scratches. These bags are specially designed with soft materials inside to protect your camera from scratches.

Also, the other advantage of camera bags is that they are more secure in case of weather changes. The waterproof and water resistance features are specifically focused on the cameras. With the normal bags, these features may not be there. Therefore, in as much as experts say the decision lies with the individual, camera bags are crucial.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant Backpacks

If you ask a couple of people the difference between a water-resistant and a waterproof backpack, it can be a bit confusing. Most people use the two words interchangeably. However, these terms are completely different.

A waterproof backpack doesn’t allow water penetration at all no matter the level of water you subject them to. On the other hand, a water-resistant backpack has a limit of permeability. Exposed to great storms, they can easily become porous. So, whenever you are headed to the market to purchase your camera backpack, it’s important to think about the two.

The type you need depends on where exactly do you want to use your camera. Are you buying the bag just as a precautionary measure or do you anticipate exposure to water? If you anticipate exposure, you’ll need a waterproof camera bag. To ensure efficiency, most brands include covering flaps that shield your bag completely from rain. This will give you comfort whenever you are out in the field to work without fear in case rain strikes.

If not sure of the possibility of rain where you are headed and it’s not a frequent threat, you may opt for just a water-resistant backpack. These will protect your camera against drizzles but not strong storms. Therefore, consider keenly where you are going and make the right decisions. If your camera costs you thousands of dollars, it’s worth protecting it by all means. So, whether you are sure of the weather or not, you can decide to buy a waterproof carrier as a protective measure.

Types of Waterproof Camera Bag

The type of camera bag is very crucial as it plays a big role in the safety of your camera. It’s upon you to choose the correct type of bag that your camera will fit in properly and be easy to pull out. Below are the various types you can choose from;

Compact Camera Bags

Compact camera bags are less bulky and elegantly designed. They are more popular for their portability and small-sized nature. Under this category, you have three options;

  • Thermo-Molded Nylon Cases: These cases are made of crush-resistant material on the outside. Their inner parts have a soft lining that protects the camera against abrasion or scratches in case of strong impact.
  • Leather cases: If you are interested in style and less protection, here you have it. Leather camera bags are the best styled of the other two options. In terms of protection level, they feature less padding and thus offer less protection.
  • Closed-Cell Foam Cases: These are the toughest camera bags of them all. Its outside features strong materials such as polyester that is hard to crack. The inside comprises soft cushioning to protect your camera against abrasive movements. They also have additional compartments that you can use to carry camera accessories.

DSLR Camera Bags

There are five subcategories under this type. These are;

  • Rectangular bags: From the outside, these bags are just like your regular office bag. For ease of transporting, they come with straps that you can put on your shoulders. On the inside, they are divided into different compartments. The same is replicated on the outside where several pockets are designed to carry various camera accessories.
  • Fanny packs: You talk of convenient camera bag fanny packs is the best description. These DSLR camera bags are the most convenient and versatile. They feature shoulders and body straps for transportation. This flexibility allows you to carry your equipment as you wish. They have a single overlapping zipper flap that protects the camera from rain and dust. Additionally, they have side pockets. These are very useful for carrying extra lenses for different shootings.
  • Backpacks: These are the biggest and the most popular DSLR camera bags. They can carry up to two cameras alongside their accessories and extra lenses. On top of that, most models have compression straps that you can use to carry along a jacket or a tripod. If you are headed for intensive shooting, this is the best camera bag for your journey.
  • Triangular camera bags: The shape and design of these bags favor SLR camera users. They are customized to fit an SLR camera and its lenses. One of their strengths is that they present many carrying options. They are fitted with a top handle, shoulder straps, belt loops, and chest harnessing buckles. So, you can choose the carrying method that best suits you and protects your camera well.
  • Hard cases: These briefcase-shaped cases are elegantly designed and are bulkier. Their exterior is made of a hard shell that protects the camera not just from rain but also from abrasion damage. The hard-to-crack external shell ensures that your camera is far away from the external extremes.

On the inside, different models use various padding methods. Some include the molded Styrofoam squares to cushion the camera and its accessories.

Top 10 Best Multi Chamber Waterproof Camera Bag

1. CADeN Lightweight Waterproof Canvas Camera Bag

Here is a waterproof camera bag made with environmentally friendly canvas. It is a multifunctional bag that you can use even for your other outdoor activities. This bag features three sections; the main compartment that can accommodate a DLSR and two lenses. It also has other external pockets; the front one is slightly bigger than the others and can hold an iPad. These pockets are thickly paddled and are both water-resistant and shockproof.

CADeN Lightweight Waterproof Canvas

Outside, there is a zip pocket, big enough to carry a variety of accessories such as chargers, mobile phones, manuals etc. With most of its parts reinforced, CADeN can carry a weight of up to 10kg. Such weight equals the average weight carried by regular photographers. Therefore, this bag can make a good companion for outdoor photo shooting.


  • The bag is multifunctional
  • It is both shockproof and water resistant
  • Can support heavy equipment of up to 10kg
  • It is made with an eco-friendly canvas


  • It is flimsily designed
  • The inner padding doesn’t reach all the corners
  • Not waterproof

2. Neewer Pro Camera Adjustable Padded Waterproof Camera Backpack Bag

For professional photographers and videographers, this is their camera bag. With dimensions of approximately 13X10X20, this camera is well sized. It’s enough for carrying a DSLR camera unit and major accessories you’ll require. These may be chargers, batteries, or lenses.

Neewer Pro Camera Adjustable Padded Camera Backpack Bag

When you think of its durability, this bag is a worthy investment; it is a product of waterproof polyester plus nylon fabric. In addition, its inside is well padded to protect all the content. However, this bag has one major drawback. Its backside is ergonomically designed with breathable materials. This can cause negative effects on the user’s perspiration.

On the inside, there are 8 adjustable compartments that you can set as per your equipment measurements. For security reasons also, the bag has a privacy key combination to preserve your items. In case you need tripods for your shooting, you can fix and hold them on the side straps and buckles.


  • It is waterproof
  • The exterior is made of tough polyesters and nylon
  • Features customizable dividers
  • It is large size


  • It is bulky
  • No major compartments or pockets

3. Amazon Basics Holster Waterproof Camera Case for DSLR Cameras

This is a triangular-shaped camera bag that can only fit a single DSLR unit. Allegedly, its measurements coincide with those of a regular DSLR with its zoom lenses attached.

Amazon Basics Holster Camera Case for DSLR Cameras

The bag consists of four main compartments. The interior compartment is where you put the camera unit. The other three are exterior ones for the various camera accessories. In addition, there are other two side pockets for SD memory cards.

The bottom part of this casing features EVA waterproof material. The base is also broad enough to enable the casing stand on its own. The waterproof material prevents the possible infiltration of water from the bottom.

For the purposes of comfort, this bag has adjustable padded should straps. You can adjust them to fit and distribute the weight as you want.


  • It comes with adjustable shoulder straps
  • It can stand on its own
  • The bottom is fully waterproof
  • Has exclusively divided compartments for specific accessories
  • It is very compact and portable
  • The camera compartment is easily accessible


  • It is bulky
  • Flimsy design and not stylish
  • It is heavyweight

4. Topixdeals Vintage Waterproof Camera Bag

The Vintage camera is one of its own kind. Despite its small size, the capabilities of this camera bag are awesome. Looking at its design, this bag is very stylish from its material to the color. Additionally, it is both waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, apart from protecting your camera against liquids, it also protects against impacts such as knocks and drops.

Topixdeals Vintage Waterproof Camera Bag

The alloy used to make the lock and the clasps are very durable and sturdy. The bag’s bottom part has rivets that hold it in place if placed on the floor or on any flat surface. To ensure easy accessibility, this bag uses the buckle and tucks closure system. You can easily pull out your camera in a rush and get to work.

Other than the main compartment which houses the camera, Vintage has other extra pockets. One inside the major compartment which zippered and two on the outside. All these can be used for strong batteries, chargers among other camera and non-camera accessories.


  • Very stylish
  • It is very sturdy and durable
  • Its compartment is adjustable to accommodate different cameras
  • Features both waterproof and shockproof
  • The alloys used in making its metallic parts are durable and beautiful
  • It can stand on its own on a flat surface


  • Cannot carry multiple cameras and accessories
  • The choice of color isn’t very interesting
  • Its straps are short

5. AmazonBasics Small Hard Waterproof Camera Carrying Case

For absolute protection of your camera against all risks, this Amazon casing is the real deal. It not only protects your camera against liquids but also from falling and scratches. Among all the existing camera casings and carriers, this is the hardest and the safest model you can rely on. If you are using those sophisticated modern cameras, this is your go-to casing.

AmazonBasics Small Hard Camera Carrying Case - Waterproof Camera Bag

Even if submerged in water, this casing is completely watertight and water cannot permeate. Even though there are no inside compartments, the casing uses square-shaped foam to secure the contents in place. In case you want to change the equipment to carry, you can easily remove the square foams and reshape them. If you are traveling on a plane, this is the best casing to use. Its size and quality are certified by the FAA and domestic aircraft.


  • It has the hardest exterior
  • You can shape the interior squares as you want
  • Can protect the camera against all risks
  • It is completely watertight
  • It is the safest to carry your valuable equipment
  • Has a stylish exterior design
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • Doesn’t replace the inserts
  • It is too heavy
  • Immediately after purchase may stink

6. Vanguard Havana 48 Waterproof Backpack

The Vanguard Havana camera backpack is a quality and versatile type. Whether hiking the mountain, trekking in the wild or along the shores, this is your all-time terrain camera bag. If rain strikes, it has a waterproof rain hood that you can wrap the entire bag for 100% protection.

Vanguard Havana 48 Backpack - Waterproof Camera Bag

The included removable camera insert is a customized space for a complete DSLR camera. It also accommodates up to 3 extra lenses, a flash memory reader, and other accessories. You can remove the insert if you so wish to customize it for your pending hike. A 15” laptop can also tag along.

This bag is lightweight. Weighing only a 2.73-pound sit will allow you to carry your heavy photography equipment without weighing you down. The padded back and harness enhance the comfortable transportation of whatever it is you want.


  • It is easily customizable
  • Very lightweight
  • Has customized storage compartments
  • Comes with a waterproof rain hood
  • It is comfortable to carry


  • It has a poor-quality zipper
  • It is too expensive

7. Case Logic CPL-108BK Waterproof Backpack for DSLR Camera and iPad

If you want a slim profile camera bag, the Case Logic CPL-108 Backpack could be all you need. It is a simple backpack that gives you enough space to carry your DSLR camera, 3 lenses, and a bunch of other accessories. The bag also features a customized iPad compartment, a memory card slot, and a weather hood space.

Case Logic CPL-108BK Backpack for DSLR Camera and iPad - Waterproof Camera Bag

All the storage compartments are divided with customizable well-padded dividers. Therefore, you can adjust them as you wish to carry different sizes of equipment.

If you wish to include non-camera accessories, the bag has its slots. The top and bottom zippered compartments accommodate such items very well. These can include your phone, chargers, etc.


  • Its dividers are well padded and customizable
  • Comes with a waterproof weather hood
  • Has space for non-camera accessories
  • Features exclusively designed compartments
  • Very stylish and durable


  • No enough space to carry multiple lenses
  • The straps are too small for adults

8. USA GEAR DSLR Camera Waterproof Backpack Case (Green)

This is a super customizable camera backpack. The kind of features present in these types of bags is only found on high-end expensive camera bags. However, this model brings all of them to you at an affordable cost. It has a variety of storage sections where you can fix different camera and non-camera accessories like a phone.

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack Case (Green) - Waterproof Camera Bag

The well-managed space allows you to pack bulky and heavyweight photography equipment suppressing their size. The good thing is that you can remove the interior dividers depending on what you want to carry. The bag also features an easily accessible zippered side door that grants the user easy access to their camera.

And because laptops have become carrying along with devices, there’s a 15.6” padded compartment for your laptop. This ensures that wherever you go, you can travel safely with your laptop. The metal zippers with rubber handles are easier to open and close your bag. They aren’t easy to break as well because they are reinforced to make them tougher and non-sliding.


  • Offers easy access to your camera through the side door
  • Allows different methods to carry
  • It is highly customizable
  • Contains waist straps that help in weight distribution for enhanced comfort
  • Features side spaces that you can use to carry a tripod stand


  • Not very durable
  • It is made of low-quality zippers

9. Tamrac Anvil Slim 11 Photo Waterproof Backpack with Belt

This is an easy-to-carry all-weather waterproof camera bag. Tamrac Anvil Slim features tough, yet very lightweight materials. You can carry as many as possible photography accessories without weighing you down.

Tamrac Anvil Slim 11 Photo Backpack with Belt - Waterproof Camera Bag

The removable belt system feature makes it possible to carry a wide variety of gear. For example, you can include various DSLR cameras, lenses, and even a 15” laptop. If you are traveling on an aircraft, this bag covers you sufficiently. It fits very well in most of the overhead commercial compartments. So, you don’t struggle to hide the bag on your legs.


  • It is super lightweight
  • Big in size and can carry a lot of weight comfortable
  • Uses molle system to include porches for other accessories
  • Has uniquely designed dividers
  • It has a flat bottom so it ca stand on its own


  • The straps have a flimsy designed
  • The laptop compartment is too small
  • The external pockets are poorly designed

10. Cinebags DSLR/HD Waterproof Backpack CB23

CineBags is known for its high-end products and professional outlook. The quality and features of Cinebags CB23 depict exactly this culture. It is rugged and waterproof and so tough to withstand extreme conditions. The bag is fully customizable allowing you to carry your camera and its lenses. Additionally, there is a compartment for a laptop of up to 15”.

Cinebags DSLR/HD Backpack CB23 - Waterproof Camera Bag

The interior of the bag is well padded. Therefore, you can be sure your camera and its accessories are secure there. The versatility of this bag makes it compatible with different types of cameras and photographers. Both experienced and amateur photographers and videographers can take off this comfortable bag. The comfort of the padded harness and the protection against rain and dust are features to behold.


  • Comes with a padded interior
  • The padded shoulder harness offers comfortable transportation
  • It is compact and easy to carry
  • It is very durable
  • You can customize it in different ways


  • Doesn’t have many compartments
  • Can only carry a single camera

Key Features to Look Before Buying Waterproof Camera Bag

To help you in getting the best weatherproof bag for your camera, we’ve analyzed the critical features and factors to major on. These will save you from wasting your money on a non-useful bag that may end up in the store or worse destroy your camera. These include;


The size of your bag is the deal-breaker here. It determines the number of cameras and accessories you can carry with you. To precisely pick a good size for your camera, you need its dimensions. Additionally, get the sizes and the number of accessories you want to transport in the bag. From these sizes then, you can tell whether the bag you are eyeing will support all your required stuff or not.

The level of protection

In addition to waterproof or water resistance features on your camera bag, you may want to consider other protective features. For example, a padded bag that will protect your camera against scratch and fall damages is a plus. So, focus on a type of bag that will protect your camera against a variety of risks.

Closure system

The bag’s waterproof feature efficiency highly depends on the closure system. Different camera models rely on different systems. Some use the zipper closure and others the roll-top closure system. Both of these are okay, but you need to examine the materials properly and ensure water cannot penetrate.

Between the two, the roll-top closure system is the most effective. However, the process of rolling and unrolling takes time and it’s not easy to access your camera while on transit. This may only be applicable when you are traveling but not on site. In contrast, your camera is a zip away with the zipper closure system.

Ease of Access

If you are a frequent traveler or you take photos while on the move, you need a camera bag that will grant you easy access to your camera. However, it shouldn’t be at the expense of the camera’s safety.

The zipper closure system offers the best accessibility. However, there are some drawbacks to this system that you need to be careful with. The first one is the wear and tear of the zipper fabric. You need also to frequently lubricate the zipper to prevent getting stuck.

Finally, be gentle when pulling the camera out of the bag. If you rush, the zipper can easily scratch your camera screen.


How does the bag look on your back? Is it going to distribute weight evenly or it will be clumsy-looking luggage? A comfortable camera bag should distribute its weight evenly and have thick padding on the straps. Also, secondary straps to help in holding the bag is an important feature to consider.

To get a proper overview of a bag’s comfort, you may need to look at user reviews. These will offer you helpful tips and insights on how comfortable a certain camera bag is.

Compartments and pockets

The availability, positioning, and sizes of a bag’s compartments and pockets are very important. You need sufficient space to carry your camera and its accessories safely.

The first thing to consider in a bag is whether it has enough compartments. If yes, how well are they positioned? You should ensure that removing your camera or accessories from the bag won’t cause any risk to your camera. Therefore, compartments and pockets should be strategically and ergonomically located.

The size of the compartment is the determinant of whether your camera will fit or not. Check whether space is enough for your camera to fit and remove without struggling. However, the lenses’ pockets should be snug so that they are firmly held in position.

Final Recap

There they are-the best quality waterproof bag for your camera. Now it’s upon you to shortlist them according to your personal needs. Considering the factors highlighted above, you can get the best camera bag that you’ll be proud of.

Even though these bags may not be the cheapest in the market, the protection they offer your precious gadgets is excellent. That is; as long as you pick the model in accordance with your needs.

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