8 Best Soundproof Mats For Floors

Would you like to enjoy some peace of mind at home? There are many things that you should put into consideration. First, most people have been looking for an ideal way to deal with noise pollution out there. One common source of noise pollution is the floor of your house. From people walking on the floor to objects falling on it, there are many things that can make sound travel through the floor.

Sometimes, if you are meditating or reading a book, you might not enjoy the much-needed peaceful atmosphere. In fact, you might not even sleep well or even get work done. Therefore, there is a need to soundproof your floor to mitigate this problem. Soundproofing has proved to be an effective way of blocking sound from traveling through the floor. This way, your apartment will be more peaceful.

Benefits of Soundproofing Mats of Apartment Floor

If you are looking for a way to change the quality of life in your apartment, you should soundproof your floors. In fact, this has proved to be the surest way to give you the ultimate relaxation you have ever desired. Here are some of the benefits of soundproofing your floor apartment:

1. Increased privacy

By soundproofing your floor, you can be sure that there will be no voice leaks. This way, your neighbors will not hear any of your private conversations. This goes a long way in optimizing your privacy and the confidentiality of what you are talking about. Besides this, soundproofing your floor will ensure that noise from outside will not get into your room.

As a result, you will have an opportunity to relax and enjoy some peace of mind. No one will know what you are doing in the room and also you will not get noise interruptions from outside the apartment.

2. Good for your health

Living in a noisy environment is not good. This is because you will be prone to many diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and many more. To avert this, you should soundproof your floors. This will actually ensure that you live longer and become more productive in the long run.

3. Prevent hearing problems

Chances are that you have friends who have hearing problems out there. The World Health Organization estimates that over 1.3 billion people suffer from this problem globally. You would not want to suffer from this condition as you might have a difficult time hearing someone speak. You might have to seek clarity every now and then. To mitigate this, you should soundproof your floor.

4. Better quality of life

If you are looking for a way to improve your quality of life and enjoy better sleep at night, soundproofing your apartment’s floor should be your priority. In most cases, if you live in a noisy area, you might not even be able to do anything meaningful such as reading a book.

Also, you might not even be able to learn or understand anything. Your cognitive function might be adversely affected as well. To keep these problems at bay, you should soundproof your floors.

5. Effective communication

Places that have noise levels reaching about 50 to 60 decibels are not to live in as communication between two people is bound to be distracted. You might have to seek clarity from the other entity from time to time. Other times, you might not get the intended message. As a result, it might lead to confusion and misunderstanding. The good news is that soundproofing your floors can help avert this problem.

6. Regulations and policy

You will note that most countries have now enacted legislation that helps deal with the issue of excessive noise out there. Therefore, you should ensure that you control the amount of noise leaving your apartment to be safe. By soundproofing it, you will be able to adhere to these regulations.

7. Better relations with your neighbors

Sometimes, noise pollution is not all about not. It also affects your neighbors as well. For you to have a good relationship with them, you should not allow excess noise to leave your apartment. This way, they will have a peaceful environment and enjoy some peace of mind. As a result, you will reduce conflicts between you and the neighbors.

How to Soundproof a Floor in an Apartment

If you are looking for a way to soundproof your apartment’s floor, there are many techniques that can help you get started. Some of these ways include:

1. Use carpets and rugs

If you normally reside in an apartment whose floor is made of hard material such as laminate, wood or tiles you can consider using carpets to soundproof it. Also, using rugs will help you a great deal.

Since sound waves normally travel fast on hard surfaces, using carpets and rugs will go a long way in ensuring that you add softness and density to the floor. As a result, you will be able to reduce noise in the apartment by a large margin.

For optimal results, you should consider installing a sound deadening underlayment before you install the carpet. The underlayment can actually be made of several materials such as rubber, cork, foam, and so on. The good news is that these materials usually add more density to the floors. Also, they add another surface to absorb the sound-waves.

Rugs are as good as the carpets when it comes to soundproofing the floor. They actually add density and absorb sound. However, for optimal results, you should place a soundproof mat under the area rug.

2. Use cork tiles

Besides carpets and area rugs, you can still use cork tiles and you will be good to go. These tiles are basically an on-flooring soundproofing material. This means that you can actually lay them on top of the floor. In most cases, they are usually snapped together and placed right on top of the existing floor.

By installing these tiles, you will be able to add density to the floor and this will actually act as a great sound absorber. Better still, you can try placing a soundproof mats underneath the cork tiles and you will still achieve the desired results for floors.

3. Soundproof padding

If you already installed a carpet in your home and want to reduce noise transmission through the floor, you can consider using carpet padding. The good news is that there are many types of carpet padding to choose from. Some of these options include: memory foam, a combination of rubber and foam, and many more.

You do not need to be an expert when it comes to laying down the padding itself. Here, you can perform this undertaking on your own. All you need to do is to pull up the existing carpet and then lay down the padding. Better still, you can install the padding before installing the carpet and you will be good to go.

4. Mass loaded Vinyl

To start with, you will note that Mass Loaded Vinyl is a dense, flexible vinyl sheeting that is normally impregnated with small pieces of metal. Since this sheet is made of a dense material, you can be sure that it will make an excellent soundproofing material. Besides, it is very affordable and very easy to install at home. You can readily use this sheet as an underlayment for your flooring and you will be able to soundproof your flooring more effectively.

5. Interlocking floor mats

Would you like to soundproof your floor easily? You should consider using interlocking floor mats today. Besides being easy to use, they are also very affordable. These mats are usually made from an assortment of different materials such as corks, foam, and rubber among others.

When installing the soundproof mats, you just need to position them on the floors and then connect them together. Here, you can form something like a puzzle. You can trust that the mats will add density to the floor and thereby reduce noise transmission. Besides this, they will add some softness to your floor, thereby providing the much-needed thermal insulation.

Top 8 Best Soundproof Mats For Floors (Lightweight & Easy To Clean)

1. RUGPADUSA Basics 100% Felt Protective Cushioning Rug Pad Soundproof Mats For Floors

Most rugs tend to stick and leave markings on the floor due to poor quality in construction. However, the above rug boasts of a competent craftsmanship that is very comfortable and tender on your floor. With this, you won’t have to worry about marks and scratches on your floor. It has a 1/2 inch thickness that adds in extra padding. This also helps to prevent staining the floor as well.

RUGPADUSA Basics 100% Felt Protective Cushioning Rug Pad - Soundproof Mats For Floors

The pad contains 40oz of felt per square yard. This means that its heavier and denser compared to the vast majority of rug pads in the market. Therefore, its thickness provides a thick buffer between the rug and floor. Further, it is very ideal in noise mitigation especially if you are living an apartment setting. If you need a specific size, worry out as the company makes non standard sizes for any potential client. Also, the rug is easily customizable allowing all its users to trim it to their most preferable size. This can be done with common household scissors.


  • It’s thick hence very good in protecting the floor from marks and stains.
  • It reduces floor noise especially in apartment settings.
  • Its size can be easily customized.


  • It is made from recycled materials and thus it’s durability is questionable.
  • It lacks a long term warranty
  • It’s not machine washable.

2. iCustomRug Grizzly Grip Eco Friendly Felt Underpad Soundproof Mats For Floors

With most rugs designed from recycled materials, this primarily means that their durability is pretty much questionable. On the other hand, the latter comes in to solve this inherent incompetency present in most rugs. First off, it is crafted from high quality materials. The fabric is neither from recycled materials nor from carpet fiber cut off. Specifically, it is made of 20% virgin polypropylene and from 80% virgin polyesters. Moreover, its bottom pad is made of a non-slip 100% natural rubber. This ensures that it’s robust enough to give you an excellent service for the longest time possible.

iCustomRug Grizzly Grip Eco Friendly Felt Underpad - Soundproof Mats For Floors

Also, the small sized version of this rug is machine washable. Furthermore, it employs hypoallergenic material in its making. This ensures that most allergy triggers like dust and mould are dispelled without delay. Another advantage associated with this rug is that, it is available in 75 custom sizes so as to meet your desired need. In case the rug declines to fit perfectly, you can trim it with household scissors. Finally, it comes with a limited life time warranty allowing buyers to buy it with confidence, as they are assured of its durability.


  • Its small size is machine washable.
  • Comes with a long term life warranty.
  • It’s made from high quality materials hence lasting for long.
  • It is available in a majority of sizes to choose from.
  • Holds onto the floor quite firmly thanks to its non slip bottom pad.


  • It’s not an easy rug to customize with scissors, as a matter of fact, you need heavy duty scissors when cutting it.

3. StillCool Puzzle Exercise Soundproof Mats For Floors

Are you looking for a perfect comfortable mat to use for your work out space? If so, then the latter will ultimately fit you right thanks to its breathtaking features. This mat comes with a puzzle like outlook that comprises of twelve tiles with 24 borders for that polished look. Each piece of mat measures approximately 24″ l × 24″ w × 7/16 ” thick. With those kinds of dimensions, the latter is very good for shock absorption and can be used at the gym easily.

StillCool Puzzle Exercise Soundproof Mats For Floors

In addition to that, it comes with a stunning slip resistant surface which allows you to work out in confidence. Plus, it’s exceptional resilience will allow you to keep a stable balance as you work out. You don’t have to worry about it getting torn apart. This is so because it has a very outstanding interlocking ability amongst all its pieces. Moisture resistance technology used on the latter allows it be washed easily with soap. Joining it together into one piece and disassembling it is also quite a flimsy engagement since its super light in nature.

Lastly the materials used in its making are very competent thus it serves to give you a stable comfortable service for the longest time possible. This also means it’s a very versatile mat and can be used for other various places like a garage, playground, gym etc. 


  • It is very versatile.
  • Its construction features quality materials.
  • Washing with or without soap doesn’t really affect the market. 
  • Acts as a very good shock absorber.


  • Lacks a long term warranty.

4. Mohawk Home Rug Pad Soundproof Mats For Floors

And finally here is a rug that is designed with multiple thickness sizes, allowing all its users to go for the size that suits them best. These sizes are three in total and they include: 1/8 size that is most suitable for  a thick/plush rug, 1/4 size which is perfect for most rugs, 1/2  size which is for the thin/ low profile rugs.

Mohawk Home Rug Pad Soundproof Mats For Floors

On the downside, its fabric is made from recycled felt. This fabric material is made of 100% felt rubber. Unlike most rugs, this one comes with two functional sides. The first is the fibre side that is meant for gripping the rug backing. On the other hand, we have the rubber side; this is for firmness on the floor surfaces. The above rug is very gentle on your floor and doesn’t leave marks of any sort on it.  If the size doesn’t go well with your rug then you can easily trim it up with household scissors. 


  • It can easily be customized with a pair of household scissors.
  • It boasts of an anti-slip technology hence it’s very firm on most floor types.
  • Available in three thickness sizes.


  • It is made from recycled materials.
  • It does not come with a long term warranty.

5. GORILLA GRIP Original Felt And Rubber Upside Gripper Area Rug Pad Soundproof Mats For Floors

If you were in pursuit of a thick durable floor pad , your long search will definitely end here with this competence rug. To begin with, it exhibits a 25″ condensed needle punch felt which gives it utmost durability. This also gives it more cushioning thus protecting your floor even more. Moreover, the thickness helps to reduce the amount of wound dispensed on the floor, thus leaving all your neighbors completely undisturbed.

GORILLA GRIP Original Felt And Rubber Upside Gripper Area Rug Pad - Soundproof Mats For Floors

However, buyers are advised to know that this product is intended to be smaller than their rug. This is so because it is supposed to completely fit under your rug that without being visible. On the lower surface, it’s powered by textured rubber giving it a firm grip on the floor. Therefore, this rug stays firm on place without sliding away. As if not enough, it is made with hypoallergenic materials. These helps to alienate allergies arising from mould, mildew and it’s even moth resistant. Isn’t that wonderful! In an event you buy the rug and its size is not as expected, you can simply customize it with household scissors. Lastly, a recycled felt has been used make it’s material.


  • Made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • It is very thick thus providing ultimate comfort.
  • Can be customized and easily trimmed by scissors.


  • It is made from 100 % recycled felt.
  • Its design dictates it to be used only on clean smooth surfaces.

6. BeMaxx Interlocking Soft Foam Soundproof Mats For Floors

Here is yet another floor mat that will leave you yearning for that work out session every time you work out on it. This floor mat features a puzzle outlook with small pieces that are combined together to form a single universal mat. The mat comprises of 18 pieces of puzzle mats all with edge pieces. Bemaxx as brand is dedicated to providing quality sports and outdoors equipments and it’s without a doubt that this mat is of no exception.

BeMaxx Interlocking Soft Foam Soundproof Mats For Floors

The latter measures precisely 12″ × 12″ × 0.4″. This allows you to be more flexible. It’s great thickness is very cardinal in protecting the floor from scratches, knocks and dents. More also ,  it has an infinitely expandable puzzle shape which allows this productive mat to be easily customized for a perfect installment. Further, its nature makes it very versatile and it’s ideal for various places from the gym to the garage. Nonetheless, it has a very nice noise and shock absorption capability. It’s is also very light-weight and can be cleaned very easily.


  • The pieces of the mat lock together very nicely.
  • It is a sturdy and very comfortable mat.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Most buyers say that it comes in a very small size.

7. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Soundproof Mats For Floors

Just like the Bemaxx mat, this mat exhibits a puzzle outlook as well. The latter boasts of a stable non-slip surface that is backed up by its exceptional resilience. This makes it very ideal for activities such as working out, dancing etc. On top of that, this design makes it to be way versatile .When fully assembled, its size covers up-to 24 square feet. Six tiles each with twelve borders complete this mat with a neat polished look. Each tile of the mat measures 12″ × 12″ × 0.5″ thick. The good sizing helps it to cushion your body against the hard floor. Its high density EVA foam also ensures that your floor will be scratch free as you found it.

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

Nevertheless, it comes with a two year warranty offer that backs up its functionality. It is available in three sizes and these include black, gray and blue. 


  • It is a very versatile mat.
  • Available in different colors.
  • It comes with a limited two-year warranty.


  • Complaints have it that the latter wears out quite easily.

8. ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Soundproof Mats For Floors

Designed in a puzzle font, this is yet another floor mat perfect enough to replace your usual yoga and work out mats. Powered with half of an inch thickness this mat will give you that perfect cushioning you require as you work out. Additionally, this keeps your floor protected against marks too. When it comes to the puzzle design, we all know that versatility can never be ruled out.

ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

Therefore, this floor mat can be used almost everywhere including the gym, home fitness rooms, playgrounds etc. When fully assembled, the latter coves up-to 24 square feet. It includes six tiles with twelve end borders for an exquisite look. On top of that, it exhibits toxic phthalates and can be used as a perfect alternative to rubber floor mats. To spice things up more, it come with an entire lifetime warranty, fully proving that its literally built for a dependable long term use. Nonetheless, they exhibit a very stable interlocking capability and are super light-weight too.


  • Comes with a whole lifetime warranty.
  • Super thick keep your floor fully protected.
  • Has a very versatile design.
  • The pieces interlock pretty well.


  • If disassembled quite often it’s interlocking ability will deteriorate

Key Features to Look Before Buying Soundproof Mats for Floors

When looking for the best soundproof mats for your apartment’s floors, chances are that you might come across different mats out there. If you are a first-timer, you might be spoilt for choice. However, we have outlined several features that you should be keen to check so that you can make a good choice. Some of the features that you should pay attention to include:

  • Thickness and weight : One of those factors that you should consider when buying mats for soundproof your floors is its thickness and weight. The thickness will actually determine the level of soundproofing the mat will do when in use. Ideally, you should ensure that you choose a thicker mat. Note that the thicker the mat, the better. Also, the denser the mat the more the sound absorption.
  • Size : Besides the thickness and weight of the mat, you should be quick to note the size of the mat. Ideally, you should choose a soundproof mats that will fit your floors adequately. If you choose a mat that is too small for your floor, you might not be able to soundproof your floor the way you ever wanted. However, it should not be too big for your floor. Therefore, it is important that you should know the dimensions of your flooring before buying the mat.
  • Material : The material used to make the soundproof floors mats will directly affect its effectiveness. Different mats are usually made using different materials. Therefore, there is a need for you to choose one that is made of a good material that will effectively absorb sound from the floor and even offer some form of insulation. Some of the popular materials used to make these mats include polyurethane foam, solid PVC sheeting among others.
  • Is it washable? : At some point, you have to wash the soundproof floors mats. This is because it might gather dust and even dirt over time. By washing it, you can be sure that it will remain fresh and look good. Therefore, your floors mat of choice should be easy to clean.
  • Sound transmission class : Also known as STC, it refers to the numeric rating that is applied to the mat to indicate how good it is when it comes to soundproofing. Here, the higher the numeric rating, the better the product is at attenuating noise.
  • Impact insulation class : You will note that impact noise is one of the biggest issues with flooring. This is usually the case for hardwood flooring. ITC basically shows how good a certain soundproofing material is ideal at reducing this problem. Therefore, the higher the ITC, the better the soundproofing mat.
  • Budget : Different soundproof floors mats will cost different prices. Some might be cheap while others might cost an arm and a leg. For optimal results, you should compare different prices and then choose the one that comes at a pocket-friendly price. Sometimes, you can ask for a discount to save more money in the long run. However, you should not compromise on quality as much as you want to save more on these mats.
  • Warranty : Does the soundproof floors mats come with a warranty from the manufacturer? This factor is essential as it will affect future costs, in case the soundproofing mat does not meet your needs. If the soundproofing mat comes with a warranty, you can be sure that you will get value for your money.


What is the best flooring for noise reduction?

Vinyl has proved to be very effective in noise reduction. In-fact, it has medium to high NRC ratings. If you buy high-quality vinyl, you can be sure that you will be soundproof your floor more effectively.

Do soundproof floors mats reduce noise?

Yes. The dense and soft material of the rubber mat will cushion the impacts of footsteps and other floor impacts that would result in noise. At the same time, it can absorb and dampen any noise that comes from machines and other items that might be in your apartment.

How can I soundproof my floors cheaply?

There are many ways you can soundproof your flooring at a cheaper price. One of those methods is to use interlocking soundproof floors mats. You can also use carpet padding or even rubber floor mats. All these methods are cheap and more practical for many homeowners.

Can upstairs neighbors hear my music?

Yes. Your neighbors will hear your music upstairs. This is because sound usually travels upwards, be it music or mere conversations. Therefore, you should be careful when discussing serious matters if the floor of your apartment is not soundproof.

How do I quiet upstairs neighbor’s footsteps?

First, you can try to talk to them and tell them about the noise problem. Besides this, you can advise them to put some thick carpet on the floor. By doing this, you will greatly reduce those unpleasant footsteps and even enable you to have a good night’s sleep.

Final Recap

Living in an apartment can be great but when unwanted noise is passing through the floors from the unit below you, you might not like it as your comfort can be compromised. You might not even sleep well at night and this can affect your productivity at the workplace. To be on the safe side, you should consider soundproofing your flooring so that you can enjoy the much-needed peace of mind. By doing this, you will not only benefit yourself but also your neighbors. Consider this guide today and your apartment will be quieter and more peaceful.

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