10 Best Saucer Swings

Our kid’s happiness is one of the most sought things by families. One of those facilities that can help your children enjoy themselves to create memories is the saucer swings. Even though there are different types of swings, saucers are unique in various ways. For example, they allow more than one kid to be on the swing at the same time. Normally, for kids, playing as a group makes them happier. Additionally, they are safer than the other types of swings like the sling and the swing sets.

Since there are different varieties of saucer swings in the market, choosing which the best for your family is can be challenging. You need to look at several factors so that you don’t compromise the safety and the comfort of your children. That means looking at the quality, capacity, and strength of the materials making the swing.

To help you in your shopping process, we have compiled a list of the best saucer swings in the market. Almost all saucer swings architecture is durably made and you may need to look at smaller parts to get the best quality and that will serve you best. All the products featured in our list of top 10 are surely among the top-notch and will serve you well with guaranteed durability.

Are Saucer Swings Safe?

The safety of saucer swings depends on how you use them. But generally, they are safe when used responsibly and in the right manner. The first thing is to use the swing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and ratings. For example, make sure not to overload it. A case of overloading in most cases will lead to the ropes or straps breaking.

The other thing to check is the installation part. Ensure that the swing has got enough clearance all around; from the height, In front, behind, and sides. These will protect you against injuries that can result from knocking objects within the swing area.

Children should also be supervised by an adult. However, it is advisable to have health or dental insurance. In case of inappropriate swinging can lead to serious injuries. The truth is, the use of saucer swings has a certain degree of susceptibility to injury and these measures just reduce the risks. Otherwise, the use of these gadgets is always a risky endeavor.

Top 10 Best Saucer Swings That Are Easy To Use

We have used different factors to rank our products in order of their superiority. Some of those factors include durability, the materials used, ease of installation among others. Based on your needs, you can choose a saucer swing from this list and it won’t disappoint you.

1. SereneLife Kids Hanging Chair Tent Swing

If you are looking for a unique saucer swing, have a look at SereneLife Kids Hanging Chair Tent Swing. This is a two in one product; It’s a swing and also a tent. Therefore, this makes it a great choice for summer escapades. The tie-up door is an extra feature that allows the kids to hide in the swing as well as lockout sun.

SereneLife Kids Hanging Chair Tent Saucer Swings

This 40-inch swing comes with three different attachment points. This makes it very stable and can withstand up to 600 pounds. The weight capacity can hold multiple kids without endangering them.

The versatility is one of the strong points of this swing. Its tent is removable. So, you can remove it at will to use only the swing. In addition to that, the hanging rope is universal meaning it can be used for anything; trees, frames, and even indoors. If you want to salvage your kids from the summer heat, consider getting them this multipurpose swing.


  • It is very versatile
  • It’s a swing and a tent
  • It has a high weight limit of up to 600 pounds
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • The swing is well cushioned with a thick padding
  • Can support both adults and kids
  • It is also easy to assemble


  • The tent isn’t very durable
  • You may have to purchase extra rope when hanging on tree

2. Tarzan Tire 40″ Spider Web Swing

Tarzan Tire Spider web swing is big enough to securely hold multiple kids at the same time. The 40-inch diameter with a hole in the middle makes it possible for kids to have fun with their legs suspending through the hole. This hole acts as the safety feature preventing kids from sliding. The swing adheres strictly to the safety requirements for swings. It features a padded frame and strong nylon webbing making it one of the long-lasting swings.

Tarzan Tire 40" Spider Web Saucer Swings

It is an easy-to-install swing. Coming as a compact parcel, its mounting process takes just a few minutes to complete. The process of unmounting is also easy – You can mount it on a stand or a tree as you wish as its straps are universal.


  • The assembling and disassembling are easy
  • You can mount it on a stand or tree
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • It is both safe and durable
  • Robust customer support
  • Has a well-padded frame


  • Doesn’t include full installation kit
  • The padding starts ripping after a while
  • Cannot accommodate more than two kids

3. 60 Inch Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults

Looking for a spacious and oval-shaped swing? You have the 60” Platform Tree Swing. The swing is big enough such that a kid or an adult can sleep inside to read a book or for a swinging experience.

60 Inch Platform Tree for Kids and Adults Saucer Swings

This swing comes with all installation hardware required to mount it on a tree or a play structure. It is strong enough to accommodate up to 600 pounds. Basically, this saucer swing can safely carry entire neighborhood kids at a go.

The frame and base are well padded with foam to provide stability and comfort when the kids are swinging. Its ropes are also adjustable and can provide that extra support when need be. This is one of the strongest swings with water-resistant materials. It can withstand stormy weather than most of the swings in the market.


  • Can accommodate multiple kids
  • Has a high weight capacity up to 600 pounds
  • Its frame and ropes are well padded for support
  • Very spacious
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • Comes with a poor swivel
  • It is hard to assemble

4. SUPER DEAL 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swings Set

If you are looking for an outdoor backyard swing for your kids, you should consider setting up SUPER DEAL 40″ Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set. Among the advantages of this swing are its safety and durability features. This is made possible by the quality materials used in the manufacture of this saucer swing. These include oxford polyester ropes and commercial steel for the frame.

SUPER DEAL 40" Waterproof Saucer Tree Swing Set

Instead of struggling with hard-to-set upswings, this is one of the simplest. It comes with a well-detailed user manual that illustrates all the installation steps.

The high-quality materials make it not only durable but also very sturdy. It can support up to 440 pounds and this means it can accommodate a couple of kids and even an adult. Unlike other swings, this swing is made of highly corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore, it can withstand years of rough weather such as rain, snow, and sun. This makes it a good outdoor swing for your kids or even family in the backyard.


  • It is large in size
  • It is made of quality materials
  • Has high weight capacity of 440 pounds
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • Very durable even outside


  • Has a flimsy design
  • It has a poor-quality carabiner
  • The straps are not durable

5. BLUE ISLAND Tree Swing

The BLUE ISLAND Tree swing is the real deal. It will make your kids abandon those video games and Trv to swing outside. It is made of a sturdy frame and a comfortable base to provide the kids with enough comfort when having fun. The 40” diameter saucer is enough to provide space for your kids and their friends to play.

BLUE ISLAND Tree Saucer Swings

The craftsmanship of the set is so superior making it capable to accommodate young kids to adults. Another outstanding feature that makes this unit a good choice is its lightweight. The kids can swing without fearing for injuries out of the swing being too heavy.


  • Has a 40-inch diameter saucer that provide enough sitting space
  • It is made of quality materials including oxford fabric
  • It is also easy to assemble as it comes with a detailed user manual
  • BLUE ISLAND Tree swing very lightweight measuring 9 only pounds
  • Can accommodate up to 400 pounds


  • The rope is very low quality and can easily break when swinging
  • It is not safe for kids as it can snap abruptly

6. Swing-N-Slide WS 4861 Nest Swing with 40″ Diameter, Blue

This is a removable and washable well-ventilated saucer swing. It is capable of accommodating up to 3 kids or an equivalence of 200 pounds. The durable nylon cover is well aerated and drained. The padded frame keeps the kids safe and comfortable from the hardy steel frame.

Swing-N-Slide WS 4861 Nest Saucer Swings with 40" Diameter, Blue

It has a 70 inches suspension that features adjustable links and a chain. Its safety level is highly enhanced by the steel tube. Additionally, it has also been certified by the ASTM. The bright colors make this swing very beautiful and a great companion outside either in the backyard or in the garden.


  • The swings cover is removable and washable
  • It can accommodatemultiple kids weighing up to 200 pounds
  • Meets all the safety requirements of ASTM
  • The suspenders are well positioned


  • The metallic components start rusting with time
  • Does not include all installation hardware such as eye bolts

7. Swinging Monkey Products Giant 40″ Saucer Tree Swings

If you are shopping for a saucer swing that will cover your entire family, this product from Swinging Monkey Products is a worthy of consideration. It will cater to your entire household playing outdoors without risking the users. Also, it is built to last and has the green light of the major safety bodies: the ASTM and the CPSIA.

Swinging Monkey Products Giant 40" Saucer Tree Swing

Very strong materials are used in the construction of this swing. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids or durability as long as you don’t overload it. Some of the materials featuring include the 900D oxford fabric, steel frame, and quality polystyrene ropes. With the 40-inch diameter, this swing can accommodate multiple kids at the same time.

The easy-to-understand installation manual allows you to assemble the swing within minutes. You don’t even need an extra hand in the process of installing this swing.


  • It is made of quality materials
  • Wide enough to accommodate multiple kids
  • It is heavy duty and capable of accommodating both kids and adults
  • Approved by the major safety bodies


  • Not very durable
  • The fabric isn’t quality and starts ripping within no time
  • Starts rusting when exposed to water

8. SLIDEWHIZZER Backyard Round Tree Swing 

Slide Whizzer Saucer Swing gives you unique fun with its all-direction swings. Made of industrial steel frame and commercial grade ropes, this swing is one of the safest and durable. The permeable polyester fabric allows the seat to drain to dry faster thus no issues of wet pants.

SLIDEWHIZZER Backyard Round Tree Saucer Swings

The wide enough seat measuring 30-inch diameter can accommodate many kids. The seat is also well padded to offer comfort to the users. Additionally, the saucer swing is easy to install. That makes it a good portable and adjustable swing for outdoor events. So, you can carry to kids’ parties, friends’ yard,s and even camping for recreation purposes.


  • Has a 30-day worry-free purchase
  • It is safe and durable
  • It can also accommodate multiple kids
  • Easy to install
  • Very portable and you can easily carry it to events
  • It is an all directions swing
  • Made of adjustable water-resistant ropes


  • The ropes are not waterproof
  • It flips so easily making it a bit unsafe for kids
  • The metal rings can be hard to fix

9. Orange Monkey Saucer Swings

Create an outdoor adventure space in your backyard with Orange Monkey Saucer Swing. It features lead-free steel frame and quality tire. this high strength of the frame raises its weight limit to 685 pounds.

Orange Monkey Saucer Swing

This swing has been subjected to all safety tests and approved. So, you have no reason to worry about its standards or safety. In addition, you don’t have a hard time when assembling it. All the steps are included in the user annual that comes with the product. And the manual says that you can mount the swing almost anywhere; either on a tree, swing set, etc.

The advantage of this swing is that you are free to return the swing in case it doesn’t measure up to your expectations. In short, it is risk-free purchase.


  • High weight limits up to 685 pounds
  • It is universal-can be fixed on trees or swing structure
  • Covered by a money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Made of strong quality fabric
  • It is approved for safety requirements


  • Doesn’t come with the hanging kit
  • The material fades with continued use

10. Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swings

This saucer swing will give you year-round fun on its giant seat of40-inch diameter. The swing can accommodate multiple children or a single adult. If you want to enjoy your summer, you can think of getting this unit. You have a variety of colors you can choose for your swing depending on your taste and theme. The swing ropes are also colored with rainbow colors making them very beautiful.

Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swing

The other unique feature of this swing is the heavy-duty carabiner rings for you to fix at your preferred points. This swing comes with all the installation hardware that you may need to use and extras. Your package will come with foam-wrapped steel, padded strings that are permeable on the surface.

The swing is one of the toughest with its weight limit rising up to 700 pounds. Therefore, it can accommodate both kids and adults. Its length can be adjusted also as you wish. The frame is a product of polyester mesh and it is water-resistant but permeable. These properties make the swing very durable.


  • Comes with adjustable ropes
  • It is portable and easy to install
  • Has high weight limit of 700 pounds
  • You can choose different colors
  • It is highly weather resistant


  • The fabric is not durable
  • When hanging on trees, you may need to buy extra straps
  • Fading is a common problem with this saucer swing

Key Features to Look Before Buying Saucer Swings

Ease of installation

Basically, saucer swings aren’t hard to set up. However, you need to ensure that the saucer you pick has a well-documented installation manual. In most cases, you’ll need a ladder for short people or you may have to climb a tree to fix your swing.

Just ensure that the installation process isn’t a hectic one. If need be, you should at least be able to set it up alone or with probably only one extra person. In any case, the saucer swing installation should be a do-it-yourself process.


You need to choose the saucer swing hardware with careful consideration. The quality of the materials you choose will determine how durable your swing will last. For example, most of the mats are made of strong polymers such as polypropylene, nylon, and oxford polyester. Quality and durable hardware should always be your focus.

A sturdy and well-installed saucer swing won’t require constant maintenance or checking. It’s more important if you choose a saucer with a warranty. This will guarantee you quality service and in case of malfunctioned swing, you can get a replacement or service.

Weight limit

Where or who do you want to be using the flying saucer swing. These are important questions that you should ask yourself before determining the best weight capacity for your swing. Is it for community use, indoor, or a family swing? If the swing is for use with many kids, you need to consider a saucer swing with a higher weight limit. This will ensure that your swing will last long enough.

Safety features

Safety features are very crucial to check so that you don’t bring an accident trap into your home. The lightweight flying saucer swings are worth avoiding especially if you are buying for young kids. So, if you want to use the swing for family recreation, consider carefully the protective features of the swing.

To better understand how safe a certain saucer swing is, you can read user reviews and check the listed features. Therefore, it’s not all about quality and performance, you don’t have to lose your child’s tooth because of a horrible saucer swing in your home.


Regardless of how your saucer swing is set, the right clearance is an important factor. Whether using a tree swing or a framed swing, right clearance gives the confidence comfort to enjoy the oscillations without fear. So, before installing the swing, check the availability of clearance. If it’s not there you better change the location for a better station.

Fun factor

The advantage of swings is that more than one kids can swing at the same time. Therefore, you should consider swings with higher weight limits to increase the fun by increasing the number of people or kids the swing can accommodate. Besides that, ensure even when one child is using the swing it is comfortable enough.

Frequently Ask Question – FAQ

How to Hang A Saucer Swings from A Tree?

If you purchase a big tree saucer swing, check the sturdiness of the tree branch that you intend to use. Secondly, consider whether it will provide the right clearance for the swing.

A good branch for hanging a saucer swing should be at least 6 inches wide. This is the best measurement that can support the swing hardware without endangering the users.

Leave a 3 to 4 feet clearance on both sides of the swing-In front and behind. Additionally, you should leave about 2 feet allowance on the swing sides. In terms of height, the swing seat should be between 16-19 inches from the ground.

Depending on the distance between the chains, fix them exactly the same distance to avoid deformities. If the chains are 15 inches apart, fix the hangers at exactly that distance. If you are using a glider or trapeze swing, remember to maintain the chains or the ropes on top of the glider and in a vertical position.

When you are setting the toddler saucer swing, leave about 24 inches from the ground. This will eliminate the threat of accidents when they try to swing themselves. You should also provide at least 8 feet of clearance all-round the play structure. The landing base should be soft enough to avoid injuries.

For kids between 2 to 5 years, you should fit their saucer swings not more than 8 feet above the ground. Tie the swing chains to the swing structure at different levels to ensure stability and balance. The first at 60 inches high, the second at 30 inches high, and 20 inches between the hangers. For firm hanging of your swing, you can use hanging straps or shoulder-high bolts screwed on the tree. Basically, you can choose different methods that you trust will keep your kids safe up there.

How high should a swing be from the ground?

The distance from the floor to the swing should be between 16 to 19 inches.

Can you hang a swing between two trees?  

Yes. There are kits designed for hanging swings between trees. The kits include two straps for fixing on the trees and another extra one for attaching the two straps.

How thick should tree swing rope be?

If you want to use a rope to fix your saucer swing, it should be at least 0.5 inches in diameter. Higher thickness is also okay but you should ensure that the rope isn’t too thick to hold. Remember, besides holding the swing, these ropes are used to support the users when swinging.

How much weight can a saucer swings hold?

Saucer swings have different weight limits ranging from 200lbs to 700lbs. Therefore, it all depends on what limit you want. However, for high weight capacity swings make sure that the other accessories can also support the same weight.

How much does a tree swing cost?

The cost of a tree swing is different depending on its different features. So, there is no fixed price for these swings.

Final Recap

The market is flooded with saucer swings. It is very easy to get confused when shopping for a saucer swing. That’s why we have selected the 10 best models to ease your selection process. If you follow this guide properly, we now believe you stand a better chance to get the best brand that best satisfies your needs. You don’t have to be a pro in the swings market, this guide simplified everything. Get the best deal today that will offer top-notch comfort for your kids at home. Also, even if you’re thinking of a gala swing to be used by many kids, all these brands are available.

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