10 Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

Are you fed up with your garage door noise? Are neighbors complaining about your noisy garage door? It’s irritating, by the way. If yes, your solution lies with the noise suppressing door openers. These are designed to kill garage doors’ noise nuisance. Now, if you are ready to purchase the quiet garage door opener, all you need is precise information about these products. Today, different models with different properties have flooded. The model you choose determines the level of noise you may have to tolerate. Some openers have added features that make them even more appalling.

For example, some come with powerful in build batteries for power back up while others with Wi-Fi modules that give the ability to manage your garage remotely. These are just extra benefits you can enjoy on top of a quieted door. 

To help you make a more informed decision. We have compiled a list of the ultra-quiet garage door opener for you.

Top 10 Best Quiet Garage Door Opener

1. Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

Chamberlain MyQ emerged as our pick for the quiet Garage door opener. It is a smart opener with a Wi-Fi capability and fully controllable through a mobile app. With MyQ application on your phone, you can lock and open your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 - quiet Garage door opener

One of the outstanding features of this opener is providing real-time alerts on the status of your garage door. For example, if you forget to close the door, you’ll receive a notification instantly and remotely lock it.

User sharing is another important feature. It lets you share your garage with whoever you want once you share the access from the mobile app. They’ll have the same access rights as you using the app on their devices.

Its versatile compatibility nature has earned it a universal garage door opener name. It can work with almost all garage doors.

Its installation is also a straightforward process. Step by step installation procedures is provided in the mobile app.


  • Has an extremely easy installation process.
  • Can share with friends or neighbors around.
  • Provides alert notification.


  • At times, it opens the door slower than normal.

2. SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 1/2HPF Quiet Garage Door Opener

It is another exceptional garage door opener with a powerful modern DC motor. The presence of a DC motor completely rules out the vibration and jerking nuisance associated with AC motors. This makes it an ideal solution to people whose houses are on top of a garage.

SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 1/2HPF  - quiet Garage door opener

Skylink Atoms is a chain-driven garage door opener. It relies on a durable chain with optimized performance. It also has an inbuilt 12W LED that provides sufficient lighting in the garage as long as the power is on.

After installation, the starting and stopping may be slow, but it achieves maximum efficiency with time. 

Another added advantage is its compatibility with the external battery model BA-100. You can acquire it separately to enjoy the full capability of this opener. This will ensure that there are no disruptions even in case of a blackout.


  • Has a powerful motor that completely cuts off the noise.
  • Has reliable battery backup.
  • Easy installation process.


  • Tends to be slow in closing/opening of the door.

3. NEXX Quiet Garage Door Opener – NXG-100b

Nexx Garage is another smart garage door opener compatible with other models. It offers you an opportunity to monitor your garage door remotely from anywhere in the world. Their mobile user-friendly mobile app makes this possible. The Wi-Fi capability enables you to control your garage conveniently.

NEXX Garage NXG-100b  - quiet Garage door opener

A unique feature with Nexx Garage is the ability of IoT super connectivity. It can connect with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and even Google Assistant.

You can also share your garage with relatives, friends, or guests via the smart mobile app. You also receive real-time notifications about the status of your garage. If, for example, one of your shared users leaves the door unlocked, you’ll receive an alert.


  • Allows sharing with friends.
  • Alerts on the status of your garage while away.
  • Compatible with other features like Alexa.


  • Often experience WIFI connectivity problems.

4. Chamberlain B510- Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain products are of top quality. They are the pacesetters in this industry. Chamberlain B510 is a super quiet garage door opener. The product is built with high-quality materials, including its steel reinforced belt. This makes it a very efficient and reliable opener.

Chamberlain B510- Ultra  - quiet Garage door opener

It features Chamberlain’s exclusive technology that aims at offering a wide range of performance alongside powerful security properties. It is one of the manufacturer’s most secure products. Its strongly encrypted firmware makes them impenetrable.

You can control the garage from its lighting to the doors remotely. Switch the lights on and off – lock or open the doors. You can as well access your garage system log files from the mobile app.

Chamberlain B510 comes with two 3 button remotes with approximately 1500 feet range. These give you the power to control up to three openers or garage lights.


  • Compatible with a mobile app for remote control.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has a battery backup.
  • Bright and durable LED lighting.


  • Doesn’t have the best wireless keypads.

5. Direct Drive 1042V004 Quiet Garage Door Opener

Apparently, this opener has virtually no noise at all. Its echo-friendly direct drive principle of operation makes it stand out. It doesn’t use the two famous chain and belt technologies. It also comes with a HomeLink compatible rail of 7 or 8 feet.

Direct Drive 1042V004  - quiet Garage door opener

Talk of installation kit, it has everything required to get it started. It also boasts of two 2 button remotes and an interior wall station. One of its strengths is the ever-ready Sober USA customer care system.


  • It is massively quiet compared to the rest.
  • Comes with a complete packet kit.
  • Easy to install.


  • It lacks a motion detector light.

6. LiftMaster 8500 Quiet Garage Door Opener

This is an ultra-quiet jackshaft garage door opener. It uses new technology that promises essential security properties with few moving parts that produce minimal vibration. Yes, Lift master 8500 uses Torsion drive technology but more advanced, which is a challenge in terms of reverse compatibility.

LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener

It is mounted with a P3 DC motor that lifts heavy and large garage doors. If your garage door is insulated or wooden, this could be your best bet. It lifts heavyweight doors of up to 850 pounds.

It is compatible with the MyQ mobile app hence easy to control remotely from the phone. The remote feature has security +2.0, which generates a non-reusable code every time you log in.


  • Supports mobile remote control.
  • Has a strong motor that opens any size of doors.
  • Offers top security features to your door.


  • Reverse compatibility is mostly a challenge.

7. Chamberlain B550 Quiet Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain B550 is another very robust and strong garage door opener. It is controllable from the MyQ mobile app. Its motor has a very high horsepower of ½ HCP. This makes it lift heavy-duty doors effortlessly.

Chamberlain B550

Additionally, it is a belt-driven opener that offers high performance with much-minimized noise production. It also has build-in trib technology. So, you can be sure you are hack free. The posi lock anti-theft guard protects you against any forced entry attacks such as brute force attacks.


  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Reliable remote control.
  • Boast of high power motors 0.5 HP for heavy doors.


  • Doesn’t have the best rails.

8. Genie QuietLift Garage Door Opener

The Genie QuietLift is a feature-rich and ultra-quiet garage door opener to consider. On top of this, it is among the best-priced openers. This system is among the toughest and most efficient. In its core is a ¾ HPC motor, enough to lift any door to 7feet high.

Genie QuietLift

Whereas it may be slow compared to the screw-driven openers, it is many times quiet. Its system and gradual lifting process eliminate jerks and shakes. It is made possible by the fact that this opener runs on a belt-driven system.

It also uses Aladdin Connect Technology to connect to Wi-Fi. Such a connection gives you the power to control your garage through Alexa or Google Assistant remotely. Also, it will keep you updated in real-time through the app about everything happening in your garage. 

One outstanding thing about Genie QuietLift is its price range. Considering its features and power, it will be right to call it the best value for money quiet opener.


  • Easy to install.
  • Simple instructions.
  • Compatible to WIFI connectivity.


  • It’s relatively slow.

9. Chamberlain B970 Quiet Garage Door Opener

It is one of the smart garage door openers with the highest sales. It has an inbuilt MyQ technology, which helps you to keep an eye on your garage. This technique can also enable you to schedule periodic closing and opening of the door.

Chamberlain B970

Chamberlain B970 has 1.25 HPS, which enables to lift garage doors effortlessly. It also comes with an inbuilt battery to ensure stability even in times of power outage.

Like the other chamberlain garage door openers, it has great security features like encryption capability and posi anti-theft protection.

It also comes with two 3-buttons remotes that you can use to control up to three garage door openers. They have a high range of about 1500 feet. This gives you flexibility when around your garage.


  • Guarantees top security.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reliable remote control.


  • Much high in price.

10. Decko 24300 Garage Door Opener

Decko 24300 is a complete opposite of chain-driven garage door openers. Despite being one of them, it is among the ultra-quiet openers. It’s closing and the opening is very smooth and devoid of jerking and banging. This is because of its ability to detect the garage door’s weight and react intelligently to avoid sudden moves.

Decko 24300 Garage Door Opener

Besides, its powerful motor rated at ¾ HPC enables it to lift heavy duty made doors up to 18 feet breadth. Such strength makes it hard to strain hence long life and efficiency. Working under such power makes vibration almost unheard.

Its object sensors are also an awesome addition. They are so excellent such that even slight ball intrusion will trigger the doors rollback.

One major drawback of this opener is its inability to support neither Wi-Fi nor remote control. However, it has a remote button that works perfectly.


  • Strong motors.
  • Reliable and easy to use.


  • Lacks WIFI connectivity.

Key Consideration Before Buying a Perfect Quiet Garage Door Opener

Noise Level

The noise level of garage doors will always vary depending on various factors. For example, an empty garage door will produce higher noise than a fully occupied one. You need to consider what you have kept in your garage, its location in relation to your living room, etc.

If you reside directly above your garage, it is recommended you go for the models that sit by your garage door side. They’ll serve you best than the ones to fix on the ceiling. Its vibration noise won’t be able to penetrate your house.

Another excellent option for the lowest door noise is the Wi-Fi-based openers. These do not rely on motors to operate. Therefore, they do not produce any sound by themselves.

AC or DC Motor

Basically, there are two types of motors that run these products. DC and AC motors. Before settling on a particular garage door opener, you need to consider their motor type. Older openers run on AC motors and have been in use for a longer time than DCs. If you are using an old door opener, most likely, it uses an AC motor.

With technology growth and the internet of things (IoT) taking over the world, modern garage openers shifted to DC motors. The major drawback is that the modern parts which run on DC are not compatible with ACs.

DC motors are less bulk and require fewer components to function effectively. This means in case of breakdown, they are easy to repair without much hustle. It is not the case with AC openers, which have many components.

AC motors also tend to jerk during closing and opening. However, Gradual and soft starts of DC motors fix this problem.

Additionally, DC motors have more added features compared to AC motors. They have inbuilt back up batteries, whereas AC has none. It makes them more reliable even in case of a power outage. In overall, DC motors are the best in terms of quietness and functionality.

However, if you are looking for durability compared to features, AC will serve you better. They can last up to fifteen years. In contrast, the average durability of DC motors is about seven years.


The AC motor users should greatly consider their motor power. The horsepower ratings help you to know how powerful your motor is. This is through indicating the motor’s pulling power in comparison with an AC of the same measure.

Note that more powerful motors are beneficial as they support bigger and heavier doors. Durability is also assured since the engine is not strained at all.

For simple basic garage door openers, a 1/3 HP rating is okay. Both single and double car garage doors can sufficiently use these motors without insulations. This power is enough to support all doors within 10 feet wide by 8 feet height measurements.

Next up is the ½ HP rating. It is the most popular rating and supports garage doors weighing up to 300 pounds. You can operate doors of up to 16 feet wide without endangering your motor life span.

The other motors above this rating are ¾ and 1HP. These are common for industrial and commercial heavyweights. Your motor power should be determined by your garage door sizes, weight, and components. With insulated doors, you may need openers with higher power for effective operation. For households, the commonly used motors are 1/3 and ½ HPs.


Just as the name suggests, chain-driven garage doors use a metallic chain attached to a trolley. The trolley slides along a track to open and close the door. The chain used resembles the standard bicycle chain, albeit more durable.

Even though these are the cheapest openers, they produce a lot of noise compared to other types. The trolley and chain contact leads to a lot of noise. It is worse if your room is directly above the garage.

These openers are best for industrial and commercial buildings. They consist of durable and heavy-duty materials. In these areas, noise isn’t an issue but protection. Also, if your garage is far away from your home, you can go for chain-driven openers.


Belt-driven opener uses the same principle as the chain-driven. The only difference is the materials used to facilitate the opening and closing processes. While chain-driven uses a metallic chain, belt-driven uses a tougher rubber belt. 

Unlike chain-driven openers, belt-driven openers do not produce as much noise. The rubber smoothly facilitates the trolley movement on the track. It doesn’t also require constant lubricating like it is the case with chain.

The jerking problem of chain-driven openers isn’t present in belt-driven openers. This is because there are no vibrations between the trolley and the track. The door opening is also faster than with chain openers.

In terms of cost, belt openers cost slightly more than the chain. They also don’t last as long as chain openers do. They are not strong enough to control heavyweight doors, making them only best for home use. If your garage is adjacent to your house, consider going for belt-driven openers.


This type of garage door openers uses a threaded metal rod. The giant screw links to the motor which, when powered, lifts the garage door to open. They are among the strongest openers in this market. They are made of quality materials, making them durable and suitable for different garage door types.

Their opening and closing speed are considerably higher than both the chain-driven and belt openers. They can move approximately at 12 inches/second 4 inches clear the 8 inches standard mark.

On noise factor, these openers compete with the belt-driven type. However, they are not as noisy as chain-driven openers. Their operation is smooth due to the few components involved, resulting in less vibration and noise.

The major drawback of these openers is that they require constant maintenance. At least monthly lubrication is necessary to avoid flattening the threads. These can serve as a better alternative to belt-driven openers.


They are also referred to as jackshaft garage door openers. These are a new breed of garage door openers in the market. Unlike the other types, Torsion driven openers attach to the garage wall and have no protruding parts.

They are very compact and less portraying elegance. If you have a non-conventional door that has a hidden ceiling, these are a good pick.

These openers use a combination of pulleys and a spring. There are technically no components grinding each, which may result in noise or vibration. This makes these openers among the quietest.

Jackshaft enjoys a high price tag due to its advanced features, such as automatic deadbolts and an onboard computer.

Security Measures

Additional security measures are a plus to these products. Except for the Wi-Fi driven systems, all the garage door openers are made of heavy components. If not properly fitted, they can easily lead to accidents by free fall. You need to consider whether the opener has a pre-designed way to fit.

Garage door openers with motion detectors are preferable. These are more crucial in the event you have kids or pets coming in and out unannounced. The sensors help to reverse motion in case of a sudden out of pattern movement.

If people can access your garage from the backdoor, you can consider a door opener with a rolling code facility. Any time you open the door from outside, it will send a unique code to the inside unit. It is a great anti-burglary technique as no intruder will be able to enter your house through the back door.

Customer Support

Why would you consider customer support? Well, remember these are machines. Build of intricate parts and complicated technology. In several instances, people have reported mechanical and technical breakdowns.

That’s why you need a reliable customer care team. So that in case of any difficulties, help is within a phone call or a simple mail away. Sometimes the opener may malfunction or part breaks. You need people to ask for assistance on how to go about the repairs.


Brand familiarity is an essential factor to consider too. It is crucial always to use products from a trusted brand. Mushrooming brands are worth avoiding; this is to ensure that you don’t land a clone or worthless opener.

Before buying, you should ensure that your brand of choice will come to your rescue if a problem develops. A good brand will also have a robust customer support system. They will also advise you on their products’ efficiency in regards to your needs.


It is the joy of every buyer to get the best out of what they pay. In this market, there are various features you can watch out for. There are door openers that come with one or two remotes. These give you access to your garage easily without physically struggling to open the door.

Others come with door pads. You just need to touch on the pad and the doors open.

Wireless garage door control through Wi-Fi is another essential property. It’s a common occurrence for people to leave doors open in a hurry. Such a feature will enable you to connect and control your opener from the comfort of your house.

A good garage door opener should also have a lighting mechanism. Inside, front and backside lighting are necessary. An added option to automate the lighting is also important. It enables you to set up the ON/OFF schedule.


Before reaching your final decision on the garage door to go for, you should look at several types, their features versus cost. You may end up landing an advanced opener at a very low price.

The first thing you should do is drawing your budget. Normally, the best garage door opener in terms of quietness is expensive. They rely on belt drive technology, and even their durability is a bit low.


Customers’ reviews of any products are very instrumental. They are always the inner eyes of the potential buyer since it is easy to trust a person who has used a particular product. Therefore, before making that final move, consider reading customers reviews about that particular garage door opener. You may realize that there are specific faults and have to change your stand. 

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

How to make the garage door opener quiet?

There are various steps and measures you can take to ensure that you minimize your garage door opener noise. However, it is worth mentioning that it is practically impossible to silence the sound completely. If you notice increased noise in your garage door, the problem is the entire system. Below are the measures you can take to correct this:

  • Lubricate the metallic parts – this should be done using the recommended lubricant. The use of unreliable oil, such as grease, can worsen the situation. An example of a proper lubricant is 10W-30 motor oil.
  • Ensure there are no loose screws in the system. Tighten every nut and bolt.
  • Add noise insulators. You can get these from a local door specialist.
  • Check whether the rollers and tracks could be damaged or misaligned. The rollers should not slide into the track but roll.

If you are using the chain-driven opener, lubricate the chain. You should never lubricate the belt-driven opener.

How often should you lubricate the garage door?

The frequency of lubrication is dependent on your garage door parts. Hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs should be lubricated at least every three months. In the case of the rail, singe lubrication a year is okay. This doesn’t mean in case your system starts tearing you shouldn’t lubricate the parts.

Should garage door tracks be lubricated?

No. There is no need to lubricate the track. The recommended maintenance for the track is keeping it clean.

Where do you grease a garage door?

The following are parts you of the garage door you can grease:

  • Steel rollers and hinges.
  • Pulleys only if their bearings are visible.
  • Torsion spring
  • The top rail. No need to grease the bottom part.


To get the best quiet garage door opener, you may have to part with several bucks. However, as long as you are willing to sort that irritating sound from a screeching garage door, you have no alternative. You can use the above criteria to sort, shortlist and come up with the best quiet garage door opener.

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