10 Best Purses With Built in Wallet

Almost every lady at some point has wanted to rock a purse with an inner wallet. Reasons are as different as users are. Some will tell you the inner pockets provide better security for their essentials. To other purses, the inbuilt pockets provide an extra convenient way of carrying their precious accessories like phones; credit cards and that are constantly used. Therefore, these built-in wallet purses very high demand in the market.

However, getting the best purses with a built-in wallet or pocket isn’t a straightforward process. Various designs and models have evolved over time thus diversifying the market. Even though this is advantageous in one way, it has its downside. The advantage is that people can choose the best from the best and hence get good deals even when on budget. Disadvantage: It has a risk of confusing you when trying to decide and if not conscious of the features you want to end up making a bad choice. Also, several mushrooming brands manufacturing substandard products can easily lure unsuspecting buyers. So, the shoppers can find it very difficult to get a quality purse that will satisfy their needs.

If you are here, you are probably looking for tips on how to break the deadlock. We have scoured different stores to bring you different types, designs, and models of purses with a built-in wallet. We have a collection of 10 best models and a purchase guide to help you with the major factors that determine the strengths of a purse.

Pros & Cons of Purses with Built in Wallet

Purses with built-in wallets or pockets bring many benefits right from being lightweights to different styles. However, they are not 100% perfect and so have some downsides.


  • The purses are typically small in size and consequently lightweight. A major factor when you don’t have a baggage to travel with. You don’t strain your back, neck or shoulders when carrying them.
  • You can easily maneuver with them through crowded places like malls, restaurants and bars.
  • These purses feature different styles that you can easily match your taste. Therefore, if you are a fashionista, you can easily go for purses that best fit different occasions and events.
  • Saves on cash that would have otherwise been spent on an extra wallet.
  • Provides a great way to organize your small and precious accessories.
  • Offers better security for your stuff because some feature strong closure systems and carrying straps.


  • Since they are small in size, you can’t rely on them if you have a lot of packing to do.
  • They deny you wallet independence. If you frequently change your purses, you must be careful not to leave whatever is in their built-in wallet.

Top 10 Best Purses With Built-in Wallet

Having gone through various purses of different types and makes, we have compiled this list based on different factors. Every purse in this list has a unique feature that qualified it for this category. One thing is common for all of them though-quality. So, if you are looking for a purse, you can narrow down your search to these ones and you’ll have yourself a great deal.

1. Baggallini RFID Everyday Crossbody Bag – Purses with Built in Wallet

This purse is the ultimate simplifier for your adventure trips. Its awesome features qualify it to be our top choice for purses with a built-in wallet. In this market, you will come across a number of purses but you may never find an accomplished one like this one. Talk of protecting your valuables, lightweight or adjustable, you have them all in this bag.

Baggallini RFID Everyday Crossbody Purses with Built in Wallet

The RFID technology incorporated in the front compartments protects your cards’ data. The wallets are meant for carrying personal cards like credit and ATMs which are targets for all types of thieves. The technology conceals your card information thus you don’t run into risks.

The purse also gives you incredible comfort. You can adjust the strap to your most comfortable length. The 52-inch strap can also be removed to clutch your purse whenever you wish. This is a good choice when maneuvering through crowded places as you can better monitor your valuables.

It has a phone compartment in a strategic position for easy access. Technology has turned the world into a global village, accessibility of your electronic gadgets is a critical factor. Can you imagine a purse in which you have to hustle through items to reach your phone? It’s not just annoying but also inconveniencing.

In terms of weight, this bag is among the lightest weighing only 10 oz. therefore, it won’t weigh you down while on the go. The black color makes it a universal purse for both casual and official use. It can blend with almost any wardrobe design you choose for the day, events, and occasions.


  • The purse is small in size and lightweight.
  • The front compartment meant for sensitive cards is equipped with RFID technology
  • Has an easy to access wallet for the phone.
  • Its color bestows it a universal fashion compatible tag.
  • Also, its long strap is customizable-both adjustable and removable.


  • The zipper design is a bit flimsy
  • The nylon strap is too slim for such a quality bag

2. The Sak Alameda Crossbody Purses with Built in Wallet

Everybody needs a quality and durable product for their money. That’s exactly what this purse offers. Its leather exterior guarantees years of service and comfort. If you want a purse that will give you the real value for your cash, the Sak Alameda got you covered.

The Sak Alameda Crossbody Purses with Built in Wallet

You can switch the bag position from the shoulders with its adjustable 22-inch strap to make sure it’s comfortable. Even though considered a crossbody bag, the strap is a bit short. Therefore, depending on your size, the strap may feel a bit uncomfortable or not fit at all. It’s medium-sized therefore, it can carry a number of items. It features a number of zippered compartments that can help you organize your stuff better.

The polyester lining is a great addition to this bag that can help you transport fragile accessories. The flat base gives it an upright structure meaning it’s sturdier than you may expect on such a bag.


  • The leather exterior makes the bag very durable
  • Not too small and can accommodate a number of valuables
  • It has a great closure system of strong zippers
  • It is lined with polyester thus can carry fragile items
  • You can get different colors
  • Has flat base that provide an upright structure


  • The strap is small for crossbody carrying
  • No unique extra features

3. ili New York 6333 Leather Shoulder Handbag Purses with Built in Wallet

This is a genuine leather purse with many pockets both inside and outside. The fact that it is leather tells you that it is durable. You also expect to spend a considerably higher amount compared to others. This bag is a combination of quality, comfort, and space. The many compartments mean you can better organize your items.

ili New York 6333 Leather Shoulder Purses with Built in Wallet

The RFID technology keeps your otherwise vulnerable cards. Measuring 9.5X7X2.25 inches, you can carry accessories like tablets and mobile phones without struggling. There are also both slide pockets and zip compartments which keep your items secure.

The back compartment has a magnet enclosure that can help to hold your electronics better. If you are looking for a bag to carry your small essentials including defense tools, this leather bag can work magic for you. The tough exterior doesn’t show the contours of what you are carrying inside. A very classy bag with shiny silver hardware that gives it an even better sleek look.


  • Has many pockets dedicated for different items including ids, phone etc.
  • It has a safety zip at the back
  • It’s made of leather thus durable 
  • Doesn’t show your valuables contours
  • Has RFID technology to protect your sensitive cards information
  • You can order different colors


  • Its small so it can’t support big items
  • Some people don’t fancy its color
  • Some compartments don’t open up well

4. The SAK Silverlake Purses with Built in Wallet

The purse is made of quality materials including leather, polyurethane, cotton, and polyester lining. It’s the epitome of beauty and class. You want a purse that stands out when stepping out of your home, the Silverlake is that purse.

The SAK Silverlake purse Purses with Built in Wallet

You can adjust the strap to make it either a crossbody or shoulder purse. This helps you to distribute the purse weight evenly. The many wallets provide a way to carry your many valuables without straining. For corporate ladies, the bag can be a good companion to those impromptu casual meetings with a simple diary or notebook.

To ensure your valuables are safe, the bag has a magnetic closure for its flap compartment. Basically, this purse displays perfect workmanship. You don’t even have to open the flap compartment as the exterior ones can hold virtually everything you need. The lining allows you to include your glasses, a defense weapon like a penknife, and a makeup kit.


  • Its small in size yet with several compartments
  • The pockets are well secured for safety purposes
  • The bag looks unique and quality
  • Its durable
  • The strap is adjustable thus allowing you to use different ways to of carriage


  • The zipper is a bit stiff
  • The gunmetal rivets may start ripping off after a while

5. SG SUGU Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag

Want a versatile purse that you can use to carry just a number of essentials? This is the go-to bag. Lightweight, fashionable, and easy to maintain, this purse gives you all these. You can literally use it anywhere; work, trips, and even shopping. The vegan PU leather used on the exterior cover is easy to clean material. When you notice a stain, just wipe it with water and you have back the clean look.

SG SUGU Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag Purses with Built in Wallet

This purse can also make a good surprise gift to your best friend. Whether on Christmas, valentine or birthday, you can get this lightweight simple bag for your friend. It’s a classy trendy purse with zippered pockets for your valuables. The interior compartments have a lining that makes it safe to carry your phones and other fragile gadgets.


  • Very classy and fashionable
  • Good for carrying limited number of essentials
  • You can use it for almost everything be it holidaying, shopping etc.
  • Has lined and zippered compartments to safely carry delicate accessories
  • Medium sized and lightweight
  • It is easy to maintain you just wipe off the stains


  • It has a poor-quality zipper
  • If you carry many items the strap can break easily

6. Baggallini Melbourne Crossbody Purses with Built in Wallet

This is another classy and fashionable purse from Baggallini. Its design was inspired by Melbourne city one of the greatest and beautiful cities in the world. It features two front pockets that you can use to carry your phone or any other vital electronic. Both pockets are secured with a gold clasp and the other secure zip.

Baggallini Melbourne Crossbody Purses with Built in Wallet

Made with 100% Nylon material and polyester lining, Baggallini Melbourne is very comfortable and secure. It gives you that fashion-forward look just like Melbourne. The shoulder strap of 26.5 inches allows you to adjust it to the best position depending on size and weight. The shape, number of compartments, and sturdiness of this purse is incredible. You have 4 exterior pockets and numerous customized slots for cards and an additional bag.


  • Very comfortable and classy bag
  • Features several pockets and customized slots for cards and phone
  • It’s a 100% nylon product
  • You get an extra bag on top


  • The magnetic clasp opens too easily
  • The phone pocket may not support plus size devices

7. Sakroots Large Smartphone Crossbody – Purses with Built in Wallet

This sturdy elegant lady purse passes well in organizing those small necessities. Even though not too big, it holds tampons, big phones like iPhone, credit cards, and makeup kit without straining. The exterior faux leather is liquid-resistant though not waterproof. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spills like water or even minor drizzles. If it starts drizzling, remove all the stuff from the outer pockets and they’ll be secure.

Sakroots Large Smartphone Crossbody Purses with Built in Wallet

The casual look of the outer material is awesome for a night event. The bronze hues parts even increase the awesome look. The front pocket has a zipper that ensures that nobody can reach your valuable easily.

The inside of this bag is a buzz of whooping sixteen credit card slots. Additionally, the synthetic lining will cushion your gadgets against abrasion.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Has very many compartments and slots for different essentials
  • The long strap is adjustable
  • Various forms of closure systems guarantee you security while on the move
  • The exterior is water resistant
  • You can carry it inside bigger pouches


  • The leather tab meant to hold the phone not durable
  • The zipper system sticks to the side lining
  • The credit card slots are too small

8. SG SUGU Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag with Tassel – Purses with Built in Wallet

A stylish plaid medium-sized purse with beautiful awesome features. For example, you can adjust the long shoulder strap to your best fit. The long strap also gives you the freedom to wear the bag in different ways. It’s a great substitution for a backpack or a handbag on a sunny day.

SG SUGU Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag with Tassel

It’s not the type of purse to make you worry about maintenance. You can just wipe off the stains within minutes and continue using your bag. The eco-friendly vegan leather used on the outside gives it an elegant easy to clean body. The material is also durable; therefore, you will enjoy full benefits for your invested cash.

With a front and back zipped pocket, this bag is a trendy model. The interior is well lined with a synthetic material to cushion your gadgets. It’s one of the best gifts you can surprise your best friend. It’s capable of supporting everyday engagements from shopping, hiking, and official work. Being medium-sized, it’s not too heavy to weigh you down when going around your business.


  • Has a long adjustable strap
  • The purse is easy to clean
  • The exterior is made of an eco-friendly vegan leather
  • It’s a beautiful sturdy purse
  • Medium sized thus can carry a considerably many items
  • It is lightweight


  • The strap is too slim
  • You can’t carry many things it can snap

9. SG SUGU Katie Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag – Purses with Built in Wallet

An incredible purse with multiple pockets for women’s essentials. It’s very sturdy and beautifully designed which makes it capture the expectations of many shoppers. Like the other SG SUGU purses, this bag has a long adjustable strap. It’s an all-occasion bag that you can use to carry all women’s items you need for your outing.

SG SUGU Katie Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag

SUGU is known for its premium products and that is exactly what they depict in this bag. Right from the exterior of this bag to the lining, it is very quality. Featuring smart and spacious phone pockets, this purse is a beauty. It can also fit with different wardrobe tastes, flashy, and trendy without messing with comfort.

The purse can also be a good surprise to your friends during birthdays, valentines, etc. medium and lightweight, one can carry phones, a diary, sunglasses, and other minor basics. Since it is available in different colors, you can also decide to buy a variety to match different occasions or seasons.


  • Long strap that you can adjust to fit your desire
  • Very classy and fashionable
  • Well designed and sturdy
  • Can match a wide variety of wardrobe taste
  • Comes in different colors


  • The zippers are stiff when new
  • The strap is weak and will break down after a short time

10. Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody Bag – Purses with Built in Wallet

A crossover cross-body purse is a great companion for women travelers. It’s a very long strap of up to 52” makes the bag very comfortable as you can adjust it to the best position. In terms of space, this purse is very spacious. You can carry a wider variety of your essentials while on the move than most bags will offer you. The ability to bulge at the bottom to increase the space provides additional volume.

Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody Bag

Made of Nylon materials, this purse feels comfortable for the entire journey and is easy to clean. To clean the bag, you can just wipe off dirt or stain. The strap is also wide; so, it doesn’t hurt on the shoulders. If you fancy carrying your own water, this bag gives you the chance. Some of its pockets are not zippered and they are big enough to accommodate a bottle.

The 29.5” shoulder drop gives you the option to change the mode of carrying. When you want to keep watch over your valuables, this is a good option to use. The bag also has an inner lining to cushion your electronics like phones and cameras.


  • This bag is medium sized thus can carry many things
  • Its bottom is expandable; so, you can increase the bag space
  • The strap is very long and adjustable
  • It’s also fitted with a shoulder drop to change mode of carrying
  • It is easy to clean
  • The open external pockets provide easy access to your items


  • Doesn’t feature the standard Baggallini credit card slots
  • The un zippered pockets can cost you valuables

Key Features to Look Before Buying Purses With Built-in Wallet

To get the best purses with a built-in wallet, there are specific features you should look for on your potential model. These will tell you whether it is worthy of your money or not. Top of these include;


You can choose different types of these purses depending on what you want to frequently carry in them. These types are;

  • Cross-body purses: These are the most versatile purses with a built-in wallet. First of all, they are easy to carry because you can adjust their position to the most comfortable. You can even clutch them in front when maneuvering through crowded places. This provides more security as you can hold it and monitor everything when moving through.
  • Additionally, cross-body purses feature top straps that you can use to carry them on the back. That means you can switch them whenever you feel like it.
  • Clutches: These purses are designed to be held in the hand, under the armpit, or around the wrist. Some have a short suspending strap that allows you to hold your purse close to you. If you are looking for an antitheft bag, these are great picks.
  • Shoulder: Shoulder purses with built-in wallets have thick straps for carrying on shoulders. You can carry them against your waist or hips and their padding makes them comfortable. Most of these bags are also big in size and can carry more items than clutches. They are also very secure because your bag is in contact with the body thus losing your belongings aren’t easy.


It is important to consider the materials used to make the bag you want to buy. This is important because the materials determine the quality and durability. There are both leather and fabric purses. The leather bands are the best, even though they will cost you more, they live for years. They can also carry heavier things than those made of other materials.

The materials used also should be easy to clean. Remember purses do not need constant washing. Good purses should be easy to wipe and carry. Some materials also give you the benefit of being waterproof. This is proof as such purses will keep your gadgets even in case you’re caught up by rain during your trips.


The size of your purse will determine the number of items you’ll be able to carry. If you are looking for a general-purpose purse, look for a medium purse that will accommodate basic items. If you are a frequent camper, a purse that holds most camper accessories like cameras, phones and maps are advisable. Also, the number of compartments is important because they help you fix different items each in their own compartment.


Are you looking for a seamless purse that will allow you to enter everywhere or a heavy carrier? the weight of the purse will determine the comfort and convenience you will enjoy. Remember not that you are looking for other baggage besides what you already have. Some people use purses as supplementary carriers for simple stuff. So, don’t buy a too-heavy purse but a simple lightweight model. However, if you want an independent purse that will be able to step out during your casual walks, slightly medium weight is okay.

Extra Features

Additional features to the regular purses with inner pockets can make your purse even more resourceful. The addition of features such as RFID technology on bags gives that uniqueness you won’t find on other bags. RFID technology is used to conceal sensitive information in your chips that you can carry in the purse.


Which is the best antitheft purses with built-in wallet?

Crossbody purses are the safety to carry around. This is because you can change their positions from the hips to in front where you can monitor them better. Besides, most of them are made with strong wire straps that are hard to slash for snatching thieves.

What’s the difference between a purse and a handbag?

Purse refers to a variety of bags considered as carrying regardless of style. On the other hand, handbags are purses that you carry on your hands like a clutch or with short handles. Purses present different ways to carry them from hand clutching, shoulders, and even on the back.

What are the best things to carry in a purse?

There are several valuables that you can carry in your purse. However, some will strain your bag and can end up destroying it altogether. The best items to include in your purse should be lightweight such as mobile phones, make-up kits, tampons, penknife, rings, medicine, hand wipes, etc.

What are the best defense things one can carry in the purse?

Women face a lot of danger and it’s good to carry some defense tools in case they are confronted by an enemy. Some of the best tools you can always tag along with include;

  • Pepper spray
  • Alarm keychain
  • Handgun
  • External battery and a cell-phone
  • Tactical pen
  • Defense flashlight

Is it good to carry a pepper spray in my purse?

Yes, however, you should ensure that it is easily accessible. However, if you have a car, you shouldn’t drive with your pepper spray in the purse. The tactical defense rule states that a reactionary gap will give your attacker a chance to charge on you. Therefore, you should always keep your pepper spray at the easiest place to access.


A purse equipped with a built-in wallet or pockets will give you many benefits. If you are shopping for one, do not give up the search or settle for sub-standard quality. We have provided you with the incredible information you need to make the right choice. Our list of best purses with a built-in wallet consists of exclusively quality and yet affordable purses. Functionality and durability are some of the lead factors that qualified the products herein.

You have a right to step out with freedom when you don’t want a burden of handbags or backpacks. With purses, you won’t labor to carry them, and yet they’ll offer you simplified modernity to walk with your essentials.

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