10 Best Motorized Wheelbarrow

If you are a gardener, plumber, farmer, etc, I know you need a wheelbarrow desperately. This device will help you carry goods from one place to another. In other words, it makes work easier for you. Wheelbarrows have existed in the market since the early centuries. However, only manual wheelbarrows existed during those times.

Just as technology has changed from one sector to another, wheelbarrows have been modified in a way that human labor is simplified. Imagine pushing pounds of construction materials with your hands? It’s tiring of course.

Strain no more as things have been made easier for you. This is through motorized wheelbarrow that are power generated to make it easy to transport heavy loads through rough terrains. They also come with automatic unloading of loads, thus less tiring. Follow our guide keenly and know more about motorized wheelbarrows, factors to consider when purchasing one, and some of the most asked questions.

How Do Motorized Wheelbarrow Work?

Before knowing how to use your motorized wheelbarrow, it’s important to know some of its components. Below are some of the components of most of the motorized wheelbarrows;

  • Storage pan
  • An electric Handle assembly
  • A wheel assembly with an axle
  • wheels

Some of these wheelbarrows come with two wheels while others with four. The more the wheels, the more the efficiency and stability of the wheelbarrow. Their source of power is either electric or even gas-powered.

Their speeds are adjustable depending on the rider’s preference or even the formation of the land. If it is moving into a hilly ground then the speed can be accelerated and vice versa.

In addition to this, most of them have break systems which enable you to have an easy time on slopes. These kinds of wheelbarrows reduce your labor at work. The excess of energy that you were using with the analog wheelbarrow is not applied here. What you need to do is choose the motorized wheelbarrow that suits your work. They come in different sizes and makes as well.

This is how the motorized wheelbarrows work:

  • You switch it on by pressing a power button which is located down the handles. There is an indicator that shows you that it is on.
  • After this, you will be needed to adjust your motor speed through dialing.
  • Finally, place your hands at the handles.
  • On the handles, there is a button at each side.
  • By your hands, lift the wheelbarrow up and press the two buttons.
  • You will be off. On stopping, you will just stop pressing the buttons, slow down and stop. It is that simple.

Top 10 Best Motorized Wheelbarrow Reviews

1. Dirty Hand 101872 all Terrain Power Cart

Do you have a construction project? Worried about how to transport your heavy loads from one place to another? Worry no more. All-terrain power carts are designed with features that make work easy for the user. Its speed is high and has a powerful engine that has the ability to hold a large amount of fuel.

Dirty hand 101872 all Terrain Power Cart Motorized Wheelbarrow

In addition to this, it is not complicated to operate. It is made of heavy steel hence making it very strong and able to sustain heavily loaded commodities. It can carry up to six hundred and sixty pounds of luggage.

All-terrain power carts are capable of operating both in sandy and muddy areas. Offloading your luggage is also made so easy by the use of the handle. It also has a clutch control lever, left and right steering lever, throttle control, engine switch, and a gear selection lever.

To run the All-terrain power cart, you will have to switch on the engine first. It cannot run when the engine is off. To keep the clutch engaged, squeeze it on. If in any case, you want to disengage it, release the lever.

To turn to the left, stop pressing the left steering lever. On the other hand, turning to the right requires you to depress the right steering lever. The gear selection lever is used to control the movement of the Cart.

Finally, the throttle control is used to accelerate and decelerate the speed of the cart.

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  • It is so powerful. The engine is so strong that it can give you a long time service.
  • It has the ability to navigate in any type of environment, be it muddy or sandy
  • It is also energy saving and reduces our energy use.

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  • It may be a bit expensive to manage due to purchasing of fuel.

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2. Yardmax YD8103 Track Motorized Wheelbarrow

This is another type of motorized wheelbarrow that is able to work efficiently for you. One of its shocking features is that it features no wheels. Instead, it has tank-looking tracks to boost its stability on the ground. This track also helps to clear up the terrain to ensure easy moving.


For that reason, this device has a high load capacity of up to 660 lbs. Yardmax also has a shock assist dump. This ensures that in any case that the track has carried more than it can handle, the extra loads have been offloaded accurately and safely.

With Yardmax Track Barrow, your stones, cement, or even sand will be safely transported and dumped to your destination. It does not have restrictions on its areas of operation. It can pass through mud, on the sand, and on any other weird surface. Its speed is supersonic. It will therefore enable you to finish up your work on time. The type of material used to manufacture it is steel. Steel gives it the ability to hold goods of high weight.

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  • It has a shock assist dump that helps you know how much the Yardmax Track Barrows can hold
  • Compatible with any kind of terrain.

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  • If used to carry too heavy luggage than it can hold, it may not serve you for a very long time. This may lead to breakage on some of its part.

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3. The Snapper XD SXDUC82V Max Cordless Self-propelled Utility Cart

Do you need a long- hour- working machine? This is the best we can refer you to. The Snapper XD 82V Max Cordless Self-propelled Utility Cart serves for up to two hours with the operation of a battery.

The Snapper XD SXDUC82V Max Cordless Self-propelled Utility Cart

It has the ability to hold heavy loads of up to 220 lbs. Its body is also made of heavy material and reinforced steel to enhance its durability.

In addition to this, offloading of the luggage is easy. This is made easy by the release lever that effortlessly offloads the luggage from the cargo bed. Its cargo bed is strong, big, and rust-free allowing you to transport any type of load without destroying your cart. 

When not in use, it is easily foldable and stored.

It also has a prolonged power storage capacity for security during power outrage. Its battery can store power for three hours.

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  • It has along hour serving battery. One therefore can work for long hours efficiently.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.
  • It has the tying up ability. This makes your work easier and faster.
  • Easy offloading of the luggage.

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  • Users often experience problems with bucket piston.

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4. SuperHandy Electric Powered Motorized Wheelbarrow

SuperHandy Electric Powered Wheelbarrow is another efficient device to consider in your construction work. It’s ideal for heavy and large loads. It has a strong 180 watts motor that is supported by a 12v battery that makes it strong to hold and transport load weighing 330 lbs.

SuperHandy Electric Powered Motorized Wheelbarrow

It has both fronts and reverses the motion of 3.1 mph and 2.2 mph respectively. The engine also has the ability to handle 12 degrees incline even when overloaded.

In addition, it boasts of large battery capacity of up to five hours with 4 hrs charging time. It is users friendly as it produces no smoke. It also has strong, rust-free steel to enhance durability. 

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  • The power system indicates the amount of charge that the battery has .This helps the user to approximate on how long the remaining charge can sustain him for the remaining work. It also notifies him on when to charge the battery.
  • The battery provides long hours services.
  • Has high load capacity.

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  • Long charging time.

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5. Green Works GC40L410 40V Power Cart Motorized Wheelbarrow

Drained in the pocket? This is an effective motorized wheelbarrow to consider in your work. The machine is relatively cheap, easy to use, and comes with 4 years warranty. It features a fast-charging 40v battery that takes less than two hours to charge. Besides, the battery goes for 40 minutes run time without recharge.

Green Works GC40L410 40V Power Cart Motorized Wheelbarrow

It has 3 modern wheels with strong tires that don’t tear up easily. It also features a strong, plastic hopper that can hold 200 lbs luggage capacity. As if this is not enough, it has an offload handle that will make it easy for you to offload your luggage safely.

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  • It is easy to use
  • Fast charging batteries.
  • Strong air-filled tires.
  • Highly stable.

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  • It may not deliver a run time of more than forty minutes.

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6. Makita XUCO1X1 Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Motorized Wheelbarrow

This is another good and unique motorized wheelbarrow. It boasts of a large driving wheel and two rear small wheels for both comfort and stability. These wheels also make it easy to maneuver through both soft and rough terrains. To add, rear wheels are easy to adjust 19 to 30 inches wide to accommodate both wide and narrow paths.

Makita XUCO1X1 Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Motorized Wheelbarrow

It also features a long-life battery that allows it to run for 60 minutes without recharge. In addition, it gives room for a second battery installation that comes separately with its charger. This battery doubles its run time.

It also has a brushless motor that enables up to 275 lbs load capacity. And It has a faster speed setting of 2.5 MPH. It is also fitted with flashlights to make it usable even at night.

Talk of durability, the Makita wheelbarrow is made of tough, strong steel frames, a durable coated steel hopper, and extreme protection technology that protects it against moisture or rust damage.

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  • Flexible rear wheels.
  • Made of strong and durable materials.
  • Battery backup to prolong working hours.
  • Have durable coatings.
  • It’s light thus easy to push.

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  • Small cargo bed compared to other wheelbarrows.

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7. YARDMAX YD4103 Power Motorized Wheelbarrow

With YARDMAX YD4103 Power Wheelbarrow, you are assured of using less energy and doing more. Thanks to its large hopper, this carriage device can transport huge loads of up to 300 KGs.

YARDMAX YD4103 Power Motorized Wheelbarrow

It boasts of 208cc powerful engine that makes it easy to transfer power to its four wheels at 3 and 1 forward and reverse speed respectively. The engine also has an easy-to-use recoil starter that requires a single pull to start and engage your preferred speed on this device.

The machine itself is strong and heavy weighing 160 kg However, it is simple and easy to operate. Its steel hopper also has a release lever that makes it easy to tilt and offload the luggage.

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  • Offloading of your luggage is made easy by the one handed release method.
  • The wheels are so strong to hold heavy loads .It is therefore firm
  • It is simple to operate.
  • Comes with 2 years warrant for residential users and 90 days for commercial users.

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  • Too much loading of heavy luggage may lead to breakage of some parts.

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8. PAW Power Assist Motorized Wheelbarrow

The outlook of something tells us more about it. Therefore, to begin with, PAW Power Assist Wheelbarrow has an attractive and unique shape. It has wide hoppers making it easier to hold 200n pounds of load. They are detachable thus easy to clean when about to carry delicate foodstuffs.

PAW Power Assist Motorized Wheelbarrow

It has a rechargeable, long lasting battery that lasts up to 12 hrs. Its wheels are also easy to control making it easy to move faster even on steep and rough terrains.

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  • It is steady and firm.
  • Offloading of your luggage is made easy
  • It gives a long time service before recharging the battery.
  • Has one year warranty.

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  • Handling too much weight may lead to malfunction of some parts.

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9. Land works Utility Cart electric powered 24V battery, electric Wheelbarrow

This is another eco-friendly and reliable motor-powered wheelbarrow to consider. It is safe to use, with speed control switches that enables you to regulate to your desired speed.

Land works Utility Cart electric powered 24V battery, electric Motorized Wheelbarrow

It has an extra huge hopper that makes it easy to carry 150 kg maximum weight and contains two rechargeable batteries. These batteries ensure that the user works efficiently and faster. They also have a good working motor system. The handles are smooth for holding and operating the wheelbarrow.

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  • Its environmental friendly.
  • It’s made of durable materials.
  • Has speed regulating switches.

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10. Landworks Utility Card Hand Truck power wagon

This is the wheelbarrow that carries the heaviest load on our list. It has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs which is twice higher than normal wheelbarrows.

Landworks Utility Card Hand Truck power wagon Motorized Wheelbarrow

It also boasts of a high forward speed of 3 mph and 2 mph reverse speed. Additionally, it has a wide steel-coated hopper strong enough for holding 1000 lbs of load. 

The wagon uses four rechargeable batteries .This therefore enables it to give a long time service. Despite this, it does not pollute the environment.

Offloading your luggage is also easy due to its modular cargo bed can be made flat during the offload? This, therefore, makes it so flexible to work with.

Not to forget its strong and flexible wheels that can sustain the weight of your luggage. In case you are handling some heavy goods, this is where we can refer you to.

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  • No pollution of the environment. It does not produce smoke.
  • It is easy to use
  • Its shape gives the user an opportunity to organize their luggage well and carry more.

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  • It may not be reliable for carrying too heavy products.

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Key Considerations Before Buying a Motorized Wheelbarrow

As a customer you want to get the best value of your money. should make sure that before you purchase anything from the shop or even online, you have consider the following factors;

Motor type, Power and Size

To begin with, you are supposed to look at the type of the motor. Your motor should be able to sustain the wheelbarrow. It should be strong enough to ensure that the battery receives sufficient energy.

In addition to this, you are supposed to look at the power of the wheelbarrow. Some wheelbarrows are run by gas power others by battery power. Therefore, you should ensure that the kind of a motorized wheelbarrow that you have chosen is convenient with you. If it is battery powered, then you should have a source of recharging it. Battery-powered wheelbarrows have a problem if you are working in an inclined surface. You will be needed to keep on recharging them over and over. The best for inclined places are the gas powered ones.

Talk about size, the hollow space of your wheelbarrow should be large enough to hold bulky load. 

Tracks, Wheels and Tires

These are other crucial factors to consider when purchasing motorizing wheelbarrow. Motorized wheelbarrows are either made of tracks, wheels or tires. To choose one, you should first consider the terrain of your land.

Although tracked wheelbarrows tend to be more expensive as compared to wheels and tires, they are the best for tough and steep terrains. Wheels and tires are considered the best for smooth terrains.

It’s also important to consider number of tracks, wheels or tires. Note that the higher the number of wheels the more stable the wheelbarrow. Many wheeled wheelbarrows are also appropriate for bulky and heavy loads.

Load Bin or Hopper

A load Bin or a hopper is the plastic Bin located at the top of the motorized wheelbarrow. It is definitely an important factor to consider as it determines the amount of road top transport. An effective motorized wheelbarrow should have wide and strong hopper to allow carrying a huge weight.

Many wheelbarrows also have removable hoppers to create flatbeds thus higher versatility. Removable hoppers also make it easy to clean.

Some hoppers are also plastic while others are steel coated. Basically, stainless steel hoppers are the best as they are durable and tough against damage.

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight to hold on your wheelbarrow should hold should be a top priority when purchasing your wheelbarrow. Some carts have huge while others have a low weight capacity. However, the ideal wheelbarrow should have a weight capacity of more than 600 lbs. note that too much weight destroys your motorized wheelbarrow. It may also lead to the breakage of some parts of the wheelbarrow. It is therefore advised to carry as many rounds as possible but conserve the wheelbarrow.

Designed with durability

You should consider a motorized wheelbarrow that can serve you for a long. The durability of your wheelbarrow depends on the type of material that has been used in making or constructing it. The best material of a wheelbarrow is steel.

You should avoid wheelbarrows that are not rust-resistant. Rust diminishes the value of the wheelbarrows.

You should consider the Battery Life.

Your battery life determines the service time of your motorized wheelbarrow. This is why you need to consider the life of your battery.

You should not go for a motorized wheelbarrow that serves in a period of less than two hours. This kind of battery will stress you up. If you have to go for this type of wheelbarrow, then you should ensure that you have other sources of batteries to ensure that the wheelbarrow serves you well.

There are also other motorized wheelbarrows with four batteries. This ensures that in case one stops working, the other takes over.

There are also other wheelbarrows that serve up to even six hours. These are actually the best. This is because they will enable your to work efficiently without any distractions.

Motorized Wheelbarrow Accessories

When it comes to efficiency, a motorized wheelbarrow is better than a non- accessorized one. Accessories such as hopper extensions, allows you to carry more weight than one without.

Other wheelbarrows have plows and scrappers that make it easy to work in places with heavy snowfalls. Accessories like a tow hitch also helps to attach your wheelbarrow to your tractor.


You don’t want to lose your hard earned money! A warrant protects you from this pain. It guarantees you a replacement of your device in case of mechanical defaults or accidents. It is therefore important to ensure your product has a reasonable warranty duration before purchase.

Your budget

You definitely have a budget. It should thus guide you on the brand, size and type of motorized wheelbarrow to purchase. Always purchase what you can afford. However, the most effective, track and durable wheelbarrows are obviously costly compared to tires wheelbarrows. You should therefore aim to get the best wheelbarrow according to your budget.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses a wheelbarrow?

Anyone can use a wheelbarrow. This device has broad uses thus don’t limit anyone from using it. However, it is mostly used by construction workers, road workers, gardeners, and farmers on their farms.

What is the purpose of a wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow is used to ferry goods or commodities from one place to another. They minimize the handwork and make work easy for human beings.

Why do I need a motorized wheelbarrow?

Motorized wheelbarrows are more efficient than normal wheelbarrows. They reduce man labor. They use electrical motors to lift and move your load thus less energy is required.

You also need one to save time. Motorized wheelbarrows move faster and transport bulky goods at a time compared to manual wheelbarrows. They thus help to save time.

What can I use instead of a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows are purposely meant to transport load from one place to another. What if you need to transport load but don’t have a wheelbarrow? Worry not because you use the following alternatives;

  • You can use duffel, sacks, hand trucks,s or buckets to move the less bulky loads.
  • You can use carts or tracks to move bulky loads.

Which is better steel or poly wheelbarrow?

The steel wheelbarrow is the best. This is because it can hold a heavy load. The steel one gives a long time service as compared to the poly one. They are also durable and more resistant to damage.

Does speed matter with a motorized wheelbarrow?

The answer is yes. The slower the motorized wheelbarrow, the more time it will take for you to complete your work. If you are working in a busy area, you really need a high-speed motorized wheelbarrow. In case you are using the motorized wheelbarrow for home purposes, then speed may not matter too much.

Can motorized wheelbarrows climb hills?

Yes, they can. The only disadvantage is that if the motorized wheelbarrow uses a battery, it may drain fast. Otherwise, they can climb hills.

Which is the better choice for my motorized wheelbarrow
3-wheel, 2-wheel, or 4-wheel?

This will depend on your area of work. If for example, you are using the motorized wheelbarrow for homework, then a two-wheeled wheelbarrow will be good for you. In any case that you are using the motorized wheelbarrow for large-scale farm work, then a three or four-wheeled wheelbarrow will be good for you. Remember that the more the number of wheels the more the effectiveness of the wheelbarrow. Man wheeled wheelbarrows are good as compared to the less wheeled wheelbarrows due to the weight sustenance.

Final Recap

It is our role to appreciate the advancement of technology. Technology has so far favored almost everyone. If it were not for technology, we would not be talking about motorized wheelbarrows.

These devices have made work easier for gardeners and farmers. Not to forget road and construction engineers. Do you need to ease your aged parents from strenuous farm activities? Motorized wheelbarrow is the perfect gift. Follow our guide and get them the best!

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