10 Best Mattress For Daybeds

Innovation in different fields helps humanity achieve higher efficiency in doing different things. This is exactly what the daybeds have brought onboard. These are kinds of furniture that you can use in your room as seats during the day and convert them to full bed at night. They help save on space with the additional extra storage area for your stuff in the house. Also, instead of having extra seats, you can use your daybed as a sofa. If you are looking to customize your daybeds for better performance or just rebrand, getting a new mattress is a good starting point.

Getting a quality mattress requires factoring in various features of the mattress. In this article, we are going to guide you step by step on what to look for to acquire a good mattress. Also, we are going to suggest a few brands and models that produce quality mattresses in our top 10 best daybed mattresses.

Difference Between a Daybed and a Regular Bed

There are a couple of things that differentiate the daybed from a regular bed. You can differentiate the two on the following grounds;

Storage: Daybeds have storage areas and trundle below their frame. This extra storage space can be used for keeping several things such as an extra full bed in the bedroom, toys, books, or any other thing you may want to keep hidden. The additional space is very important in the squeezed rooms. However, the distance between the mattress and the frame is not too high. Therefore, not all items can fit in that space. Such a feature doesn’t exist in regular beds. The only space you can probably use is under the bed, which also looks very clumsy.

Seating: If you want to use your bed for sitting when you are not sleeping; the daybed offers exactly that. This bed comes with armrests and a backboard that covers the entire full length. It is very easy to convert it to a sofa during the day. All you need to do is place very thick pillows and you are good to go. The regular beds do not have such extras and even if you want to use them for sitting won’t be very comfortable.

In addition to that, daybeds are extremely useful especially when you don’t have enough space in your room for furniture. They are a good addition to the studio apartments also as you can use them for resting.

Design: The daybeds have backrests that can support you when sleeping and seating. Despite the purposes of beauty, you can place them anywhere in your room.

The regular beds do not have back support and are absolutely misplaced in the living room. Therefore, if you need protection against rolling, you have to place them next to the wall.

Top 10 Mattress For Daybeds That Are Comfortable

1. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam Medium-Firm Feel

This is a very comfortable and affordable daybeds mattress. The inclusion of steel coils and the hypoallergenic memory foam offers an average firm feel on the sleepers. Due to this aspect, it is the best choice for light sleepers like the youth and kids. If you feel so much inclined to the Linen spa brand and you are an adult or couple, you can go for the high-profile quality.

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam Medium-Firm Feel

This mattress addresses the pressure release issue with the addition of a plush memory foam layer. It positions your spine properly and decreases pressure on the back, neck, and head to increase the level of comfort. This is a good choice for people with backaches and sleeping difficulties.

In terms of versatility, it isn’t also left behind; you can adjust it to fit on any frame including the metals, wooden, bunk, etc. Considering its size, this is one of the cheapest daybeds mattresses. It comes in different sizes like Twin, Twin XL Full, Queen, etc. giving you a wide to choose from.

Additionally, this mattress has a ready knit cover. Therefore, you may not need to spend much on extra beddings. The accompanying delivery box helps this quality mattress maintain its originality when on transit. So, you are sure to receive a quality product in good shape and condition.


  • It doesn’t hold heat on the surface
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Has a beautiful knit cover
  • The encased coils and foam make it very comfortable
  • It is affordable
  • Comes in various sizes and profiles


  • Does not have good edge support
  • Difficult to sleep on some sleeping positions like the stomach
  • Some customers complain of presence of bedbugs

2. Signature Sleep Memoir 8″ Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds, Twin

Here is an eco-friendly mattress made of non-toxic materials. It has two layers; a 2” memory foam and a 6” high-density layer. It is such a comfortable mattress that guarantees you enough rest, whether sleeping or just seated. It shapes up according to your sleeping position to offer excellent comfort. Another comfort-enhancing feature is the weight balancing layer on the top.

Signature Sleep Memoir 8" Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

The non-washable soft fabric on this mattress acts as a permanent cover. Other than our pick here, which is a queen size, the signature memory foam mattresses come in diverse dimensions. The other varieties include the Twin, Twin XL, and King Size and full. Also, you can pick the different profiles of 6, 10, and 12 inches. This mattress is properly packaged in a suitable delivery box and takes about 72 hours to expand after opening.


  • It is affordable
  • It is made of nontoxic materials
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Comes in different sizes and profiles
  • The two layers maximize the level of comfort


  • Made of a non-removable or washable cover
  • It is too short and may not fit big daybeds
  • Takes long to expand

3. Customize Bed 6 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds 

Another great option for your daybeds is this 6” bamboo-covered mattress. It weighs about 21 pounds and has an attractive price. This multilayered mattress offers optimum comfort. It is capable of conforming to your body limbs according to the sleeping posture you assume. Thus, ensuring there’s no pressure at any point on your body.

Customize Bed 6 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The high-density foam is very effective in absorbing impact. Even with a partner on the bed tossing, you may not notice it. In short, you are assured of undisturbed sleep.

The use of a breathable bamboo cover prevents the formation of mold and breeding of bacteria to grant you a healthy sleeping environment. The fact that the bamboo fibers have a high absorption rate, the mattress is capable of keeping you cool throughout. It wicks away any moisture and sweat from the mattress surface.


  • The mattress is very comfortable
  • The bamboo cover wicks away moisture from the surface
  • It is eco friendly
  • Eliminates prevents bacteria breeding and mold formation
  • It is well packaged so no weird crevices
  • You can choose different profiles
  • It is certified by certiPUR-US


  • Cannot be compressed back to the box once it expands
  • Not very durable compared to other models
  • It may sag after some time

4. Zinus 8 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds

Zinus is an established and well-known quality mattress manufacturer. Their Zinus 8 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is one of those mattresses that portray their prowess in this field. The supercooling formula used on this daybeds mattress guarantee comfortable sleep or rest. It is certified by the CERTIPUR US for durability, quality, and safe contents.

Zinus 8 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

It is also easily compressed into a box. After purchase, it takes about 72 hours to expand. With a 10-year warranty, you have nothing to worry about because in case of anything you are free to return the mattress. In terms of power, this twin mattress can support up to 500lbs.


  • Very firm and durable
  • It is certified by the CERTIPUR US
  • Can support up to 500lbs weight
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Uses an intense cooling technology
  • It has a water-resistant cover


  • Takes too long to expand
  • May contain traces of fiber glass
  • It produces a foul gas

5. LUCID 5 Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds

The Lucid 5” double-layered memory foam mattress is such a comfortable product offered at an affordable price. It is a feature-rich mattress. The two layers are excellent in regulating temperature and will offer you comfort on your daybed.

LUCID 5 Inch Memory Foam

It features two layers with different thicknesses. The first one is a 1” layer responsible for cooling and then the 4” layer reinforced for base support. The top layer comprises soft materials that conform to the body shape allowing you to rest well.

If you are looking for a well-made and firm mattress to give you a non-hot feeling, this is one of them. It is made so firm on the surface that anyone can use it no matter their size. Capable of withstanding up to 400lbs, this mattress is such a versatile model. You can comfortably sleep on your back or stomach without experiencing any pains.


  • Very comfortable as it is combination of gel and memory foams
  • Conforms to the body when you sleep
  • It is very breathable
  • Offers great support for the spine
  • It relieves pressure points
  • Its medium firm


  • May not be comfortable with adults
  • Contains fiber glass
  • Emits foul smell gas

6. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds, Twin

This mattress offers amazing comfort with its conformity nature to the body curves which help to relieve pressure points. The results are an awesome relaxation of the body muscles and great sleep. In addition to the awesome features build on this mattress, it also uses a rich poly Jacquard fabric cover on the surface.

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

The 8” of thickness and airflow make this mattress ultra-comfortable. Accompanied by a 10-year warranty, this mattress can serve both adult and kids perfectly. However, it can be a bit hard for too heavyweight sleepers.

To ensure long durability and continued comfort, it is advisable to rotate it at least twice a year and vacuum it once a month. It is certified by the quality and comfort body in the US and therefore you shouldn’t be worried.


  • It is very durable
  • Also, very comfortable for both kids and adults
  • It is affordable
  • Has a zippered Jacquard fabric cover
  • Certified for quality and comfort
  • Takes only 24 hours to expand


  • Some customers find it to be too soft
  • Will start sagging after a few years of use

7. Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Narrow Twin Mattress For Daybeds

It is a narrow twin-sized mattress that measures 30X75 inches. These dimensions are enough even for adults to sleep comfortably. Equipped with the capability to bounce back easily, this mattress maintains its shape for long years.

Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Narrow Twin Mattress

It includes the latest technology of bioform which is a natural oil to replace petroleum oil used in the previous mattresses. This helps to add that extra fresh touch and comfort. Furthermore, the three layers provide enough functionality to ensure peaceful rests. Whether sleeping or just resting on your day bed, the layers will facilitate a comfortable feeling.


  • It is certiPUR US certified
  • It is made with quality materials and technology for high performance
  • Very attractive design with low maintenance
  • Has a bounce back foam which makes it maintain its shape


  • It takes many hours to expand
  • Not suitable for heavyweight people

8. Olee Sleep 6 inch Ventilated Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds

This is a multilayered mattress made up of memory foam and high-density materials that provide an ample resting environment. The combination of different materials on the structure of this mattress ensures excellent comfort. Capable of conforming to your body contours when sleeping, you can’t get tired here. It is the best choice for weightless sleeping. You can also choose between various sizes that are twin, twin XL and full.

Olee Sleep 6 inch Ventilated Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress

The premium foam used on the base ensures undisturbed sleep even if you have a companion. The impact-absorbing materials will prevent any disturbances from reaching and affecting you. Additionally, the poly jacquard cover ensures your mattress stays clean and fresh. The 10-year accompanying quality warranty is also an assurance that this is a quality mattress for your daybeds.


  • Personalizes the body shape for absolute comfort
  • Comes with a ten year warranty
  • The poly jacquard cover keeps your mattress clean and elegant
  • Uses premium foam that makes it very comfortable
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Does not inflate to 6” as advertised
  • Offs a foul gas

9. AmazonBasics 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Daybeds – Soft Plush Feel, Twin

Amazon Basics 8” memory foam mattress is another three-layer premium mattress. The first top layer is for comfort and smooth texture when in contact with the body. It also conforms to any sleeping position to ensure sound rest throughout the sleeping time. This means anyone can use this mattress as they want.

AmazonBasics 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Soft Plush Feel, Twin

The second layer has ventilations that allow air circulation to provide proper cushioning.  The third tie is necessary for providing firm support to the body. It enhances the stability and durability of the mattress regardless of who uses the daybed and how. The waviness of the third surface is also crucial in providing sufficient airflow.

After delivery, give it about 72 hours to expand and the possible trapped air dissipate. This will ensure the maximum thickness is achieved and avoid foul smell.


  • The three layers provide great comfort
  • The mattress is certified by the certiPUR US for quality and content
  • It is very durable
  • It is eco friendly


  • The inner lining is made of fiber glass
  • It takes long to decompress

10. Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress For Daybeds

It is one of the best-reviewed daybeds mattresses due to its top features, affordability, and durability. Aveline offers great comfort at an affordable price. It reduces pressure points giving enough rest to the head, spine, and shoulders for sufficient rest. The great percentage of positive reviews given by the users means they are satisfied by its performance.

Modway Aveline 6" Gel Infused Memory Foam Twin Mattress

The infused memory gel on the top layer helps to cool your body when sleeping. This will give you sound sleep or rest even during high humid seasons.

The mattress is tested and certified by the content and quality body of the Certi-PUR US. You, therefore, have got no reason to worry about any harmful contents inside the mattress such as formaldehyde, PBDEs, CFCs.


  • Uses the modern cooling and advanced technology
  • It is certified for quality and safety
  • It is safe for use as it doesn’t have harmful chemicals
  • Enjoys 98% positive reviews
  • It is affordable


  • Doesn’t retain its shape
  • Not very comfortable

Key Features to Look Before Buying Mattress for Daybeds (Buying Guide)

When shopping for your daybeds mattress, there are a few things that you should look out for. We are going to highlight them and their corresponding benefits in the next section. Then, it’ll be upon you to be alert when making your decision out there where there are a plethora of brands and models. Let’s get down to these features;

Quality Materials

A daybeds mattress made of high-quality materials is safe and comfortable to sleep on. What we mean here is that you should ensure that the mattress you choose is made of non-toxic raw materials. There have been complaints of some manufacturers using harmful materials and chemicals for their products. Others expose their mattresses to poisonous gases for long hours. Later when you buy them, they continue emitting these gases some of which can lead to health problems. Therefore, if you care about your health or your family’s, check on the quality and the materials used for the mattress.

Daybeds mattresses made of food-grade raw materials and with considerations of indoor safety are the best. If you notice any harmful component in your mattresses, just avoid it. Another best trick to avoid poisonous mattresses is purchasing from certified brands.


Of course, nobody wants to waste their money on a product whose lifespan doesn’t reflect their invested cash. As it is with all other products, durability is determined by two things; Quality of raw materials and craftsmanship. Therefore, you need to check on the materials used to build the mattress. If they are high-quality materials, then you can be sure it will last longer.

Edge Support

Daybeds are approximately 39 inches wide making an edge support a vital component. This width is too small, especially for full-grown people. Poor edge support will make you feel as if you are falling off the edge. So, ensure the available edge support will support you as if you are sleeping in the middle.


Even though daybeds aren’t meant for sleeping on every day, you need to be comfortable every time you are using them. A good daybeds mattress should be able to support your weight effectively without feeling too hard or soft. Whether you laying on it to watch the news or relax after a long day, it should be comfortable and doesn’t sag.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is important for a peaceful rest on your daybed. A good mattress should conform to the general body contours and curves. This will help to fill the gaps for absolute support without causing any pressure or pinching. What this means is that you should get a mattress that is not too firm or hard for you. The thickness should be comfortable enough and not a kind of roll-on type.

Temperature Regulation

There are mattresses that tend to get quite hot on the surface and become very uncomfortable to sleep on. You need to look for hybrid and foam mattresses that incorporate modern technology to keep the surface cool. This way you’ll avoid the discomfort that comes with sweating and have a quality rest.


Despite the reassurance attached to warrants, they can be a pointer to the quality of a product. If you note several products tying after considerations of the above factors, you can use the warranty as to the tiebreaker. Check the product with the longest warranty. A long warranty is a way of telling you that the company trusts their products and therefore there are fewer chances of getting a faulty mattress.


When searching for the best daybeds mattress, the cost is a key factor. You want to get a mattress that will satisfy your needs without breaking your budget. Again, you need the best quality possible within your budget category. Therefore, it’s important to compare the cost and the features of several products.

In most instances, you’ll find that the quality mattresses are highly-priced. However, don’t use the price as the guiding factor as it can easily mislead you. So, look at the features present before making your final decision.


You need to make careful decisions in regards to the size of your daybed. When choosing the mattress size, check the size of the frame and the presence of the trundle bed underneath. Even if your bed doesn’t have a trundle, in most cases you’ll find a storage space down there.

Consider how tall the daybeds will be after adding the mattress. You shouldn’t include a too thick mattress if the bed will become taller than it should be. A daybed is a resting bed and being too tall to climb makes it boring.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

Does Your Daybed Need to have Box Springs?

No. Daybed doesn’t need a box spring to operate at all. Instead, daybeds have in-build support mechanisms that offer the same functionality as the box springs. Then underneath the support is a storage space, trundle beds and any other desirable furniture.

You can store different things in the space below including the folding chairs and tables. After all, the essence of daybeds is to save on space among other things. If you are tempted to add a box spring to your twin mattress, this can raise it too high and make climbing hard.

Can you use a daybed every day?

Yes, you can use your daybed as you wish. The frequency at which you use your daybed depends on you and there are no limitations at all.

Do daybeds come with mattress?

Daybeds come with the regular type of twin mattresses supported on the bed’s frame. These mattresses are low quality and anyone who values comfort must replace them immediately after purchase. Although, this will depend on how you want to use your daybed for.

Can a daybed be used as a couch?

Yes. Daybeds can be comfortably used as sofas at home or offices. In most cases, people use daybeds for overnight visitors. They can be used to serve as couches and when its time to sleep, they turn to bed. The underneath trundle will serve as an extra bed hence accommodating more guests.

Does a daybed need special bedding?

Whereas it is possible to use the regular sheets and pillows on your daybed, you may need to add some extra bedding. Depending on what purposes you want your bed to serve, you need to add extra pillows and covers for it to serve as a couch and lounging. In the event that you want your daybed to serve only as a sofa, you can stick to the mattress cover. You can just come up with a good design and will do.

Can you put a daybed in the living room?

Yes. Actually adding a daybed to your living room is a great way of achieving more comfort than with the sofas. Therefore, if you have a daybed kept in one of your extra rooms it might be time you move it to your living room. You can also decide to replace one of your couches with a daybed for a new experience. You can just squeeze it into a nook or tuck it under the window anywhere in the room.

Many people prefer hiding their daybeds in the guest rooms or their children’s rooms. Although, shifting your daybed might be all need to experience that comfort you’ve always yearned for.

Is a daybed the same size as a twin bed?

The daybed is not the same as a twin bed but they have major similarities. The major difference is that the daybed has a backrest and armrest making it a good substitute for a sofa. On the other hand, the twin bed has a headboard and, in some instances, may also have a footbed. However, the footbed is smaller than the headboard to distinguish the sides properly.

In terms of height, there’s no major difference between the two. All twin beds and the daybed have similar measurements as long as they are adult sizes. What this means it that a standard twin bed mattress will comfortably fit in a daybed of a similar size. For proper fitting, most daybeds are designed with an extra inch all around the frame.

How much weight can a daybed hold?

There is no definite answer to this question. Different daybeds have different weight capacities depending on the materials used in their design. There are those that can support up to 500lbs and others only 400. To understand the maximum weight a daybed can hold, first, look at the materials used. That should be the first guiding factor of its weight capacity.

Warm Up

To sum it up, choosing a mattress for your daybeds can be a daunting task as you try to strike balance between comfort and luxury. Whether your daybed is in the living room or the balcony, its quality should be as good as a mattress. That’s why you need to take your time before clicking that ‘buy now’ button. You should think about the durability of the mattress, the comfort it will offer, and above all your health. No matter how comfortable or durable it may look, if it depicts any potential health effects then good to avoid. You don’t want to bring a deathtrap into your home.

Moreover, consider the possibility of using the trundle bed. It gives you the opportunity to convert your daybed to a full king bed within seconds. If you take into account all the things we have discussed above, you can be sure of getting a super quality mattress for your daybeds.

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