How To Program Garage Door Opener In Car Without Remote

By now, you may have come across several pages that claim that program a garage door opener in car without remote is impossible. Whereas this makes some sense, it is not entirely true. And again, it may be due to misinterpretation. For the purposes of our content delivery, we’ll use terminologies like garage opener keypads and buttons. The keypads can be positioned anywhere in the house. It can also be installed near the garage door which can be inside or outside the building.

The latest openers feature car-based controls located at different positions. Sometimes on the car roof, dashboard, rearview mirror etc. The good thing is that the general controls are similar. However, you have to synchronize the buttons to your specific garage door. Some cars come with multiple buttons on their control panels. Such panels give you an opportunity to use a single garage door opener on multiple openers.

Program Garage Door Opener in Car Without A Remote

To program your car garage door opener without a remote, the steps may vary from one door opener to another. However, these steps hold all across all the door openers. These include;

  • Determine the type of your car controller : There are two types of car controllers all modeled differently. The first one is a basic keypad with a program or learn button. Technically, you can call it a remote controller. However, it is stationary mounted at a strategic position of the building, it can be on the wall or the floor of the house. Additionally, you can have it inside the car. Besides the main button, there are other alphabetically numbered buttons. The other type of non-remote controller looks like the garage door opener control box. It has three or four keys strategically positioned on your car. They can be on the rearview mirror, at the roof among others. Basically, their positioning depends with your car model and brand. So, its upon you to research the type of your car’s garage door opener and its controller.
  • Familiarize yourself with the control pad : Before attempting anything, understand the functions and features of all the keys on the pad. Understand the arrangement, characteristics of all the buttons and what they do. This should also include studying the instruction manual for deeper knowledge. For instance, locate the safety keys and tips that you should apply in case of an emergency. Whatever type of keypad you are using, the idea is to reset the system. Therefore, it could be a combination of keys or a single dedicated button for opening or closing the door. In case you can’t locate the control pad for your car, you can check online.
  • Press the program button: Depending on your car model, locate the program button and use it to reset the system.
  • Restore defaults: To establish new codes, you must delete all the preexisting programs. Once you have restored defaults, you’ll then be free to set your own codes. Come up with them as you wish. That means you will teach your desired buttons.

1. Program HomeLink Garage Door Opener Without Remote

HomeLink is not your usual garage door opener. It is a fully fledged wireless control system installed in your vehicle. With it, you can comfortably operate your garage door and front gates seated in your car. Additionally, you can also manage your home security system. That means activating and deactivating it.

The previous HomeLink systems included remotes. But the recent advancements have seen it phase out the use of remote controls. With that, the knowledge of programming the system without a remote becomes even more necessary.

Although, it is worth noting that the steps may slightly vary depending on code type. If you have a rolling code, your steps will be different from a person with a fixed code opener. But, the general HomeLink garage door opener programming steps are;

  • Shut the car door and remove the key from ignition : Chances are, if your car door is open and the key is still on the ignition, the programming will not work. For that case, checking out they are in order should be your first step.
  • Clear the previous programs : Once you are sure everything is in order, clear out any remaining factory settings. To do this, hold down the two buttons found on the outside simultaneously. You should hold them until you the in-car LED light starts flashing rapidly. The process may take several seconds to a minute.
  • Choose and program any button as your in-car transmitter : This is the programming step for your HomeLink system. Long press the desired button using the transmit button. Hold them down together until the Home Link LED flashes rapidly. Also, remember to check whether the LED light should blink slowly before programming.
  • Press the learn code button : At this step, you are simply linking your in-car transmitter with the garage door opener. On the garage door opener, locate the learn code button. In most cases, this button is located next to where the motor head and the floppy antennae connect. However, it’s a bit different on Genie opener where it is behind the lens. In short, it is on different positions on different models. When you locate the learn code, press it until it starts blinking. In case it is a Genie system, press the pre programmed in car transmitter three to four times. Essentially, you need to press the button till that time the door works perfectly with the system.
  • Test the system : After you’ve done everything, you should then confirm that all is well. The testing step involves pressing the programmed in car button to ensure it opens and closes the door perfectly. If everything works right, that means you were successful. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the steps all over again.

2. Program LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Without Remote

Programming of a LiftMaster garage door opener is just like that of the HomeLink. The only difference comes in the learn code selection and programming. The button is also located on different positions in the car.

In most cases, the learn button on LiftMaster door openers, it is located next to the terminal screw board. Once you find it, press it repeatedly. You only need to wait for 30 seconds and the device should start working.

3. Program Nissan Garage Door Opener Without Remote

All the general steps of programming a garage door opener apply up to when you want to teach thelearn button. Also, you should ensure you follow the vehicle’s instruction manual at all points.

To teach your Nissan learn button, first of all clear any prior programs. From there, place your car garage door opener in to a learn mode. Walk to the garage door opener press it then run to the in-cartransmitter and press the button you want to program. Then watch as it activates. Once activated, release and press the buttons to lock the program.

4. Program Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Without Remote

  • Locate the keypad currently operating your garage door opener
  • Select the button you want to control the door
  • Press your chosen button until it blinks slowly
  • Hold down the chamberlain button and garage door opener concurrently until the blinking is rapid
  • Test whether your programming was successful. You can do this by pressing the programmed button.

5. Program Hyundai Garage Door Opener Without Remote

  • First of all, you need to locate the learn code button on your garage door keypad. Its location depends on your model. It can either be under the light cover or the rear mirror.
  • Long press the learn code until you see a red LED. From that point, you have 30 seconds to configure the door opener.
  • When the light blinks, go back to your vehicle and press the programmed key until the door respond. And now you have programmed your garage door opener without a remote.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my garage door opener has a rolling code?

You can get this information in various locations in your vehicle. First, you can find it in the motor box and the device model number. Also, you can find it along with the model number. In some scenarios, it is found in the remote transmitter. To identify, locate the words SECURITY+ or Rolling Code. When you locate that information, definitely know that the door opener has rolling code technology.

How do you program a multi-car garage door opener?

You can program a multi-car garage in two simple steps. There are two buttons on the HomeLink system, press and hold them until LED starts to blink. While it is blinking, press the pre-programmed HomeLink button 4 times. Note you should do this until the door starts operating.

Do I need a HomeLink repeater?

You only need to have one repeater kit per garage. This is regardless of how many vehicles or garage doors you have. Have the range of the repeater kit in the vehicle HomeLink transmitter the same as the range standard Security+ transmitter. Note that it should as it is currently.

How many remotes can be programmed to a Chamberlain garage door opener?

You can program up to 8 remotes and 1 keypad. With Chamberlain garage door opener, it allows you to program 5 remotes. You will have 1 Keyless entry and 4 remotes which is the limit.

My garage door opener works great, but I cannot find radio controls that are compatible with my system, what can I do?

The best choice is to buy a new garage door opener or new radio controls for your existing garage door opener. The radio controls consist of receiver, transmitter, or remote. The radio controls will work with any garage door opener. All these products can be bought in online stores.

Can you buy replacement garage door remotes?

Yes. It is possible to buy replacement garage door remotes from the unit’s manufacturer. Note that you can get a replacement from other stores but the manufacturer will give you the original product.

How do I find the garage door part that I want on a website?

There are various ways you can search the garage door part. You can search either by manufacturer name or by category. Most manufacturers’ websites have categories of all the parts they sell. Also, you can search by part name or number. If that does not work for you, feel free to contact the manufacture and inquire if the part you want is available.


There are various types of garage door opener that you can program in car without a remote. The choice you make determines how you will program your garage door opener. Mostly, the opener comes with manuals that can help you with both processes either using remote or not. Always program use the manual provided when you want to program before you reach out to the vendors. You can follow the highlighted process to program the discussed door openers without a remote. Generally, press the LEARN button when programming without a remote. By no means should you be in trouble when it comes to programming your garage door opener without a remote? This is the top-notch information you can find about them.

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