10 Best Hands Free Umbrella

Do you have plans to spend more time outdoor away from your home with friends or family members? There are many things that you should put into consideration. Sometimes, the weather might change, and suddenly, the sky might turn black or even worse. It is during this moment that you know that it might rain cut and dogs. Worse still, the sun might be too scorching for you to withstand it. To make your adventure worthwhile, you should make a point of investing in a hands-free umbrella.

Ordinary umbrellas have to be held by hand. Assuming that you are carrying a bag of groceries or other items, you might be constrained to carry the umbrella and these other materials using the same hand. Sometimes, you might have a difficult time when you have a hot cup of coffee or a tiny dog that you do not want to step in puddles. To avert this, you should get a hands-free umbrella.

This umbrella allows you to walk down the street, play, or even work under extreme sunshine or rains without essentially getting affected by the harsh elements of weather. It usually attaches to your head, unlike the ordinary one that has to be held by hand. The good news is that you can buy a hands-free umbrella for your kids when they are going to the school. Or even during the holiday seasons. They can engage in outdoor activities with minimal or no fear at all as far as bad weather is concerned. It serves as a rain umbrella or a sun-shade.

Benefits Of The Hands-Free Umbrella

Unlike the traditional umbrella, the hands-free umbrella comes with several benefits. In-fact, most people have now appreciated the need to invest in one. Here are some of the advantages of buying the hands-free umbrella:

  • Allows you to hold other things with your hands while using the umbrella : As its name suggests, the hands-free umbrella allows you to carry other items when it is in use. From groceries to your pet, there are many things that you can carry when using this umbrella. This convenience makes it an ideal choice for many people.
  • Shields you from rain and too much sunshine : Sometimes, you might have gone for a hike, and then it starts raining. This is the last thing you would wish to experience. To avert this, you should consider getting a hands-free umbrella. This umbrella will shield you from rain or even hailstones. If the sun is too hot, you can still use it to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. This is the other reason why you should not hesitate to invest in this umbrella.
  • It is portable : Besides offering the much-needed protection from the harsh weather elements, the umbrella mentioned above is very portable. Here, you will be able to carry it anywhere you please. From school to the workplace, there are many places you can go while carrying this umbrella. All you need to do is to fold it, and you are good to go.
  • They are stylish : The hands-free umbrella usually looks more stylish than the ordinary hand-held umbrellas. Investing in one will make you look trendy and up-to-date. In-fact, most of them usually come with wonderful designs that make them more appealing to the eye. If you want to add some elegance to your overall outlook, you should consider investing in the hands-free umbrella.
  • They are easy to wear : When wearing the hands-free umbrella, you can be sure that you will not struggle. It is easy to wear and very ergonomic. This makes it a practical solution for anyone who wants to use an umbrella more conveniently.

10 Best Hands-Free Umbrella Reviews

1. 12 Pack Rainbow Hands Free Umbrella Hat Cap With Head Strap For Beach

 Unlike the most analog type of umbrellas, this one is designed to completely help you multi-task even when it’s raining outside. Its innovative hands-free features allow you to focus on other things other than just holding it all through. A firm stretchable head strap helps it settle on your head perfectly. Albeit, the head-strap might not be comfortable for larger head sizes.

12 Pack Rainbow Hands Free Umbrella Hat Cap With Head Strap For Beach

When open, the umbrella has 20″ diameter and measures up to 12″ inches long. You will move around very comfortably with this umbrella cap. This is so as it’s not heavy hence it’s very suitable for almost every type of outdoor occasion. The weight weighs approximately a single pound, ensuring you get a hassle-free experience when using the cap. Eight multi-color ribs are used to add to style its outlook and also to give it more support.


  • It is lightweight as it weighs only one pound.
  • Elastic head band ensures it remains tight on your head and doesn’t fall off easily
  • Versatile enough to be used during other occasions not just as a rain umbrella cap.
  • Good value for the price.


  • The head strap is not adjustable and hence doesn’t fit all head sizes comfortably.
  • It doesn’t keep your arms and whatever you are carrying completely dry during strong rains.

2. Juvale Foldable UFO Hands Free Umbrella Cap

This is yet another modern umbrella cap that allows you to be flexible enough, thanks to its hands-free design. The design gives you space to do other things other than just holding your umbrella whenever it’s raining outside. It utilizes great quality PVC material in its making. This helps to ensure that it’s competent enough while in use. Great reinforcement is achieved through its robust wireframe. Further, this wireframing is very cardinal in ensuring that the cap remains very firm when worn.

Juvale Foldable UFO Hands Free Umbrella Cap

In addition, this cap is UFO-shaped hence being more suitable for kids. On top of that, it has a waterproof proof lining. This allows your kids to completely walk in the rain without getting wet. It is very collapsible thus simple to fold and carry around. It measures approximately 11.5 inches in height when folded thus can easily portable. More also, it has a ring around the shoulder that is complemented by a hood. This ring lightens the weight of the storm since it wraps around you. Also, the hood ensures that both your ears and neck remain dry from impeding moisture.


  • Very suitable for youngsters.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • There are numerous complaints over the low quality of material in its making.
  • Its design goes more suitably with children compared to adults.

3. NEW- Vi Fishing Hands Free Umbrella Hat

Are you in pursuit of a competent, large-sized, lightweight, and hands-free umbrella? If so, this umbrella will scratch your itch quite well. To begin with, its hat features a large-sized design that keeps both your arms and what you are carrying completely dry. When fully open the latter extends up to 37.4 ” in diameter. To spice up things more, it comes with an adjustable head strap. This ensures that you get a comfortable fit when having it on. Meanwhile, the head strap allows it to conveniently fit heads between, 7.1 inches to 7.9 inches in diameter. A spring top lanyard cord ensures that you can lock to hold the cap tightly under your chin.

NEW- Vi Fishing Hands Free Umbrella Hat

On the outside, you will get a waterproof silver-coated cloth. This cloth reflects back excessive sunlight so that it doesn’t get to absorb much heat. This makes it very ideal for other outdoor occasions such as fishing, hiking, etc.

On top of that, it has a vent that provides you with ventilation keeping you cooler from strong sunlight. Using it is also a no-brainer as you just need to pull the rope to open the top. When you open, press the button, and the umbrella hat will automatically retract. The more you continue using this umbrella hat, the simpler to use. Not to forget, there are seven ribs on the latter hence making it to be very strong and durable.


  • Has a vent that facilities proper ventilation against strong sunlight.
  • Has a very versatile design ideal for most outdoor activities.
  • Big enough to keep both your arms and whatever you are carrying completely dry.
  • Lasts for long periods of time without getting spoilt.


  • It’s not ideal to be worn during strong winds.
  • Should not be used in areas with lots of people.
  • If not properly worn, it might block your peripheral vision.

4. Hunters Tail UV Hands Free Umbrella Hat

A vast majority of umbrella hats in the market come with a compact, non-adjustable head strap. However, the above umbrella hat has an adjustable head strap. This makes it more stable and comfortable to wear. It’s also versatile and fits perfectly on most adults. As if not enough, it has a double layer design and silver-coated top cloth that reflects away excessive ultraviolet light.

Hunters Tail UV Hands Free Umbrella Hat

Its lower part has an opening diameter of precisely 31.4 inches while the top opening has a 46 cm opening diameter. This means that it is large enough to keep you and whatever you are carrying completely dry over wet periods. On the downside, the large circumference makes it not suitable to be used in areas with a lot of people. Even though it is big, the umbrella hat is very light hence being very comfortable on your head. It weighs only 0.39 kg.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Comes with an adjustable head strap hence being very comfortable.
  • It is large enough to keep you dry.
  • It features a very versatile design.
  • Comes with a ventilation feature.


  • It is not suitable to be used during strong winds.
  • Not ideal for use around areas with a lot of people.

5. 4 Pack Hands Free Umbrella Hat

Unlike most umbrella hats, a package of the latter comes with up to four distinct pieces of umbrella hats. This ensures that you are fully sorted just in case you need extra pieces. An elastic closure gives the above umbrella hat a perfect fit over the user’s head. Also, the headband is adjustable and fits heads between 20 to 23 inches in diameter perfectly. Furthermore, its hands-free design allows it to be more versatile.

4 Pack Hands Free Umbrella Hat

You can use it for various occasions like fishing, camping, boat riding, and gardening. Once you buy this hat, using won’t be a big deal since opening and closing is very simple. As if not enough, it comes with a free thirty days money-back guarantee offer. Therefore, this allows buyers to buy the latter with confidence. Finally, it has a strong polyester material that is very lightweight in nature. Similar to most types of umbrella hats, this one bounces away light protecting you from ultraviolet rays.


  • Great price for the quality.
  • Has an alluring and fashionable outlook.
  • It has a super versatile design.
  • It is very light in nature.
  • Comes with an adjustable headband.
  • It comes with an exclusive free thirty day money back guarantee.
  • A single package comes with up-to four individual umbrella pieces.


  • It is not as big.
  • Complaints have been made that the head strap is quite tight for some head sizes.

6. Masmall 26 Diameter Elastic Band Fishing Headwear Hands Free Umbrella Hat

Talk of a strong, steady umbrella hat and the latter will surprise you with its unquestionable features. First off, it has eight metal ribs that ensure it’s sturdy even in the presence of heavy snow or rain.

Masmall 26 Diameter Elastic Band Fishing Headwear Hands Free Umbrella Hat

However, you should note that it’s should not be worn during strong winds otherwise it will get blown off. Six metals rods with an adjustable headband allow users to conveniently fit the hat on their heads. The head strap goes well with heads that range between 17.7 and 25.6 inches in diameter. When unfolded, the diameter measures 26 inches and 39 cm by 5 cm when folded. This size is relatively big and covers your body quite well. A silver-tone color on the outside ensures you get holistically protected from strong sun rays. It does so by reflecting the rays away from the top cover. So you can go fishing, hunting, or camping worry-free, thanks to its Versatile hands-free design.


  • It has a great value for money.
  • It’s is very light.
  • It can be used for multiple occasions.
  • Has large sized design.


  • If not properly worn, it can block your peripheral vision.
  • It is not ideal if you are walking with a group of people.

7. Luwint 36 Diameter Elastic Fishing Gardening Folding Hands Free Umbrella Hat Headwear

One merit associated with most umbrella hats is that they are versatile and are not limited to few occasions unlike analog umbrellas. The latter is not an exception thanks to its hands-free design that makes it suitable for a variety of occasions. It uses an oxford material in the making to achieve its firmness. When in use it measures 36 inches in diameter and it can be completely folded for easier carriage.

Luwint 36 Diameter Elastic Fishing Gardening Folding Hands Free Umbrella Hat Headwear

Once collapsed it resembles a travel-size umbrella fitting nicely in your bag. The latter is big enough to protect you and all your items from unfriendly weather conditions. A spring stop lanyard cord lock allows you to firmly hold it tight under the user’s skin. Furthermore, a wrist strap on the latter helps in providing it with more robust support. An adjustable headband allows for a perfect fit when wearing it.

That headband goes well for heads with a diameter of less than 22 inches. People with large head diameters are advised to wear a ball cap before putting it on for more comfort. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that this umbrella hat should not be used during strong winds.


  • Large enough to keep you and your belongings completely dry.
  • It is small when folded for easier carriage.
  • It has a great value for money.
  • Exhibits a versatile design.


  • It’s not suitable for use in times of strong winds.
  • It’s not suitable when walking within a crowd.

8. Nubrella Backpack Wearable Hands Free Umbrella

If you have been looking for a perfect, reliable hands-free umbrella to use in an extreme storm, your answer is here. This umbrella has a subtle design and is very firm when active. Unlike its predecessors, it is worn with a backpack style giving it a complete hands-free feature. Thanks to its design, it will rest well on your shoulders and has an adjustable waist strap for ultimate comfort.

Nubrella Backpack Wearable Handsfree Hands Free Umbrella

 Versatility is also not left out as it can be used for various occasions from fishing to camping among others. An open front helps to gives it a perfect vision and non-interfered communication. Additionally, it has extended frontal coverage. This one helps to fully keep you and your items completely dry. An aerodynamic canopy on it gives it good stamina against strong winds. Further, this innovative canopy can withstand winds of up to 40 mph. It also blocks wind-chill thus keeping you warmer in comparison to other umbrella hats. It comes with a quality guarantee offer allowing all its buyers to buy it with confidence. Even if it’s big, it’s weight is still remote as it’s made of a waterproof nylon material.


  • It features a very innovative design.
  • It can withstand string winds.
  • Its straps can be adjusted to fit well.
  • It has a canopy that keeps you warmer blocking wind-chill.
  • The design is very versatile.


  • It is not ideal if you are walking with a group of people.

9. EZ FUNSHELL Backpack Hands Free Umbrella

Powered with a backpack, this umbrella comes with one of the most outstanding designs. The backpack allows convenient fasten ability of your umbrella for you to use it hands-free. Nonetheless, its backpack has ten pockets and three interlayers.

EZ FUNSHELL Backpack Hands Free Umbrella

These ten pockets give you adequate storage space for all your belongings. Subtle technology tagged on the umbrella cloth allows for it to protect users against UVA/UVB. Furthermore, this cloth has up to five layers of vinyl material for the utmost protection. A waist belt on the backpack allows for a perfect fit and can be adjusted. This backpack is blue in color and makes it more ideal to carry the umbrella when not in use. Also, the backpack adds a sense a versatility to it as it can be used for various occasions’ not just rainy periods. Carrying is also not tiresome since both the back and the umbrella exhibit lightweight materials.


  • Has a very innovative design.
  • Comes with a back that makes carrying it more ideal.
  • Has a very versatile design.


  •  It is not suitable for use during strong winds.

10. Primo Supply Wearable Hands Free Umbrella

Durability is one of the key features considered in the making of this hands-free umbrella. The durable material of impact cloth gives the latter robust stamina against unfriendly weather conditions. More also, its frame comprises of stainless steel and is coated with black plastic. This frame plays a very cardinal role in giving the latter ultimate support. Top-notch construction techniques are used together with technology rejuvenation to strengthen its sun resistance ability. The umbrella comes with a diamond-shaped fastening buckle. Further, it has a three-fold design for ease in conveniently collapsing the umbrella for easier carriage.

Primo Supply Wearable Handsfree Hands Free Umbrella

Adjustable straps are on the umbrella to give users a more comfortable experience. With respect to its design, it is built to be adjustable in many ways. Adjustable fonts are three in number; the angle adjustment, backplate adjustment, and the umbrella mounting nut. Unlike most hands-free umbrellas, with this one, you can replace your original umbrella with another incase it breaks down. It is available in three colors; red, green, and blue. Whether you are going fishing or jogging, its design will easily fit in to give you a very convenient experience.


  • Has as an innovative design.
  • Comes in three colors.
  • Its original umbrella can be replaced with another incase it breaks down.
  • Can be adjusted in many ways.
  • Has a very versatile design.


  • It doesn’t come with instructions and yet it has to be assembled.

Key Considerations To Make When Buying A Hands-Free Umbrella

When buying a hands-free umbrella, there are many factors that you should consider. This is because these umbrellas usually come in different sizes, designs, and even prices. Since you might be spoilt for choice, this guide will outline some of the essential factors that you should not hesitate to check when buying this umbrella so that you can get much-desired results. These factors include:

1. Material

One of those factors that you should consider when buying these umbrellas is the material used to make the hands-free umbrella. This is because the material sued to make the umbrella will determine the function and durability of the product.

For instance, if you intend to use a hands-free umbrella in a sunny season, you should consider choosing one that is made of reflective material. This way, you can be sure that it will not absorb heat when it is in use.

Besides this, you should choose a product that has a strong frame material so that it withstands strong winds. This is because the stronger the frame material, the better.

2. Size

The last thing you would like to experience is to buy a hands-free umbrella that cannot fit your head. Worse still, you would not want one that leaves parts of your body without shade. Ideally, your hands-free umbrella of choice should fit you well. It should be wide enough to offer the much-needed shade to your body.

3. Weight

Just like a hand-held umbrella, your hands-free umbrella of choice should be easy to carry. It should be light so as not to experience any fatigue even if you wear it for many hours. You will enjoy using it, whether it is raining or sunny.

4. Waterproof

You would not want to soak up whenever you are using the hand-held umbrella on a rainy day. This is the reason why it should be made using waterproof material. The design too should be waterproof. This way, you will not get drenched in case there is a heavy downpour.

5. Vented canopy

There are instances when you have to battle strong winds and rain out there. Such is when you have gone hiking, or it has just started raining heavily on your way home. If the wind is too strong, the umbrella can flip inside out.

However, if the hands-free umbrella has a vented canopy or a two-layer fabric canopy, you can be sure that it will not flip inside out when it is in use. This is not only inconveniencing but also embarrassing especially if you are in public. If the canopy is vented, you will be able to remain dry even on a rainy day. The canopy should not sit too loosely, and on a good umbrella, the individual segments should not overlap.

6. Design and color

Sometimes, you might want to order promotional custom hands-free umbrellas for your company or brand. Therefore, there is a need for you to determine the theme color and logo to go with it. For optimal results, you should consider choosing one that comes with a classic style and has neutral colors.

7. Price

Different hands-free umbrellas will cost different prices. Some might cost an arm and a leg, while others might be within your budget. You would not want a scenario where you have to strain your budget to buy an umbrella.

Therefore, you should compare different prices by different manufacturers and then make a wise decision. If you find one that comes with a discount, you should not hesitate to invest in it. However, quality matters as this will influence how long the hands-free umbrella will last.

8. Warranty

Your hands-free umbrella of choice should come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This can assure you that you will save more money and enjoy more convenience if your umbrella gets faulty days or weeks after buying it. Some hands-free umbrellas will come with a longer warranty than others.

People also ask

Are hands-free umbrella lightweight?

Yes. Most of these umbrellas are lightweight, and this has made them to be a practical solution for many users out there.

Can I use the hands-free umbrella on a sunny day?

Yes. Besides a rainy day, you can use a hands-free umbrella on a sunny day. Most of these umbrellas are versatile and light in weight making to carry regardless the weather. This way, your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays.

Can the hands-free umbrella withstand strong winds?

Yes. Most of these canopies are vented hence you can be sure that it will withstand strong winds. Here, it will not flip inside out. Also, you will remain dry even when there are heavy rains.

Are the hands-free umbrella costly?

No. Depending on your budget, you can be sure that you will find one that suits your needs. It is essential that you compare the different prices and then choose the one that has incredible features yet costs a pocket-friendly price.

How long can the hands-free umbrella last?

The durability period will depend on several factors. If you maintain the umbrella well, you can be sure that it will last a minimum of 5 years and maybe more.

Final Recap

You can never go wrong with a hands-free umbrella. By using this umbrella, you will enjoy more convenience as you will be free to use your hands to do other activities. From holding your purse to holding your pet, there are many things you can do as you use this umbrella. Also, the umbrella is easy to use and highly ergonomic. It can be used for the sunshine, rains, or both of them.

This guide has some of the best hands-free umbrellas that will ensure that you get value for your hard-earned money. Consider this guide today, and you will get a durable and reliable hands-free umbrella.

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