10 Best Electric Space Heater For Garage

A garage is more than just a parking or storage room. It is also a perfect place to get some of your DIY projects done. As such, it is important to make it as comfortable as possible. The garage becomes uncomfortable especially during the winter due to too much cold. Although you might insulate your garage door or the entire garage, you might find it necessary to have an additional source of warmth. One of the appliances that can get the job perfectly done is an electric space heater for garage. You can either install a portable or stationary heater depending on a number of factors like the layout of your garage.

Additionally, there are some key considerations that you should put into account before settling for an electric heater. We bet you would like to know all about an electric heater before you invest in one.

That is why we have highlighted the key considerations that you should keep in mind before buying an electric heater and the benefits of an eclectic space heater for the garage. We have also answered some frequently asked questions about garage space heaters. As if that is not enough, we will also review the Top 10 Electric Space Heater for the Garage.

Therefore, strap on and enjoy the ride.

Benefits of Using a Electric Space Heater For Your Garage

Apart from the obvious benefit of providing heat in your garage, an electric space heater has other benefits too. They include:

  • Mildew and Mold Control: One of the main causes of mildew and form forming at any place is dampness. In most cases, when your garage remains cold over a prolonged time, mildew and mold forms thanks to the low temperatures. Therefore, having an electric heater warm up the place will discourage the formation of mold and mildew.
  • Helps Prevent Damage: Mildew and mold are very destructive if left unchecked. Therefore, a heater is very important in helping to preserve the integrity of your garage and any other property is inside. You will therefore make a saving if you warm up your garage since you do not have to carry out unnecessary repairs.
  • Increase Your Property Value: It might become necessary to sell your property for one reason or the other. If your garage is well maintained, that is, it is not damaged, the property will fetch more money. An electric space heater will ensure that your garage is well maintained and therefore fetch a higher price.
Electric Space Heater For Garage

Key Considerations Before Buying Electric Space Heater for Garage

There are a few considerations that you should keep in mind before purchasing an electric space heater.

The Power Rating Of the Heater

The first thing that you should consider when selecting an electric space heater for your garage is the power rating. Electric heater manufacturers state the power rating of their heaters and this information should be readily available on the packaging. The higher the power rating of an electric heater, the more warmth it will provide. Therefore, if your garage gets pretty cold during winters, then you should get one with a high rating.

Type of Heater

There are three main types of electric garage space heater.

  • Fan-forced air garage heaters : The fan-forced air eclectic fans are best used for smaller rooms. They work by forcing air to pass-through an element that has been heated thus creating the feeling of warmth. They warm the room gradually but their heat is evenly distributed.
  • Convection garage heaters : Electric convection garage heaters work in the same way as a fan-forced electric space heater. The difference is that with the convection garage heaters, the heat rises without the help of the fan. Due to this feature, they are much slower in heating up your garage. Many of the convection garage heaters are portable.
  • Radiant garage heaters : As the name suggests, radiant garage heaters use infrared heat to warm up the garage. The level of heat that a garage heater produces depends on the size of the heater. Smaller units direct the heat to a particular space. Larger units are usually mounted either on the wall or the ceiling and do provide heating to the entire garage.

Safety Features of the Heater

Safety should take preeminence when using any electric appliance because the danger of harming yourself through electrocution or starting a fire is high. The same case applies to electric heaters since they can be a health hazard. For this reason, many electric heaters have safety features. For instance, they come equipped with a tip-over switch. The switch turns the heater off should it tip-off for any reason.

Other heaters have a mechanism that prevents them from overheating should they get extremely hot. Another safety feature that will also protect you from burning is the cool touch feature. With this feature, the outer parts of the heater do not get hot. This feature is important especially if you have kids or pets.


The other important factor to consider when shopping for a garage electric space heater is the portability. There are two main types of garage heaters – portable and mountable heaters. As the name suggests, portable heaters are lightweight thus easy to carry from one place to the other around the garage. Portable heaters provide heat to limited space.

The second type is mountable heaters. These heaters are often large and they are either mounted on the wall on the ceiling. As opposed to portable garage space heaters, mountable heaters provide warmth to a larger area.

Additional Features

Another factor to consider when selecting an electric space heater is additional features. Some heaters come with an adjustable feature such that it is possible to direct the heat in a particular direction. This is made possible if the heater has a pivoting mechanism that enables you to direct the warmth towards a particular direction and set the heater at a certain angle. Another additional feature is the ability to change the power setting of the heater from high to low and vice versa.

Ease of Installation

Another factor to consider when selecting a garage heater is the ease of installation. Heaters can come either preassembled such that you can start using them immediately or they will need some assembly. If you do not have a problem with following some assembly instructions, you will not have an issue even if you buy one that requires an assembly. The good thing though is that the assembly process is not complicated. Other garage heaters need to be connected to the circuitry. For these types, you need to use the services of a professional.

Top 10 Best Electric Space Heater for Garage

As promised, below is a detailed review of the 10 Best Electric Space Heater for Garage plus their pros and cons.

1. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper PTC, Infrared Space Heater with Remote, 1500 Watt, ETL Listed

To start us off on our review is the AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper PTC electric space heater. Deluxe, the company which manufactures this space heater has been in the industry and has a reputation for producing quality products and the AirNmore heater does not disappoint.

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper PTC, Infrared Space Heater with Remote, 1500 Watt, ETL Listed

The space heater uses copper as its heating element thus eliminating the need to use bulbs which often need to be replaced. The power cord is also another element to consider when purchasing an electric heater. As such, the heater has a very high-quality cord which stands up to the requirement of the heater.

To make sure that you, your children, or pets do not get burnt, the heater has an insulation layer that keeps the outer parts cool at all times. It also comes with an anti-trip sensor that switches off the heater should it tip over. In the case of a blackout, you do not need to reset the device as it has a “memory” and will remember your settings before the blackout.


  • Uses Copper PTC which is safer and does not need constant replacement
  • Has a very high-quality power cable
  • It has a mechanism which prevents it from overheating
  • Has an anti-tip mechanism
  • Suitable for large and small rooms


  • A bit on the heavier side

2. Dr Infrared Heater DR-975 7500-Watt 240-Volt Garage Electric Space Heater

The second space heater on our review is the Dr Infrared Heater DR-975 7500-Watt 240-Volt Hardwired Shop Garage Electric Heater. The electric heater also comes highly recommended and with good reason.

Dr Infrared Heater DR-975 7500-Watt 240-Volt Garage Electric Heater

The space heater is extremely easy to install and therefore you do not need to worry about any modifications you make to your garage. You can use the device as your primary or secondary source of heating since it is powerful enough to warm a moderately sized room.

When it comes to the heating mechanism, the DR- 975 uses steel heating elements which ensure that it produces constant heat which is distributed evenly in the room. The elements are also long-lasting which means you will not go back to the shops any time soon.

To further help in the heat distribution, the heater uses a fan with very little turbulence which makes the heater very quiet. It also comes with a remote-controlled thermostat which makes it very easy to set the temperature anywhere between 50 to 90 degrees F.


  • Made from stainless steel thus durable
  • It is easy to install
  • Uses a forced fan mechanism to distribute the warmth evenly
  • Suitable for moderately sized rooms


  • It does not come assembled

3. King Electric PGH2440TB 4000-watt 240-volt Garage Space Heater with Mounting Bracket

One of the greatest features which make the King Electric PGH2440TB heater stand out from the rest is its circular heater shape. The heater has a very strong base which makes it very stable which means that it does not easily tip over.

King Electric PGH2440TB 4000-watt 240-volt Garage Heater with Mounting Bracket

To make it more portable, the King Electric heater has a handle and a long cord.  The device uses a 240 Volt power source and is a 4000 wants utility heater. Its thermostat is built-in which means that it controls the temperature very well to ensure that the room does not get overheated.


  • Made of durable material
  • It has an internal thermostat
  • It has a rocker ON/OFF switch
  • Has a handle and a cord to help you carry it around


  • Not suitable for a large working area

4. NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Space Heater, Heats up to 500 square feet

One of the characteristics that strike you first with this electric space garage heater is the rugged build. When you take one look, you immediately realize that the appliance is made to last. Additionally, to mount the heater is quite easy as it has a mounting bracket. This means that you can place the heater at a safe distance from your working area.


To ensure that the heat gets distributed well, the heater uses a powerful fan to release the heat into the room. The appliance has the capability to distribute the heat to 500 sq. foot radius in a perfect conditions room. The heater is also ETL certified. The certification gives you confidence in the safety of the heater.

It also possible to direct the heat where you need it most since the heater has adjustable louvers and also a tilt head. When you open the louvers, the heat will travel everywhere in the room. The louvers make the heater very versatile.


  • Has louvers which direct heat thus making the heater very versatile
  • It is very hardy
  • It is easy to mount and un-mount.
  • Uses a fan to evenly distribute the heat


  • You need a professional to hardwire it into the breaker.

5. DIMPLEX DGWH4031G Garage and Shop Large 4000 Watt Forced Air, Industrial, Space Heater in, Gray/Black Finish

The DGWH4031 is also another great heater which is not only easy to mount but provides well-distributed heat to your working area. The heater is made from a high-quality stainless steel heating element which ensures its durability.


You can also mount the heater on the ceiling since it comes with a mounting bracket. You can move with the appliance from place to place since it is easily portable.

The cord of a portable heater can be inconveniencing especially if it is short. However, to ensure that you work without worrying about the cord, the DGWH4031 has a six-foot cord which gives you enough space to work perfectly well.


  • It is very energy efficient
  • Has a six-foot cord
  • It’s made of stainless steel heat element which makes it very long-lasting
  • The company has very helpful customer service representatives who will assist you if need be.
  • It is easy to mount


  • Its adjustable thermostat is at the back which causes inconveniences while setting the temperature
  • It reduces more noise than other space heaters

6. KING KBP2406 KBP Multi-Wattage Compact Unit Heater, 5700W / 240V / 1 Ph, Almond

King KBP is another great option when it comes to electric garage space heater. Its design and components make it very durable and therefore well suited for your garage heating needs. The heater works by distributing air, which it pulls from the back and releases it at the front.

KING KBP2406 KBP Multi-Wattage Compact Unit Heater, 5700W / 240V / 1 Ph, Almond

To give you more control over the performance of the heater, it has a three-position switch and an internal thermostat. The three-position switch enables you to set it at the optimum temperature. The thermostat helps in regulating the heat.

To make sure that you get the best fit, the appliance comes in different wattage options thus meeting your specific heating needs.


  • The model comes in different wattage options
  • Has a built-in thermostat
  • It has a three-position switch
  • It’s made of cast iron motor


  • Not very effective for large garages
  • Does not have an anti-tip switch off mechanism

7. Space Heater, TaoTronics PTC 1500W Portable Heater with Remote Control Programmable Thermostat ECO Mode 12H Timer LED Display

The TaoTranics space heater uses revolutionary technology to warm your garage. Thanks to the advanced technology, the space heater is able to heat up to 70 degrees F. in as few as 3 seconds. This means that your space will get warm pretty fast.  Additionally, the heater is extremely quiet which means that it will not disturb you even if you use the garage as your study room.

Space Heater, TaoTronics PTC 1500W Portable Heater with Remote Control Programmable Thermostat ECO Mode 12H Timer LED Display

The design of the model makes it distribute the heat evenly to provide that perfect warmth. It also has an ECO technology that adjusts the temperature settings to the optimum level thus saving you on electric costs. The heater also comes with a host of safety features including an overheating protection mechanism and a tip-over switch. It also auto switches itself off when it has been in operation for 24 hours. It is extremely portable since it is very light.


  • It uses advanced technology thus warms your space very fast
  • Extremely quiet
  • It is very portable
  • Has a host of safety measures


  • Not suitable for a large work area.

8. Fahrenheat FUH Electric Space Heater for Garage, Factory, Basement, Warehouse, and Outdoor Use

If you operate in a small garage, then you will need to save as much space as possible. This is where the Fahren heat FUH Electric Space Heater for Garage comes into play. The heater is very compact which means that it can fit perfectly into small spaces.

Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage, Factory, Basement, Warehouse, and Outdoor Use

However, do not let the size fool you.  The space heater is powerful as it has the capability of warming 500 square feet. To make sure that the device produces the right intensity of heat, it has an internal thermostat. To ensure that the heater does not cause a fire by accident, it has a safety cut off. The FUH electric heater is a bargain.


  • Comes with an internal thermostat
  • Has a cut off mechanism should it tip over
  • It is compact
  • Can warm a 500 square feet garage


  • Garage
  • Does not have a power cord

9. EdenPURE CopperSMART 1500-Watt Electric Portable Heater with Remote Control

Another great addition to have in your garage as far as heating is concerned is the EdenPURECopperSMART heater. The very first you will notice with this heater is its unique design. The heater will sure add some aesthetic lure into your garage.

EdenPURE CopperSMART 1500-Watt Electric Portable Heater with Remote Control

Apart from its good looks, the heater has heat limit sensors that prevent it from overheating thus protecting the internal components. To ensure that you do not burn accidentally, the heater has an insulated outer covering which does not get hot.

Even if you suffer a power outage, you do not have to worry since the appliance will reset itself to its former settings thus saving you time to reset the heater. It also comes with two power settings where you can set it at 1,500 Watts as the highest level and 1000 Watts at the lowest level.

To help in the portability, the unit has wheels. It also has a remote control for easier operation of the heater.


  • Has heat sensors which prevent it from overheating
  • Comes with wheels for easier movement of the unit
  • Has a remote control


  • It is not mountable
  • Does not have a cord

10. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop 208/240V, 4800/5600W Heater with 6-30R Plug

Although the infrared electric space heater is not very large, it packs a powerful punch. To start with, the Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop 208/240V, 4800/5600W Heater with 6-30R Plug has the capability to heat up a room which measures 600 square feet.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop 208/240V, 4800/5600W Heater with 6-30R Plug

To protect the internal components from damage, Dr. Infrared has a mechanism that prevents it from overheating. This feature is crucial because apart from prolonging the device’s shelf life, it prevents it from causing fires due to overheating.

It has a wide temperature range from 45 to 95 degrees F. The heater also has a thermostat which helps in temperature control. To ensure that you can easily move the heater from place to place comfortably, it comes with a high-quality cord.


  • It can warm a room measuring 600 square feet
  • Has a mechanism which prevents it from overheating
  • It is easily portable since it has a high-quality cord
  • Has a thermostat


  • You cannot mount it on the ceiling

How Much Electricity Does Space Heater Use?

The amount of electricity that your space heater uses depends on a number of factors. First, the size of the heater will determine its energy consumption. Larger heaters consume more energy than smaller heaters. The size of the area that you are heating will also determine the electric consumption. The larger the area, the more electricity the heater will use since it needs to be on for a longer time.

However, if you want to get an estimate of how much the electric heater is using, you should check your electric bill before the installation of the heater. After the installation, check the bill and check the difference in the Kilohertz (kHz) usage.

Pros and Cons of Electric Space Heater

As earlier explained, garage heaters have an advantage. In the same breath, they also have some disadvantages. There is no perfect product on the market. As such, electric space heaters also have their downsides.

Below are the pros and cons of an electric space heater for the garage:


  • Warmth: As earlier stated, an electric heater provides warmth in the garage which provides a conducive environment for you to work. As a result, you become more productive.
  • Portability: Generally, space heaters are portable which means you can move them from one place to the other. Therefore, you can move with the heater to warm your working space in the garage.
  • Helps you to work year-round: One of the greatest advantages of a portable space heater is that you can work all year round regardless of the weather.


  • Takes long to heat: It might take as long as one or two hours to warm a garage especially if it is large or on cold winter days. Additionally, some of the heaters do not heat the room past 50 or 60 degrees F.
  • Increases electricity cost: Electricity heaters significantly increase electricity costs depending on the type and the size.
  • Difficult in temperature adjustment: Some heaters have the thermostat at the rear. This makes it difficult to adjust the temperature settings of the heater.
  • Need a specialist: Most electric heaters need a specialist to install

Tips for Using Your Electric Space Heater Safely

  • Ensure that you keep all flammable substances away from the heater. It is advisable to keep these highly flammable liquids, gas bottles, and other fuel sources as in an entirely different room.
  • Ensure that you place your heater on a stable surface and also in place where it will not cause disruptions to you or others while working. If you place it in high traffic area it might accidentally get tipped over
  • Make sure that your heater is in top-notch working condition by constantly checking and taking it for repair should it develop any mechanical or electric failure. It is very easy for a faulty space heater to cause a fire or electrocution.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What size of an electric heater do I need for my garage?

The size of an electric heater that you need for your garage depends on a number of factors. The first determining factor is the size of your garage. The larger the garage, the bigger the size of the electric heater you will require.

Another factor that will determine the size of the electric heater that you require is also determined by the nature of your work in the garage. If you move a lot in the garage, then you need a large heater which will warm the entire room all at once.

What is the most efficient electric space heater?

The most effective electric heater will depend on your working area. If you have a large working area, you should go for a heater with a high power rating. Additionally, if you need a small heater to warm a small space, you should go for a portable space heater.

How do I keep my garage warm in the winter?

There are several ways to keep your garage warm during the winter. One of these ways is by insulating your garage doors. This will help to keep the cold out and the warmth in. However, if you spend considerable time in your garage, insulating your garage door might not be enough to keep the garage warm enough. Another sure way of ensuring that your garage is warm is by using electric space heaters. The heaters are very effective in ensuring that the room or your working area is comfortably warm.

How can I insulate my garage cheaply?

One of the best ways of insulating your garage cheaply is by using insulating foam or other insulating materials. The best news is that these insulating materials are readily available in the market. Additionally, the insulation process is not complicated and you can do it on your own with the help a friend. Since you carry out the task yourself, there are no labor charges which make the process cheap.

Will insulating my garage keep it warmer?

For sure, insulating the garage will keep it warmer since the insulation will keep warm air in and the cold air out. However, the extent of warmth that the garage retains depends on the insulating material. Some insulation materials retain more warmth in the room.

Can I use a timer with a space heater?

Yes, it is possible to use a timer with a space heater. In fact, some heaters come with pre-installed timers. The timers come in handy if you want to preheat the garage before you start working. You simply set the time you want the heater to switch on and off.

What temperature should I keep my heated garage in the winter?

The temperature that you should set your heater depends on the intensity of the cold. If it is very cold, you should set the heater to the highest temperature. If the winter is not very cold, you can set the heater at an average heat level.

Final Recap

Garages are important rooms in every house. They are used for many other activities apart from parking cars or storing machinery and other equipment. As such, it is important to ensure that the room is warm enough for you to work effectively. However, warming the room up especially during summer can be challenging. Thankfully, there are various models of electric space heater for garage in the market to make this endeavor easier. Making the right purchasing decision might be difficult but we believe that this guide has made you more knowledgeable and you can make the decision much easier now.

Happy shopping!

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