7 Best Crossbody Organizer Purse With Built In Wallet

Women are fond of carrying a myriad of items in their bags. If these items are not kept neatly, they can easily get tangled up haphazardly and thus make it difficult to access some of the essential items you might need at a particular time. To avoid such inconveniences, you should purpose to get a crossbody organizer purse with a built-in wallet. Unlike the normal purse, this one comes with extra features.

For instance, you just need to put all the necessities you need in separate compartments in it and then throw it over your shoulders. Here, you will not have to hold it like you would with a purse. Since your hands will be free, this purse is a go-to option for many women. Besides this, it can serve as a fashion statement and thereby make you look more stylish. In this article, we shall take a closer look at the crossbody organizer purse with a built-in wallet, alongside other vital ideas.

Are Purse And Wallet The Same?

No. Although these items are used to carry essentials such as money, they are different in a number of ways. However, before we delve into their differences, there is a need for you to know the definition of each one of them so that you can know them better. Simply put, a purse is a small pouch or bag that is commonly used by ladies and women to carry items such as cash, makeup, keys, phones, credit cards, and so forth.

On the other hand, the wallet is a small flat case that is used by men to carry essential items such as credit cards, cash, and even ID documents. Unlike the purse, they are foldable and pocket-sized. Here are the other differences between a purse and a wallet:

  1. Size: As far as size is concerned, a purse tends to be larger than a wallet. This is the reason why a wallet can easily fit in a purse. Other times, you can carry a wallet in your pocket. However, a purse cannot fit in a wallet and cannot fit in one’s pocket. Therefore, it has to be held by hand all day long.
  2. Shape: Apart from size, purses differ from wallets due to their shapes. For instance, you will note that purses come in an array of designs and shapes while their counterpart come in flat cases that are easy to fold.
  3. Gender: Like we mentioned above, wallets are commonly associated with men, while purses are usually associated with women.
  4. Items carried inside: Apart from the differences we have outlined above, these two bags differ in the items each one of them carries. For instance, purses are known to carry items such as keys, makeups, phone, credit cards and so forth. On the other hand, wallets carry necessities such as credit cards, cash and ID documents. From the items we have listed above, it is true to say that a purse can carry more items than a wallet.

Difference Between Crossbody Purse And Normal Purse

Before you think of purchasing either a crossbody purse or a normal purse, there is a need for you to know the main differences between them. One of the main differences between them is that a crossbody purse can easily be thrown over one’s shoulder and remain in place without having to be held by hand. However, its counterpart has to be held by hand. Besides this, a crossbody purse can carry more items than a normal purse.

Therefore, if you want to carry more items, a crossbody purse is an ideal option for you. Finally, a crossbody purse is more convenient when traveling long distances as you will not get fatigued. This is because it can carry several items and the entire weight will not be on your hands. Instead, it will be on your shoulder. On the other hand, if you stack up several items in a normal purse, you must brace yourself to be fatigued as it can be too heavy for your hands.   

7 Best Crossbody Organizer Purse With Built In Wallet

Here is a well-explained list of the 7 best crossbody organizer purses with a built-in wallet.

1. Dasein small vintage canvas crossody bag

As they say, your type of bag can completely ruin or make your outfit for the day. If you want to have a stunning dress-up, this small vintage canvas crossbody bag will do you justice. Whether you are going out for adventure, weddings, or any other casual occasion, this bag will work for you. The best thing is that the bag can be worn in two different styles: across the shoulder or around the waist. This makes it functional, fashionable, and ideal for quick outings that need few items. It boasts of the following features:

Dasein small vintage canvas crossody bag

Special features

  • Three main zipper pockets that makes it sufficient to hold several items at a go.
  • It has an exterior snap pocket that can hold a large sized phone, the model of iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and many others.
  • The crossbody organizer purse also contains a built-in wallet that is still perfect to hold a smartphone and other small items like credit cards, keys, card holders and many more.
  • It’s no doubt that the outlook of this bag looks super fashionable.
  •  It is made of high density cotton canvas and heavy duty stitching that makes it effective and durable.
  • Boasts of quality, well-polished and durable metallic clips and heavy duty zippers to secure your items in place.
  • It’s also small and compact. This makes it perfect for leisure walks and short trips.
  • Its small size makes it so light and compact to hang around the neck and shoulder without hurting yourself.
  • Apart from quality, this bag is the king of versatility. It is designed with a black belt and waist clips to help convert to a waist bag and a detachable and adjustable shoulder straps that helps to convert it to a crossbag.


  • Boasts of greet quality and decent design
  • It is a unisex bag ideal for both boys and girls
  • It’s a perfect little bag that is ideal for quick outings
  • Made of large and strong zippers that slide so easily
  • Has multiple storage compartments.


  • It’s not ideal for long distance travels
  • Can’t hold bigger stuffs

2. Fabuxry crossbody handbag for women organize pack

Although the size of this bag might fool you, the bag is bigger than expected. This bag is available in multiple colors making it easy to match with any outfit. The latter boasts of the following:

Fabuxry crossbody handbag for women organize pack

Special features

  • It has many pockets that are wide enough to fit a smartphone. Some of these pockets are zipped inside while others outside.
  • The inside has two pockets that are so secure, roomy and deep to put delicate things like cash and bank cards. These pockets are also deep and big enough to hold a wallet.
  • It also has an outside zippered pocket that is roomy enough to hold even a tablet.
  • Besides, it has other extra outer pockets to hold keys, sunglasses, a cellphone and a water bottle compartment.
  • It has a simply designed adjustable straps that are long enough to make it a crossover bag and can be shorted to a hand bag.


  • Made of light and easy to clean materials.
  • Light weight yet strong to hold many stuffs at a go
  • Several compartments making it easy to organize stuffs
  • Strong and adjustable strips
  • Multiple colors.


  • Its material is not as quality
  • No credit card slot

3. Multisac zippy triple compartment crossbody bag

Are you grabbing a coffee, running errands, or taking a walk around the streets? This is your ideal type of bag. It is a compact yet roomiest and the most functional bag you can find on the market today. With its sleek design, the bag helps you to maintain your sense of style while still staying organized. Besides, it is built with many versatile. The bag features the following:

Multisac zippy triple compartment crossbody bag

Special features

  •  It is made with 3 marge zippered pockets, a flap closure pocket, 2 external zipper pockets, an interior zipper pocket, small phone pocket and a back organizer with an ID or credit card slots. These multiple compartments make you super organized as you place all your stuffs within reach.
  • This bag is built of quality and durable vinyl material.
  •  It also has quality and strong shoulder strips that are so easy to adjust to your desired length. This helps you to achieve that fashionable crossbody looks
  • Besides, it is made of strong and durable zips to keep your valuable items well enclosed.


  • Its roomy and spacious
  • It has a back pocket that makes it easy to access valuables
  • Several colors with a versatile design to match with any outfit
  • The bag is super comfortable.


  • Materials not as quality
  • Complains that the cellphone compartment is so small

4. Lug scoop cross body bag. Floral multi

This is another amazing cross-body bag that helps to maintain a sense of style while still achieving functionality. Although the compact size of this bag might deceive you, the lug scoop is a giant in reality.

Lug scoop cross body bag. Floral multi

Special features

  • It has several zippered pockets to keep all your valuables safe.
  • In addition, it has 8 RFID protected card slots that are well layered to easy access to all your important cards.
  • Has three front zip pockets and two back elasticized pockets to carry all your essentials effortlessly.
  • Besides sufficient storage, this bag has a quality design from its interiors to exteriors. It is designed with an accordion opening style that allows you to have easy access to your valuables without straining.
  •  It is also designed with a strong handle to hold with your hands and attain that official look.
  • Finally, it has removable, adjustable straps to help achieve that fashionable, crossbody look.


  • The bag is so light and easy to carry around
  • It has several compartments
  • Made of quality materials that are easy to maintain
  • Available in several colors
  • Front pocket are soft and well-padded for protection on your phone


  • The bag is smaller and not ideal for long distance journeys

5. Travelon anti-theft classic N/s crossbody, Nutmeg

This is another super comfortable bag that is tailored to achieve both functionality and a fashionable look. I would define this bag as an excellent choice for users who are stylish fanatics while keeping everything organized. This bag is inscribed with the following features:

Travelon anti-theft classic N/s crossbody, Nutmeg

Special features

  • A clean foams and elegant lines that make it versatile and compatible with any outfit. Its colors design are also well selected to compact with a wide range of wardrobes.
  • Besides, it features several storage compartments that are so roomy and spacious. It has front and back zippered pockets with spacious storage and a side pocket that is ideal for water bottles.
  • Its card slots and passport pockets are RFID blocked to protect your essentials against electronic hackers.
  • All its compartments are securely zipped to protect your valuables from pickpocketing.
  • Lastly, its surface material is inscribed with a complex, interlocking mesh barrier to prevent unaware blade attempt to access your bag.


  • Made of dirt and water resistance materials.
  • Multiple pockets for perfect organization
  • Several anti-theft features
  • Smoothly working zippers
  • Long straps to comfortably wear as a crossbody bag


  • Complains that the bag is not as stylish

6. Baggallini criss cross crossbody bag

Do you want to stay organized while still achieving a classy look? This is the bag to purchase. With this bag, we believe that you will enjoy the colorful moments of life that come with being organized. Also, you will never wonder what outfit to wear as it works well with a wide range of outfits. This bag has the following special features:

Baggallini criss cross crossbody bag

Special features

  • Baggallini is made of high quality fabrics that makes it super durable. Besides, these fabrics are water proof and easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is made of lightweight materials that makes it so easy to carry around.
  • Has many pockets and compartments to help hold all your essentials together.
  • It has a hidden center pocket that is not easily detectible. This pocket is ideal to keep delicate essentials like bank cards and also your phone.
  • Styled with a criss cross crossbody design for a convenient and hands-free wear.


  • Comfortable adjustable straps
  • Comes with a wide range of amazing colors
  • Achieves both style and functionality
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • No special slots for credit cards
  • Much smaller than expected

7. Tignanello showstopper cross bosy, Raisin

Do you have a few items to walk out with but are still more than your pocket can handle? This is the right bag to grab. Made with many storage spaces, this bag could be your neatness dream come true. The bag avail in a range of colors making it ideal to attend any event. This bag features the following:

Tignanello showstopper cross bosy, Raisin

Special features

  • Has many pockets to hold nearly everything you need. These are; a rear zipped organizer with an inner zipped pocket, two interior slip pockets and 6 card slots.
  • With this bag, you can organize your essentials while still looking fashionable. This is thanks to its quality, adjustable strap that helps you achieve that stylish crossbody look.
  • Besides, it is made of quality and lasting leather materials
  • Has a quality entry zip to secure all your belongings in place.


  • Made of quality materials
  • Materials are so light weigh to prevent hurting your neck or shoulders
  • Its small and compact size makes it easy to carry around
  • Available in broad colors.


  • Complains that the card slots are small
  • Suitable for young ladies

Key Features To Look Before Buying A Crossbody Organizer Purse With Built In Wallet

With the proliferation of crossbody organizer purse with a built-in wallet in the market, chances are that you will be spoilt for choice whenever you want to purchase your preferred model out there. To get the value for your money, you should be keen to check the following features:

1. Material

Different crossbody organizer purse with a built-in wallet are normally made from different materials. With this in mind, there is a need to be keen to note the specific material that has been used to make a specific model. This is because the material that has been used to make your preferred model will have a direct effect on its durability and quality.

In most cases, you will find purses made from either fabric or leather. If you choose to purchase purses made from leather, be sure that it will last for ages. Besides this, the purse can be used to carry heavier items than those made from fabric. However, brace yourself to dig deeper into your pocket as such purses look stylish and classy.

Your choice of material should not also be long lasting but also easy to clean. However, most purses do not need to be washed every now and then. In fact, most of them just need to be wiped and one is good to go. Apart from being easy to clean, the material should be waterproof. With this feature in place, your items will remain safe even if you are caught up by rain as you come from the workplace, among other errands.

2. Weight

The weight of your purse will determine the comfort and convenience you will enjoy as a user. This is because some purses are bulkier than others. For instance, those that carry simple stuff tend to be lightweight in nature and can be ideal to enter with anywhere you, please. However, if you choose to purchase a heavy carrier, you will be able to carry several items on it but the weight of the purse can be too heavy for you.

Therefore, you may only be able to carry it only for short distances, lest you get fatigued. For optimal results, always go for a lightweight model so that you can enjoy stepping out with it during your casual walks with your lover, friends, or even family members.

3. Size

Crossbody organizer purse with a built-in wallet comes in a number of sizes. Some of them are large in size while others are medium in size. Others on the other hand are relatively small. Depending on the purpose of the purse, you should choose the size that suits your needs. For example, a general-purpose purse should be medium in size.

A purse of that size will accommodate a couple of basic items. However, if you are fond of camping, you can choose a purse that is relatively larger so that it can allow you to carry items such as phones, cameras, maps, and other essentials. More importantly, your purse of choice should have several compartments so that you can put each item in its own compartment.

4. The bottom structure of the purse

Some purses normally have a structured bottom while others have a saggy one. Although a purse with a saggy bottom can serve the same purpose as that one with a structured bottom, it is always important that you choose the latter.

With a structured bottom, your purse will be firm and will look more elegant than its counterparts. Once you choose one with a structured bottom, ensure that its organizer is less structured so that you can have an easy time when inserting all the items you want.

5. Cost

Depending on the features that the purse has, chances are that it will either cost more money or be affordable altogether. When purchasing these purses, you should pay attention to the cost of the purse so as not to strain your budget.

You can ask for discounts or even compare prices from different retailers before actually purchasing a purse for yourself. However, it is important that you check its quality so as not to purchase a purse that will only last for a few months. If a certain purse is made from durable material and is affordable, you can go for it.

How Do You Organize A Cross Body Purse?

A crossbody purse is a girl’s best friend. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that you keep all the items you need in an organized way. By doing so, you will prevent your essentials from being cluttered and disorganized. Consequently, you will have an easy time finding anything you want. Here are the various ideas that can help you organize your crossbody purse:

1. Take out everything from the crossbody purse

Before you start organizing your purse, you should first remove everything from the purse. Whether you had inserted credit cards or keys in it, remove them first so that you can clean it and then organize these items well.

As you remove these items, ensure that you go through all the pockets, both the exterior and interior as well. Once you remove the items from the purse, keep them aside and then turn the purse upside down so that you empty out any debris that might be present. Shake it off so that you can remove all the contents from the purse.

2. Sort everything in piles of like-items

After emptying your purse, the next step is to sort everything into groups of like-items. For instance, you can group these items such as receipts, mints, keys, credit cards, cash, and so forth. By doing so, you will be able to visualize the number of items that you have in your purse. Also, this will help you determine whether you need to look out for a bigger crossbody purse or not.

3. Choose the items that you want to retain in your purse

Out of the items present on your table, some of them will be essential to you. Whether it is credit cards, cash, or a number of keys, be sure that these items will be of much help to you now and in the future.

However, you will not miss finding trash that needs to be disposed of. Some of the items that mysteriously found their way into your purse ought to be thrown in the dustbin. Therefore, you should set these items aside and then dispose of them later.

4. Start packing the items you use the most in your purse

Now that you have removed trash from your purse, time is ripe to start packing the right items in your purse. For optimal results, pack these items in different compartments so that you can easily access them when you want them. Whether you have keys or credit cards, organize them separately so that they are not mixed up in your purse.

For credit cards, you can keep them in special slots in your purse. Besides this, you can organize them alphabetically for ease of access. If you have essential receipts that you want to retain, ensure that you keep them in a mini, accordion-style file holder or in your wallet. More importantly, avoid keeping receipts that expired several years ago.

5. Get a pouch

Depending on the items you want to carry in your crossbody organizer purse, you might need to get a pouch so that you can keep similar items together. With a pouch in place, you will not have to rummage through your purse in order to find a certain item. The pouch does not have to be a fancy one.

A zippered bag can work magic for you. You can keep medication drugs, manicure sets, pencils, pens and feminine care products in the pouch so that you can easily access them whenever you need them.

Other Vital Tips On How To Keep Your Purse Organized Include

  • Always keep your items at their designated place once you utilize them. Whether you have used your credit cards or car keys, ensure that you keep them in their rightful places so that your crossbody purse remains organized.
  • Clean your purse once a week. By doing so, you will be able to get rid of any clutter that might be present in your purse.
  • Avoid taking free samples and stuff from sales people. This is because these items end up the bottom of your purse and can be forgotten for ages.

Final Words

Whether you want to carry credit cards or essential items such as your makeup kit or medication, a crossbody organizer purse with a built-in wallet is the ultimate solution for you. With this purse in place, you will not have to hold anything in your hand as you travel or walk along the streets. Consequently, your hands will be free to do a couple of things. All you need to do is to organize all the essential items in your purse, zip it, and then throw it on your shoulder. Invest in this purse today and you will be able to carry all your necessities in one single place more conveniently.

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