10 Best Mattress For Platform Bed

If you need a fashionable yet minimum look on your bed, then a platform bed is your ideal solution. Unlike standard beds, these beds do not incorporate box springs or additional pieces. Platform bed only needs a strong metal or wood base as a foundation for your mattress. 

However, this choice comes with an additional price to pay. How? They have special designs that need special types of mattresses. As a result, many platform bed owners find it tacky to get a perfectly fitting mattress for their beds. Fret not! This is because we have done a test of several platform bed mattresses to affirm their qualities and suitability. We have also explained in detail all the factors you need to know before buying your mattress for a platform bed. In regards to our tests, you will also find a list of the ten best mattresses to consider. 

What Type Of Mattresses Do You Need For Your Platform Bed?

This is a good question attached with a perfect answer. There are four major types of mattresses for your platform bed. Which are?

 1. Innerspring mattresses

These are some of the oldest platform mattresses in the current market. Regardless, they come with different designs making them versatile for both traditional and modern homes. These modern brands are more comfortable and convenient for your needs. 

They are made of internal springs as support systems. These springs are commonly made of steel. However, they are normally not the best types of mattresses since these springs can break or bend over time. They are also not ideal for heavy users.

While getting your innerspring mattress, you should ensure it holds numerous springs distributed within. This is because the more the number of internal springs, the stronger and comfortable it gets. 

2. Memory foam mattresses

These are mattresses made of strong, durable, and warm polyurethane foam materials that support and conform to your body strongly regardless of your weight. They are normally warmer than other mattresses thus providing warmth during cold seasons. More to that, this type of mattress conforms to the exact shape of your body as you sleep, thus offering the right support to the most delicate parts of your body: hips, neck, shoulders. The materials are also resistant to sagging. 

3. Hybrid mattresses

These are basically the most comfortable and preferred mattresses. They are made with a combination of spring and memory foam materials. This blend makes it possible to achieve comfort, tenderness, and warmth at the same time. 

4. Latex mattresses

These mattresses are the safest and healthy to use. They are the best for hypoallergenic users since they are made of natural rubber materials. They are also sturdy and durable. 

Top 10 Best Mattresses for Platform Bed.

1. Ashley Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress

Is your mattress uncomfortable, slightly firm than usual, or perhaps it’s been giving you a tedious time to maintain? If this is so then worry not as the Ashley chime mattress provides the best solution for all these old school problems. This modern platform bed mattress employs the most up-to-date technology in its crafting to provide its users with the most restful and comforting experiences while napping. With this, what you get is a modern mattress that contours to your body for a refreshing nap.

Ashley Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress For Platform Bed

Also; it employs hypoallergenic materials in its making for allergy prevention and gel memory foam that provides comfort to one lower back.

The layers are meticulously arranged to ensure you get the most comfortable nap as well as dispel any kind of back pains for the user. More also, this mattress has been designed to be a no-flip mattress that remains firm even after many months of use and requires very little maintenance, unlike most memory foam mattresses. It comes in a simple box providing quick and easy set up; you just take it to your room, remove the top plastic cover and then let the mattress decompress itself.

Nonetheless, the mattress is safe to sleep on immediately but you should give it up to 72 hours to fully inflate and dissipate any odors on it based on the aeration and temperature of your room. It comes with a thin mattress protector that helps to keep the mattress clean.

However, you must note that this mattress should not be cleaned with any dry cleaning fluids but rather requires vacuum only. Further, kids should not jump on the mattress frequently as this may ruin its internal construction.


  • It is designed to be a no flip mattress that remains very firm even after long periods of use.
  • It is made from hypoallergenic materials that make the mattress very ideal for people with allergies.


  • If jumped on regularly, its inner construction and material can easily get vandalized, (has a weak base).
  • It doesn’t have a removable top cover.

2. Sleep innovations 14 inch Shiloh memory foam mattress

If you have been looking for perfect long-term matters for your room or for your kids, whichever the case, this mattress from sleep innovations will holistically scratch your itch. It has inbuilt premium air channel foam that functions to add breathability as well as enhance coolness on the top layer to give you nothing short of a comfortable sleep. The mattress is made of petroleum-based polyurethane foam and features a two-layer design that is composed of a 2.5-inch premium top memory foam and a 9.5-inch long-lasting base foam that gives it stable support.

Sleep innovations 14 inch Shiloh memory foam Mattress For Platform Bed

The exterior cover of the mattress is composed of a polyester and cotton blend cover that is super tough and does not tear easily. To spice up things even further, this mattress comes with an incredible ten-year warranty fully assuring users of nothing but excellent long-term service. The warranty is a guarantee that each penny spent on the mattress is worthy. The mattress comes packed in a box being very easy to set up and requires up to 72 hours to get fully inflated allowing any underlying odors to get dispelled.


  • It comes with a long term ten year warranty.
  • It has a very strong upper cover that does not get damaged or tears easily.


  • Claims have been made that the mattress looses it’s firmness after four years of service if not well cared for.
  • It is not made out of hypoallergenic materials hence it is not ideal for people with allergies.

3. Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress

Very often, long hours at work or at the gym trigger uneasy bothersome back pains which most of us find irritating to wake up with the next day. Getting an up-to-date foam mattress is one of the best remedies to counter such an impediment. The latter has been designed to completely quench the thirst for contoured support on your back as well as relieve pains on the pressure points by providing a soft refreshing surface.

Olee Sleep 13 Inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress For Platform Bed

Additionally, it has been designed in a very simple way that employs heavy steel coils with a memory foam cushion at the top to provide a soft and super firm experience while laying on it. The steel coils are protected by a multi HD and memory foam layer that enables the mattress to last for long without compromising on its ultimate goal which is to provide you with maximum comfort.

Its thirteen-inch thickness renders one an enveloping comfort by ensuring your body including all the pressure points contours to the mattress. Not to forget its perfect temperature regulation ability and a pocket spring that is included in its five layers of soft memory foam. The mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed in a box for easy transportation however once it’s unwrapped, it takes only a matter of a few hours to get fully inflated to its original size.


  • Has perfect temperature regulation.
  • 13 inch thickness for luxurious comfort.
  • Made of both steel springs and memory foam materials for optimum comfort.


  • It does not employ hypoallergenic materials in its making hence is not ideal for people who incur allergies
  • If not well maintained quality changes after few years of service.

4. Nectar Full Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Research has shown that the kind of mattress one sleeps on has a long-term effect on your body especially on your back. As a result, most people nowadays are going for medically approved mattresses that give them a comfortable, stable, harmless rest . This Nectar mattress is one of them.

Nectar Full Gel Memory Foam Mattress For Platform Bed

It comprises an adaptive memory foam layer that helps to relieve common pressure points beneath your body. If you suffer from frequent night perspiration, this mattress is perfect for you as it has a cooling effect. Also, it has a two-layer gel-infused memory foam that makes the mattress contour gently to your body from the head to the toe regardless of your body type.

This mattress has been frequently dubbed as “the body hugger” as it gives your body a hug-like feeling whether you are a back, front or side sleeper. As if not enough, it comes with two comfortable nectar premium pillows to ensure you get a completely comfy sleeping time. At the exterior top, the mattress exhibits a long, removable, fiber, breathable and tender cover compared to standard cotton covers. If you are skeptical about the comfortability of this mattress, the company goes ahead to give all clients a 180-day free night trial as well as a lifetime warranty. Isn’t that amazing! Furthermore, it has medical grade Visco elastic memory foam that is very ideal for people with back pains hence giving them a massaging experience as they lie on the mattress.


  • Nectar mattress comes with a free return 180 night trial offer.
  • It comes with an incredible life time warranty.
  • It comes with a removable top cover.
  • Its quality gel infused layers makes the matters very ideal for people with back pains
  • It is a medically approved mattress.


  • In some cases, the underlying odors may take long to fully dissipate.
  • It does not employ hypoallergenic materials in its making.

5. Brentwood Home 13 Inch Gel Hd Memory Foam Mattresses

Brentwood home mattresses have been in the market for almost thirty years now hence NO doubt that their products are genuine and reliable. This mattress is designed to suit everyone. It has five different layers, at the top, there is durable bamboo-derived rayon cover, a second layer that comprises New Zealand wool which helps to wick away moisture and regulates temperatures at all times.

Brentwood Home 13 Inch Gel Hd Memory Foam Mattress For Platform Bed

Its third layer comprises of 3.5 inch gel memory foam that is cardinal in relieving pressure points and distributes weight uniformly hence being a very ideal mattress for couples. Additionally, this layer helps in isolating motion so that you don’t get to bother your partner while they are sleeping. A 2 inch ventilated air zone has also been included while the final layer is strong 7.5 Inch base foam which provides the mattress with a solid support system by absorbing all the weight dispensed on it. The mattress has been made out of environment-friendly materials that give it a long-lasting coziness. It comes wrapped in a box which makes it easy to be shipped, accompanied by its startling long 25 years warranty plan.


  • Comes with a long term 25 years warrant plan.
  • Has many layers hence giving users a super comfortable sleep.
  • Has a removable top cover.
  • It is made out of environment friendly materials.


  • If not well maintained it collapses and becomes shaggy.
  • It is not made out of hypoallergenic materials

6. 12 Inch Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

This is an amazing mattress that has been designed with several features that address almost all your concerns thus giving you nothing but a world-class presidential napping experience. Just like the Brent mattress, this mattress is inspired by nature and employs environmental-friendly material in its making.

12 Inch Zinus Ultima Memory Foam Mattress For Platform Bed

These ingredients or rather materials serve to give you a refreshing nap whilst also helping the mattress to get rid of any incoming or present odors on it. It has been made out of the highest quality foam which is CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED to give the user a soft tender pain-relieving experience while they nap. The mattress has a 3-inch conforming memory foam and 3-inch airflow enhancing comfort foam that gives you nothing but absolute comfort.

Its base comprises six-inch high-density support foam that ensures the mattress is super cozy and stable. Like most mattresses, zinus ultima is conveniently packed in a box for easy shopping albeit once the box is opened, it slowly decompresses to its original glory. A ten-year warranty plan is allotted on each mattress so as to fully assure buyers of its ultimate credibility.


  • Zinus mattress is a very thick mattress hence super comfortable.
  • It is made out of environmental friendly materials.
  • It comes with a long term ten years warranty.


  • The outer cover gets retarded when washed frequently.

7. 12 Inch Perfect Cloud Elegance Memory Foam Mattress

Here is a very simple three-layered mattress that will give you that comfortable restful sleeping experience that you’ve been dreaming about. This elegant mattress has been made from thoroughly scrutinized and fully certified memory foam that helps to relieve pain on your back as well as give you a better spinal alignment.

12 Inch Perfect Cloud Elegance Memory Foam Mattress For Platform Bed

Wake up feeling better and easier than you slept thanks to its unique Visco elastic memory foam that contours to your body irrespective of your sleeping style. It features a top premium stretch-knit cover that gives the mattress a nice look as well as allows for free airflow within it thus providing a cooling effect while sleeping. If you are the type of person that moves a lot while sleeping bothering your partner, this is the perfect mattress for you as it has a motion isolation feature that helps to keep your partner completely undisturbed even when you change your posture.

Elegance mattress allows you to buy your mattress with confidence, it comes with a free return 30-day trial as well as long-term ten years warranty plan. The mattress is CERTIPUR US certified to give you maximum comfort which ensures you fall asleep fast and stay asleep. It comes vacuum-sealed in a box though once it gets opened, it slowly inflates itself to its original size.


  • Perfect cloud elegance mattress comes with a free 30 day return trial offer and a long term ten year warranty plan.
  • It has a very durable top exterior cover.
  • It is made out of high quality memory foam that renders one the most luxurious comfort.


  • It is not made of hypoallergenic materials hence it’s not an ideal mattress for people with allergies.

8. Live and sleep queen size memory foam mattress

Buying a durable mattress can be quite pricey at times hence limiting people from going for their most preferable type of mattress. However, this latter comes in place at a very fair and affordable price giving you the chance to enjoy that luxurious sleep that you’ve always been longing for without necessarily hurting your bank account. At its exterior top, there is a tough soft cover that conforms to your body giving you nice relaxing body support. The top cover also eases motion disturbance ensuring that your partner is not disturbed whenever you change your posture during sleep.

Live and sleep queen size memory foam mattress

With this, you are assured of dry nights as it has a cooling feature thanks to its breathable stretch knit soft cover which makes it an ideal mattress for people who perspire frequently at night. If you suffer from allergies then stress no more, this mattress is made from naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic materials that keep your mattress clean dispelling any type of allergy stimulators.

It also has an eco-friendly viscous cushion is inscribed and backed up by high-density base foam making the mattress comfortable enough to provide users with orthopedic support for both back and stomach sleepers. An additional premium luxury pillow is included when one buys the mattress. If you are skeptical about the comfort of this mattress, the company renders you a 30-day full refund guarantee trial that is backed up by a satisfying and quality assuring 20 years warranty plan. When purchased, this mattress comes compressed in a box but fully inflates itself once it is unwrapped.


  • Live and sleep mattress comes with a long term 20 year warranty.
  • It is made out of hypoallergenic materials hence ideal for people with allergies.
  • Not very expensive to acquire.
  • It is super comfortable and provides orthopedic support while one is sleeping.
  • It comes with a free luxury pillow.


  • In some cases it gets to sink down once heavy weight is dispensed on it for long periods.

9. Classic Brands 12 Inch Cool Gel And Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

Here is another mattress that utilizes the latest in sleep technology to re-imagine sleep. The above mattress is a 12-inch thick cool gel memory foam mattress with a knitted fiber fabric cover that is charcoal grey in color with waterfall edges thus concealing any type of dirt or spills. This mattress has three layers that provide orthopedic support for your back as well as a cooling technology feature. It also has a gel foam memory that provides a conforming response to the mattress thus allowing it to support each part of the body both uniformly and solely.

Classic Brands 12 Inch Cool Gel And Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

In addition to that, the gel memory foam gently fills in and reshapes itself to your new sleeping posture in case of any movements while sleeping hence cradling all the contours of your body. As if not enough, hypoallergenic materials have been employed in its making hence making the mattress very ideal for people with allergies. It has three layers; at the top, there is a cool gel foam that provides a cool sleeping surface, in the middle, there is an airflow gel support foam while the final layer is a high-density base foam which gives the mattress steady and stable support. Just like other foam mattresses, this too comes packed in a box for convenience during shipping and decompress when unwrapped. On the upside, this mattress comes with an incredible ten years free return warranty giving buyers quality assurance.


  • Classic brands mattress is made out of hypoallergenic materials hence being a very ideal mattress for people with allergies.
  • It provides orthopedic support on ones back.
  • It comes with a long term ten years warranty.
  • The outer cover exhibits a deep charcoal color that is very ideal in concealing any spills and dirt.


  • if not well maintained, the mattress becomes stiff faster than expected.

10. Casper Sleep Element Queen Mattress 2019 Edition

Ranked as one of the best mattress inventions by the Times Magazine, this mattress features a very innovative design that basically re-imagines sleep from the ground up. The latter ensures you a comfy sleep thanks to its three-layer design that blends together breathability, support, and coziness all together into one piece. Further, the three layers are made out of CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED premium foam and have a removable top cover made out of upholstery-grade hybrid knit that can be washed easily and goes for several years without wearing out. Unlike most mattress, this one comes with a very stable and durable base that provides confident optimal support and does not get damaged easily in an event that kids or people jump on it.

The outer cover entails a rich charcoal color that is very ideal in concealing any type of spills or dirt. Its outer layer is built to ensure that both softness and breathability are not compromised hence rendering users a very comfortable and peaceful resting experience.

Casper Sleep Element Queen Mattress 2019 Edition

Just like most mattresses, it comes in a box and takes a few minutes to get fully inflated albeit be sure that by 72 hrs the mattress will fully be decompressed depending on the temperature and aeration of your room. This matters as comes with a free 100-night trial and free returns hence giving skeptical clients a chance to experience the mattress before having to buy it.


  • It comes with a 100 night free trial offer.
  • It has a removable top cover that is easy to wash.
  • Its durable hence goes for several years without wearing out.
  • If has a super stable base foam.
  • Its great thickness makes it very comfortable matters.
  • The deep charcoal color on its exterior is very ideal for concealing any type of dirt and spills.


  • It is not made of hypoallergenic materials hence it is not an ideal mattress for people with allergies.
  • Its costly.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying A Mattress For Platform Bed

There are several varieties of platform beds in the market. These mattresses are made from different brands with different features to consider before buying.

  1. Durability: As you know, a mattress is a one-time investment. For that reason, ensure your platform bed mattress consists of durable materials before purchasing. It’s therefore fundamental to consider durable mattress materials like latex, as it will avert frequent replacement costs.
  2. Comfort: Sleep is a perfectly relaxing and healing therapy for your body. However, this can only become effective if you sleep on a comfortable mattress. An ideal mattress should conform to your body shape for optimum comfort. You should also ensure your mattress is made of comfortable materials. For instance; memory foam materials.
  3. Warmth: An ideal mattress for a platform bed should be moderately warm. To achieve this, your mattress should have proper temperature regulation. This promotes airflow and thermoregulation which gives your mattress moderate warmth. It also helps to prevent excessive sweaty nightmares. 
  4. Your sleeping position: Your sleeping position should determine the thickness of your mattress. Let me expound on this. For instance, if you love sleeping on your back, that means you exact a lot of pressure on your mattress. You should thus ensure your mattress is thick, firm, and strong to avoid succumbing to sag.
  5. Trial period: These are offers provided by different mattress companies where they give a short trial duration to test and affirm whether your mattress is strong, comfortable, and fits perfectly on your platform bed. It’s important as it prevents possible errors during purchase.
  6. Warranty: Durable mattresses are expensive to acquire. At times, mattresses experience accidental faults needing you to replace them. To avert such losses, you should ensure your mattress has a warranty.
  7. Budget: Different mattresses have different prices. Chances are, the more quality your mattress is, the more costly it gets. To get a durable, comfortable, and sturdy mattress, you should set your budget higher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a standard bed and a platform bed?

While there exist several differences between standard and platform beds, the major difference applies to their height from the ground and the mattress foundation. A standard bed has a box spring that extends it high from the ground. They are therefore high profile, while platform beds are low profile since they lack a box spring.

On mattress foundation, the platform bed uses a strong, low-laid, solid piece of wood or metal foundation to support the mattress. On the other hand, a standard bed uses high raised metal strings that are frame enclosed to support the mattress.

Are platform beds comfortable? 

Yes. These beds are normally low on the ground, making them safe, stable, and comfortable. They also have specially designed mattresses like foam mattresses, that are comfortable and relatively warm for conducive sleep. 

How thick should be a mattress for a platform bed? 

The ideal thickness of a platform mattress should be between 10 to 14 inches. However, there are some factors to consider while determining the thickness of your mattress. Which are: the bed’s height from the ground and age. An extremely low profile level should be 14 inches thick. For seniors or the disabled, their mattresses should not be as thick. It should measure 10 inches. 

Can you use a box spring with a platform bed?

Yes. It is not an offense to use a box spring on your platform bed. This is vital if your bed is highly low profile. However, using these boxes is obsolete because platform beds are more comfortable and durable without box springs. Box springs are also not compatible with most platform mattresses.

Can you use a sheet of plywood on a platform bed?

Yes. Most platform bed users prefer plywood sheets as their mattress foundation for optimal results. This is because plywoods are the strong, durable super, and supportive foundation that prevents sagging.

However, you should note that these sheets hinder proper air circulation around the mattress. They thus promote sweating at night.

Can you use a regular mattress on a platform bed?

Yes. If you need to shift from a standard to platform bed and worries where to take your traditional mattress, worry no more! This is because it’s possible to use a regular mattress on a platform bed. However, it’s advisable to attach a box spring to ensure its firm and well supported.

How do you raise a mattress on a platform bed?

So simple! If you have a low-profile mattress and need to raise it, you should just attach a spring box.

Can you put two mattresses on a platform bed?

Don’t do it. Two mattresses on a platform bed are both uncomfortable and unhealthy. This is because the bottom mattress creates a soft foundation thus prone to sagging. For optimum comfort, you should place your mattress on a sturdy foundation to avoid sagging.

Can you put a queen mattress on a full platform bed?

Yes. You can put a queen mattress on a full platform bed on the condition that it perfectly fits. Queen mattresses are usually 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider thus most unlikely to fit on most platform beds. However, you can comfortably use these mattresses if your platform frame bed is adjustable to the queen’s mattress size. 

Final Recap

All said and explained, it is clear that getting an ideal mattress for your platform bed is not as easy. This is because it requires you to consider a lot of factors. A good mattress should not only be comfortable but also well breathable, durable, and healthy for use. This mostly applies to seniors and the disabled who have delicate bodies. All into consideration, most of the mattresses on our list have fewer risks. Follow our guide and get the best mattress for your platform bed.

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